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My New Family

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November 27th 2010 5:45 am
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Thank you Sassy for letting me know that i am one of today's DDP, and for sharing the same honour DDP, CONGRATULATIONS SASSY on being DDP too.

Update: the little cat that we found is doing well, her new name is Mia, she was not ID tagged so her new mommy will be keeping her. Mia is around 7 to 8 months old, this has created a new problem, that Mia could be pregnant but her new mommy says that is no problem at all.

It snowed in the uk last night, so we are really glad that Mia has found a new forever home.

Hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving day.

Lots of love and purrs Tilly xx


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24th 2010 1:14 pm
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Happy thanksgiving everyone, have a great day.

I am greatful of my forever home, my loving mommy and daddy. A warm bed to sleep in, food in my belly and the best of all to know I am loved.

Wishing all cats everywhere a loving forever home.

Love Tilly xx


One found little kitten ........... one new forever home

November 24th 2010 1:07 pm
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Mommy was working hard at the cattery tonight when one of her work friends phoned to say that they had taken in a kitten which had been outside their house curled up for the last two days cold and meowing, with the question HELP WHAT SHALL WE DO !!!!!

After we got her to stop panicking, mommy told her that she would be on her way with some cat food and biscuits. Twenty minutes later mommy sorted out Joanne,fed the kitten, provided a litter box and litter and a blanket for her to sleep on, you see Joanne is not a animal person, but in the uk it is suppose to snow tonight so she could not leave it. Joanne and mommy then started knocking on doors in the area to no luck, people were telling them it has been out for around a week and had done nothing about it. We tried the RSPCA and cats protection but none open at the late hour, what could we do?? Phoned Auntie Angie at the cattery explained the situation, she replied if we could get a home it is better than not having one then an idea popped into mommy's head, she phoned her friend who was thinking about getting a kitten.

Well tonight we have found the kitten a new forever home, mommy said she was adorable just hungry for attention and food. Her new mommy has gone all gooey, we have no name yet but she will be one very spoilt little girl in her new forever home, no more being all alone. Her mommy Cheryl has been on the phone to my mommy twice for the do and donts as they have never had a cat before. Her new daddy has just taken to her so at the moment of writing this they have had her for 2 hours and already she has melted their hearts.

congratulations on finding your new forever home little one (can't wait for a photo, name and hopefully a catster site)

One very pleased Tilly xx


My 2nd Gotcha Day

November 20th 2010 10:13 am
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Thank you for all the messages on my 2nd Gotcha Day yesterday I had a lovely spoilt day.

The last two years have flown by, and finally I have realised that this is my home forever. Even on my naughtiest days I am completely loved and never told off even after I once throw an hairball up in the bed whilst my pawrents were asleep in it (ooopps)

We have come along way since the early days, and follow my forever mommy around everywhere even when she goes to the ladies room.

I do not get to go out much and sometimes this frustrates me, but I am so much loved and this outweighs me not doing what I want all the time.

Tilly's mommy: we did not plan on adopting another cat after our two heartbreaking losses, but we could not leave the circumstance that you was in. You was the hardest decision I had to make but 100 percent the right one. I love you very much Tilly Woo, you make it lovely to come home from work too, love listening to you purring from under the bed whilst falling asleep. Here to the next many gotcha days by little one love Mommy xx


My 5th Birthday

November 15th 2010 9:26 am
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Well today I am 5 years old and a very spoilt little cat, but things have not always been that way, as you will see it is my gotcha day on Friday too. I was going to be put down if I did not find a home, my now mommy and daddy took me on even though they were not ready to take on a new cat, so I am one very lucky little girl.

Mommy can not believe that I have lived with them for 2 years, she says it feels like I have always been part of their family and can not imagine what live would be like without me (I have paid her to say that!!)

Thank you for my gifts and lovely words. The best gift is sharing the day with all my friends on Catster, my large extended family xx

Ashlynne, Beepers, Lola, Scooter and SooLing - My beautiful Pink Rosette xx

Paddy, Micheal and Christopher Spot - For making me Queen of the day, love the crown xx

Sassy - My chicken drumstick, you know me so well chicken PURFECT xx

Monida - A lovely slice of pie xx

Muppet and Family - Toasting my B'day with a lovely glass of champagne xx

Charley and Tia - A beautiful blue Rosette xx

Imogen, Baby and family - A party hat, had it on all day yesterday xx

Pinkie and Family - A Pretty Pink Rosette xx

Finnegan, Lacey and Alex - A beautiful Pink Cupcake, tasted lovely xx

Birthday wishes from 3 fantasic group of friends:

Jaffa, Rustle and Lulu - Always there for me, can not say thank you enough, love you all very much xx

Sassy - Another spolit little girl like myself, every one needs a friend like Sassy on Catster xx

Jezebel - Who I admire loads, makes me laugh with her diary xx

Lots of love Tilly xx


Dancing Queen

November 4th 2010 1:49 pm
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Daddy came home from work early today and caught Mommy with her ipod on dancing round the living room with me in her arms. He just stood there and laughed whilst Mommy was recovering from the shock as he was not due home for another hour and she did not hear him come in.

What he does not know is this is quite a ritual in our house, it is quality time that we spend together when she comes in from work. Sometimes we dance, other times just cuddles, racing and hiding through the house and most nights playing with the da-bird that I have now got a liking for all this before he comes home.

Daddy laughed that I looked so miffed whilst being spun round the room but putting up with it to keep Mommy happy and he's been calling me Dancing Queen all night.

Also George our visitor is still visiting, he is now sleeping in the empty rabbit hutch each night as Anna sleeps in the house during the winter months. Each morning he greets Mommy as she places fresh food out and places Anna in the hutch for the day.

He is also no longer running around the house when he comes in for his dinner. He sits in the door way and waits for his breakfast and has taken a liking to our door mat. I can honestly say that I still do not like him, and often spends many mornings attacking the patio door as he is on the other side and waking up my pawrents with the noise.

Mommy thinks that she needs to step up the search for his owners as he seems to be spending more and more time at our house. We are also going to give George his own Catster page too.

Got to go now as it is nearly bed time, goodnight everyone lots of love Tilly xx


Happy Halloween Everyone

October 31st 2010 12:59 pm
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Well this year has been a bit quieter than normal, just had around 30 children compared to around 45 last year.

We have had ghosts, pumkins and dracula's but no CATS ........ WHY NOT!!!!

I have had a great night showing off in the front window as all the children came to visit.


Love Tilly xx


Catster Bugs

October 21st 2010 12:23 pm
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Oh can anyone help !!!

We too have got catster bugs, and our pages are not working anymore. We can not write diary entries or add new photos from our profile page, and now we can not accept new friends request.

Can anyone help us with who to contact or what to do, so that Mommy can try and sort out our problems.

Lots of love Tilly and one fed up Mommy xx


Coolest Cat Show

October 10th 2010 6:26 am
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Hi Everyone, mommy has entered me into the coolest cat show please take a look and give us a quick vote.

Seen loads of friends photo's already and given them a vote, mommy just loves looking at all the other catster cats. Some very good photos this year.

Vote for Tilly in the World's Coolestcat pictures & breed info

Love Tilly xx


Mommy has bugs

October 7th 2010 8:53 am
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For the last 3 days mommy has been laid up in bed ill, I have never seen her this poorly before. Sneezing, coughing, high temperature, headache and hurting all over. Daddy kept telling her that she has cat flu from me as I now sleep on the bed everynight and they have to kick me off as I love to spread out right in the middle.

CAT FLU I do not think so, the most I do is try to sit on your face whilst you are sleeping (this is my new game), maybe it is bum flu MOL.

It has been nice having mommy off, we snuggle in bed all day whilst watching the tv and today she has felt better so we have been surfing on catster and facebook.

So beware everyone, the humans have got bugs going round and believe me (looking at mommy with her hair stuck up all over) your mommies do not want to catch it.

Love Tilly and one poorly mommy xx

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