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My New Family

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How long has it been

May 14th 2011 7:44 am
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Oh my it has been some time since I left a diary entry, time is just flying by.

Well from next week I get to spend more time with my mommy as she is going down to a four day working week, she is 25 weeks pregnant tomorrow and my pawrents have decided that she needs to start taking it more easy, but to be honest I just think she will use the day to clean more. You see mommy has turned into a cleaning monster, she was a clean freak before but even worse now. Daddy came home the other week to find her trying to get storage boxes from under the bed, you could say he was not to pleased. My bedroom has been decluttered, repainted and cleaned to within an inch of its life.

The baby's room has been plastered, painted, carpeted and all furniture done within a 4 week period, Daddy keeps laughing as normally my pawrents are so last minute. I have also got my own little space in the baby's room, a basket on the bottom shelf of the changing unit is all mine :o) I will have to put the photo on showing my new hiding place.

I have also been cleaned too, mommy after fighting with me to get a brush for the last 2 1/2 years has finally realise how to hold me without hurting me and her getting scratched badly. The funny thing is she just keeps brushing away and when she finally lets me go, she has more fur than me. Daddy then takes over and vacuums mommy down of all my fur. At the moment I have got a knot on my bottom and mommy is on a mission to get it and me on a mission to hide it. Lets see who wins :o)

Now in hiding after the mammoth brushing session until the next mission is on.

Lots of love a much lighter Tilly xx


We are having a baby boy :o)

April 16th 2011 4:22 am
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Yesterday Mommy and Daddy went and had their 20 week scan of the baby done and found out they are expecting a baby boy. Mommy was so pleased that she cried, even though they were not fussed either way, deep down she wanted a boy for my daddy. Mommy's parents cried too as they do not have any grandchildren due to Mommy being the only child. During the scan Mommy asked if everything is looking okay and was told bump looks fantastic, he has also started kicking and we have been told he has long legs just like Daddy.

Daddy looked at me and told me, 'enjoy the next 19 weeks of peace Tilly Woo as we are going to have some big changes little girl'.

I will be getting a new playmate, and mommy will be spending more time at home with me and the baby. Today they have gone and bought a baby playchair and being the big sister I have already trialled it, especially liking the bird noises it makes. Mommy caught me sitting in it, she tried to get a photo but I just was too quick.

Just got to start thinking of names for bump all suggestions welcome.

Lots of love from big sister Tilly xx


Battered by the Da Bird

April 7th 2011 9:20 am
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Why oh Why did Mommy ever get the Da Bird for me?

I know she is only trying to play with me, but how she becomes a lethal weapon when she is swinging it around. She has just got no concept of where she is swinging it and I have just (by accident) received the stick to the right side of my head.

I should be greatful it was a small hit, daddy got the end caught up his nose the last time mommy got her hands on it :o)

In the last 10 minutes of playing, she has had it tangled round the ceiling light, round herself, stuck under the settee and a few close misses of me. If the neighbour opposite can see her god knows what they are thinking, then again Jeanette has lived opposite us for 6 years now and must be totally used to her by now, dancing in the room, or on the wii with the curtains open.

So now have gone into hiding under the bed with mommy trying to coax me out with cat treats (will not be able to resist them for much longer).

Is it just mine, or is everyone's mommy just as bad or completely mad??

Lots of love from Tilly xx


Barred from going outside

March 27th 2011 5:15 am
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The weather in the uk is beautiful and I am barred to the house, why!!!! I was let out yesterday for a supervised visit to the garden and what did I do, ESCAPE, yep straight over the garden fence and ran down the street and up again.

Daddy was laughing as he says it was legs all over, i wish i could say the same about mommy, she was just stood there horrified.

After 10 minutes of escaping I was back inside, mommy on ebay ordering me a cat leash ...... oh why did i have to abuse my visit!!

I have to admit it was not nice of me to have my pregnant mommy trying to get me from under cars and trying to catch me but what fun I had.

Today mommy is having a fat day, daddy has gone on a bike ride and has even took the sofa seat off mommy's bike as he thinks she will not be needing it for a bit. As for me I am sitting on the window ledge in the lounge sniffing the air coming through the ajar window.

Have a great day everyone, take care if you are out and about love Tilly xx


Waiting to go Home

March 14th 2011 3:41 am
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Bag's packed, Breakfast eaten waiting for Mommy and Daddy to come and pick me up, had a great break but the saying 'no place like home' is so true.

They got back late last night, so should be with me in the next hour and can not wait :o)

Lots of love Tilly xx


Holiday at Auntie Angies

March 10th 2011 6:23 am
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Yep as you read this I am at Auntie Angie in Chalet No3 for a four day break. Mommy and Daddy are off to a christening in Germany where Mommy is going to be a godparent to baby Emma.

Well just been dropped off, Mommy has just gone with tears running down her face, normally we have a few but today big tears that just would not stop, Auntie Angie says it is the hormones :o)

Did not want to get in the cat basket, made two grand escapes before finally being cat handled into the travel basket for the short journey where I protested with all my mite, this is probably upset Mommy!!!

Being picked up on Monday, probably as soon as the cattery opens as Mommy just wants things to be back to normal, this trip to Germany has really stressed her out even though everyone keeps telling her that she must stay relaxed.

Ps we have felt the baby move for the last two days, mommy says it is like a nervous eye twitch but in her belly.

Everyone have a great weekend and catch up on Monday.

Lots of love Tilly xx


Thank You DDP twice in a Week!!!

February 26th 2011 1:14 pm
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Thank you everyone for my messages and well wishes for our new baby and 2 DDP this week, what an honor!!

Mommy got her risk results back for the baby today and it was really low risk, so now daddy has told her to relax and enjoy the next 6 months. We have also started on the babies room, it is all being stripped back, needs re-plastering and painting. Even though we will be finding out what sex the baby is (if possible) the color will be lemon, with brighter furnishings. I keep going into the room and checking it out, daddy says that I will be inspecting it for a secret hiding place to watch the baby when he/she arrives.

Thank you again for all the lovely wishes, when Mommy gets the new scanner working I will try to put a picture of our new family member on Catster.

Lots of love Tilly xx


We are having a human baby

February 20th 2011 6:02 am
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For the past few weeks mommy has been under the weather and very tired, that when she gets home from work, on goes the pj's and on the settee she snuggles.

The reason we are having a baby, and I am going to be a big sister :o) Mommy has just had her 12 week scan and everything is looking okay. The new addition is due on the 28.08.11 and wow what changes will take place.

Guess what I knew first, you see as not the friendliest of cats I have become mommy's new best friend. It is like mommy and her shadow :o) I started following her all over, sleeping as close as I could and just giving loads of loving ....... I know strange for me too.

Mommy has been asked if she is getting rid of me (this is how i lost my first home) ..... how dare they, mommy just gave them a few chosen words back. Years ago when mommy and daddy decided to get Pebbles they always knew one day they would like to start a family and still decided to get Pebbles. People have such a bad attitude when it comes to cats and babies, the only thing that has change is that daddy gets the job of cleaning the litter tray :o).

My favourite resting place at the moment is sleeping on mommy's lap with one paw touching her belly (where a small bump is appearing).

Our good friend Mikey and his mommy also guess so thank you for keeping the secret xx

Lots of love from Tilly and bump xx


Not much on Catster at Moment

February 17th 2011 11:57 am
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Hi Everyone

I have not been much on catster for the last few weeks, but friends please do not think I have fallen out or leaving. Mommy has not been too well and is not spending much time online at the moment.

I will explain more this weekend when we have a bit more time to spend online.

Lots of love Tilly xx


No more broken tooth

February 5th 2011 1:30 pm
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Yep everything went just perfect, the nasty tooth has gone and feeling back to 100 percent.

Went to the vets at 8.45am, mommy cried as she dropped me off, but me I had a QT charm on my collar and did not feel scared at all.

Though I did get worried when mommy did not pick my up at 5pm, she too had a doctors appointment on the other side of town, and it took her 50 minutes to get to me. She ran into the vets at 5.50pm (they close at 6pm), really stressed as she could not get through the traffic any quicker.

I was so glad to see her, as I had not fully recovered from the big sleep i had, and kept falling all over like a drunken sailor and when she picked up my cage I purred with all my might that mommy burst into tears again (again that was the days stress).

Daddy kept laughing at me as i tried to keep following mommy up the stairs but could not manage the steps at all, eventually she realised that i could not get up stairs and carried me all over which was lovely.

Got a few stitches in but they should disappear in the next 14 day and a check up on Thursday, but back to my normal self now. On tablets for the next 7 days and not putting up too much of a fight, just feel like giving mommy an easy time at the moment as she is going through a lot of changes which I can not tell you about yet but it is all good :o)

Lots of love Tilly and one very stressed Mommy xx

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