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My New Family

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Tallulah kitty breast cancer charms

February 2nd 2011 1:55 pm
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You all must go to the following web site for the Tallulah kitty breast cancer charms for humans and kitties orkId=281098

Mommy has purchased 3 of them, one for her car keys, one for my collar and one for her mommy too.

Simba's Mommy makes them in the uk and they come well packaged and lovingly sent in a beautiful little bag and even better then are not very much and we are doing such a good cause too.

Thank you Simba and Mommy for these beautiful Charms, WE LOVE THEM :o)

Mommy going to get me a beautiful white collar to go with the clear charm. Mommy has taken the pink one to match Rhea's collar tag that she still carries on her car keys, and grandma is to have the purple charm as this is her favourite colour.

Thank you again Simba's Mommy love Tilly xx


Annual Booster .... but oh no found broken tooth

January 30th 2011 5:52 am
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Mommy took me for my annual booster yesterday, she dreads taking me as normally I am ill for the next 24 hours, but touch wood I have been a bit sleepy but otherwise fine.

Whilst having my yearly check up the V E T found a broken tooth, that I had been hiding from my mommy, and now I am booked in on Thursday for my poorly tooth taking out. Mommy has to drop me off at 8.45 am and due to another appointment else where I will be picked up around 5pm.

Other than the poorly tooth I have been given a clean bill of health, the v e t lady told me what a pretty girl I was, and that mommy was doing a lovely job of keeping my brushed and knot free.

Though she did tell mommy that I was a bit of a big girl and that she did not want to see me putting on anymore weight, which mommy did say that was her fault as she leaves food down for me 24-7.

When I returned home, daddy then had to check me over too and could not understand how they had missed my broken tooth. Now bear in mind that I am not the friendliest of cats I totally understand how they missed it :o)

So not looking forward to Thursday, but looking forward to the attention afterwards, lots of love Tilly xx


What a lucky girl I am

December 27th 2010 9:53 am
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I had a lovely Christmas and got spoilt rotten.

Got a new scratching post for my bedroom upstairs, a new mouse, a soft ball, a glittery star and a toy on a stick (which i do not like).

Daddy spent ages playing with me and the ball up and down the stairs, they have just had a new carpet fitted and how I can grip round the corners now :o)

My pawrents did not spend much time in with me on Christmas day as they did families. I could not go as one has dogs and the other has a cat that is not used to other cats.

Mommy says that things will be a lot different next year but not sure what she means!!

The last two days my pawrents have been off work and I love every minute that I get to spend time with them. Daddy got his christmas present today a new laptop that he had been talking about for ages and finally mommy has given in with the wording 'don't ask for anything else' and he did not seem that pleased when he found me sitting on it :o)

Hope everyone else had a lovely christmas day and all the best for the new year.

Lots of love Tilly xx


Merry Catsmus Everyone and Thank you for being my Friend

December 24th 2010 8:56 am
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I just want to wish all my fantastic Catster Friends:


This year has been my best on Catster yet, I have made many new friends and have come to know many of you as true friends who I love very much. You have made this year so special and Mommy and I just love being part of the Catster family.

Thank you to all of you

Lots of big christmas hugs and kisses Love Tilly xx

Ps I hope you have all been good, (giving my best loving smile to Mommy) as you know who is coming tonight :o)


No Heating - OMC so cold

December 21st 2010 11:34 am
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Well my pawrents got a bit of a shock yesterday when they returned from work, yep no heating or hot water. Mommy was home first and worried herself silly until Daddy got home.

OH NO fault on boiler...... quick phone Mr Plumber, who could get out to us the next morning what a cold night we will have.

Mommy had her coat on and a blanket, daddy phoned his brother who is a plumber but it seems everyone with a condensing combi boiler has the same problem. Grandad turned up with his tools, they knew it was due to the draining pipe icing up, so they cut the pipe to the outside, released the ice and DA DA central heating started working.

Now Mr Plumber has to repair the pipe but other than that everything is okay. When mommy got to work today, lots of people at work had the same problem and also Mr Plumber had the problem too :o)

I just want to say hope everyone stays safe and warm for the christmas period. As I write this I am sat on top of the radiator warming my fluffy behind.

Lots of love Tilly xx


Please PUUURRRR for Roo

December 8th 2010 12:21 pm
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Everyone a very dear friend of mine is ill, he has been through a lot in his life time and would love if everyone could send their wishes and purrs his way.

He was one of my first friends on Catster and I love him very much, Catster would just not be the same without him, but with all of us purring loud I am sure that we can help him to be a fighter and get better.

Please send all purrs to:

Thank you for reading this

Lots of love Tilly xx


DDP Again

December 6th 2010 12:08 pm
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OMC I am DDP Again, thank you DDP lady for picking me, thank you Buddie for letting me know this lovely surprise with a beautiful message.

To my lovely catster friends for sending me messages and gifts, they were lovely:

Sassy and the family of Redford, Riley, Samoa, Oreo and Family and Kaci Sunshine xx

Also to a special friend, Alfie and his Mommy for doing me again a lovely Christmas DDP picture, my mommy can not thank you enough for this lovely gift xx

Mommy was wondering how to change my page, she thinks she knows how to do the wallpaper but would love to do a top heading with my name in but as no clue on how to do it.

Please can anyone give her some tips on how to make my page more beautiful.

Thank you again everyone have a lovely day lots of love Tilly xx


Snowed In

December 1st 2010 10:33 am
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Both my pawrents were snowed in today, mommy tried digging car out at 7am and was told off from the lady across the road for even trying to get into work.

After around an hour later she gave in wet, cold and very miffed. Finally at 1.30pm after daddy made a makeshift snow shovel both cars had been dug out and paths cleared to get onto the road. Then 10 minutes later it started snowing again :o)

Has been snowing a bit this afternoon but not as bad as last night, mommy says she is going into work tomorrow as she can not take another day with daytime tv.

Hope you are all safe and warm lots of Love Tilly xx


Soooo Cold

November 28th 2010 7:17 am
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In the uk we are not really used to snow and really cold temperatures but the last few days have been unbelievable. Two nights ago it snowed and now it has all turned to ice, mommy and daddy live on a side road so no road gritter comes down, they live near a corner into our side road, the road here is terrible. Mommy normally parks her car half onto road and half on the pavement in front of our house, not today, she has moved it onto the grass garden at the front of our house next to daddy's car which is parked on the drive.

She keeps telling daddy, they must get the drive done for her car as well as they are pushing their luck every year, as soon some idiot will come round the corner and hit mommy's car, i can see a job coming on for daddy :o)

Also a new carpet has been fitted on the stairs, since i moved in two years ago there has never been a carpet just bare floorboards. I just can not get used to it, I keep walking on the new carpet meowing and sniffing it, think i like it as mommy caught me sprawled out on it this morning. I have also been warned that i have to be more careful when using my litter tray as this too is on the lovely snug carpet.

At moment i am on the laptop under the bed in the clothes baskets. It is dark, quiet and snug in my secret hiding place, the pipes under the floor boards make it extra warm and I love leaving cat hairs on all mommy's clothes that she stores under the bed :o)

Hoping every cat is lovely and snug too, take care in this cold weather love Tilly xx


Thank you for all my DDP presents and Messages

November 28th 2010 7:16 am
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Thank you Diary lady for picking my diary as I have received lots of lovely gifts and messages:

Sassy - for letting me know and sharing the DDP day with me xx

Buddie and family - sending me a lovely message xx

Micheal, Paddy and Spotty - sending me a lovely message and my wishbone wishes do come true xx

Tyson - For a big slice of punkin pie xx

Muppet - A beautiful PINK rosette xx

The Family of Redford - Bissell Pet and lovely message - sending you a friend request too xx

Alfie and family - For a beautiful rosette and my FANTASTIC profile DDP Picture xx

Pixie and Family - Thank you to the whole gang for a lovely big pumkin xx

Sampson - For share the DDP day with me and a piece of pumkin pie, hope you had a lovely day too Sampson xx

The Family of Milo - A beautiful Rainbow to colour my otherwise white snowy day xx

My new friends Tate and family - a pink rosette, lovely words and new friends xx

My new friends Timmy Tomcat and Family - for your friends request xx

For my lovely Diary messages from my friends:

Ashlynne, Milo, Ingen, Jez, Sassy, Alfie and Jaffa, Rustle, Lulu family xx


Joy and family - Champagne for my belated birthday wishes, thanks you xx

You all make Catster special thank you love Tilly xx

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