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My New Family

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Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me

November 16th 2011 2:20 am
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Thank you to all my lovely friends for celebrating my 6th birthday with me, all the gifts and lovely words really made the day special.

Wally, Alfie, Teddy, Milo - Party Hat
Monster - Party Hat
Ingen & Novi - Party Hat
Midnight, Poppy & Samantha - Party Hat

Mommy - Emerald
Muppet - Diamond
Mac, Ivy, Legalos & Zander - Star

Ashlynne - Heart
Joy - Punkin Pie
Finney, Lacey & Alex - Heart and lovely message
Mia, Milo, Xena & Tallulah - Punkin Pie
Pinkie & Family - Punkin Pie
Jezebel - Turkey and lovely message

Beepers - Lovely message
Monida - Lovely message

Thank you again friends, I had a lovely day got lots of treats and a new toy, even got to sleep on the bed all night as Daddy moved me more onto my mommy's side where there is more room at the bottom of the bed.

Lots of love Tilly xx


Happy 6th Birthday Tilly Woo

November 15th 2011 1:49 am
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Well another year hey Tilly, Happy 6th Birthday my beautiful little girl.

You was a hard decision to take on but one of the best decisions made, in the last 3 years you have turned from one very scared cat with a lot of unwanted baggage, to a beautiful little girl who is loving, very vocal and spoiled in every way.

The way you have excepted Ethan is just amazing and mommy could not be prouder of you. Can not wait to see you and Ethan grow up together, think you will make it that I have my hands full with the two of you xx

Love you so much Tilly Woo, in the last few weeks you have been pushed more to one side, but now we have a routine you are so more settled and now enjoying sleeping back with Mommy and curling up with her at nap times.

Lots of love from Mommy and Ethan xx


Where has the last 9 weeks gone

November 13th 2011 6:32 am
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Hi Everyone, Mommy has just realised that she has not updated my diary for 9 whole weeks!!!!

Well everyone, I am well and almost knot free now, I got very knotty to the end of my mommy's pregnancy as she could not get under the bed to get me, finally she is almost there and I am convinced that I have some bald patches. The final straw came around 4 weeks ago when she was feeding Ethan at 4am in the morning and I was throwing up a hairball under the bed. You could say she was not best pleased.

From tonight I will have access to their bedroom again, for the past few weeks now I get to sleep with mommy until Ethan is brought to bed with daddy and I get turfed out. Due both my pawrents having cold and Ethan is okay they have decided to let him sleep in his own room, which he does in the day, but always with my pawrents on a night.

Can you believe it Ethan is 10 weeks old on Tuesday and I am still not very taken by him, all he does is cry, sleep and eat ........ even more than me :o) Though I do like his playmats and have now decided one is for me. I am not scared of him anymore and sometimes do manage to go in for a sniff if my mommy has old of him.

We might even have another new addition to the family, mommy has again got a stray cat and two kittens in the garden. She has contacted the cats protection and hoping they come out soon, she has explained that if they neuter the female cat and take the kittens she will take care on the black mommy cat who we call 'little un'. She now comes into the house to eat and mommy can get close enough to touch her, daddy has said no, but we have heard that before and mommy still gets her own way :o)

Well must go as mommy hear a whimper coming over the intercom, our little love bug has woken up from his nap, lots of love Tilly xx


Settling In Nicely

September 14th 2011 10:16 pm
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Well Ethan is now over a week old, and is settling in nicely. My pawrents found it very hard going the first week, but now getting into a bit of a routine. They find it is easier to track all his feeds and toilet habits on a spreadsheet (typical treating it like a work process), this way they can estimate when his next feed will be and everything is prepared before this time.

Mommy has put him onto formula feeding as she was unable to keep up with the breastfeeding of one big baby so now we have a happier mommy and a very content Ethan.

I have been fantastic, asking for more attention which I am getting, Mommy makes sure that she gives me quality time everyday and I remind her vocally if she forgets my treats by going and meowing at the side of the bed. Not too keen on Ethan he still makes too much noise for me and when he does start I go and hide in the second bedroom which is my domain.

Well must go Mommy is going back to bed as she has just finished Ethan's night feed and going to get a couple of more hours of sleep before it is time to get up or be ready for Ethan's next feed.

Good night/morning everyone love Tilly and one quite tired Mommy xxx


Ethan Has Arrived

September 9th 2011 2:18 pm
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My baby brother Ethan arrived at 4.59am 6th September 2011. Mommy's waters broke on Saturday but no contractions or pain so on Monday Mommy was booked into the hospital to have labour started. After a long drug controlled labour as the Ethan would not move into the right position, Mommy was rushed into an emergency c-section as Ethan's heart beat slowed down and she was not progressing at all in labour but having massive contractions.

The reason could be Ethan weighed in at 10lb 1oz, possibly too big for my Mommy to give birth to.

Finally yesterday (thursday) Mommy came back home, I so glad to see her and just kept giving her loving. At the moment she is still in a lot of pain, but getting much better. Ethan does cry a lot as at the moment my pawrents can not always work out what is wrong with him!!! Not got too close at the moment as when he cries it does upset me.

May not be on too much in the next few weeks until they can work out a routine with Ethan ....... told you should have just got another cat Mommy.

Lots of love big Sister Tilly xx


Only 13 days and counting

August 15th 2011 12:54 am
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Yep Mommy has now officially become a lady of luxury that is according to Daddy :o)

At the moment both Mommy and I are sharing loads of quality time together, I have started sleeping back on the bed and asking for attention. Daddy thinks I am becoming my Mommy's little nurse again :o) Mommy is very fat now, it looks like she has swallowed a space hopper, she has to have lie down breaks which I love as I get to lie down with her and she is having trouble with her hands swelling so this has stopped her driving and finding it hard to use the computer.

Can you believe it, it is only 13 days officially to our little man turning up. He is very active in Mommy's belly and sometimes when I am having a nap on her knee he gives me a quick jab, which my pawrents find funny as I have no idea where it is coming from by time I turn around.

We have no name yet, just Baby Kirby which is Daddy's surname. Everything is finish, purchased and ready for his arrival.

Can not wait to become a big sister, but worrying as Daddy tells me you just wait till he can move, does that mean i am in trouble :o)

take care love Tilly xx


Only 7 weeks to go

July 10th 2011 6:23 am
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Can you believe it, only 7 weeks until I get my little playmate. Mommy stops working in 5 weeks time, then two weeks break before our little boy arrives, that is if everything goes to plan.

My pawrents have just attended 2 parenting lessons and say it is so much easier looking after me :o) They have found them very informative and very useful. I will not be going into the cattery when the time comes as my pawrents want me to remain at home to keep my stress down.

Mommy has phoned up to check on the little cat Rhea and 4 kittens, Rhea has been put down as a feral cat which has worried Mommy about her finding a new home, so in 6 months time if Rhea is still without a home, Mommy and Daddy will be going to adopt her back. They understand that she may never be an indoor cat but they would make her a den in the garage and provide for her as much as they can. The four kittens are doing well and getting a much better start to life.

Take care everyone lots of love Tilly xx


Mommy Cat and Kittens new home

June 23rd 2011 8:36 am
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My pawrents have taken the mommy cat and her 4 kittens to their new foster home until a forever home can be found. My pawrents had to take the family in the old rabbit hutch as they did not want to disturb the kittens at all. It just fitted in Mommy's car and then the long 70 minute journey. Everything has gone fine, she named the mommy cat 'Rhea' after my furby angel sister and left a donation and took food too to help look after the family.

Mommy has asked to be notified when the mommy cat has been re-homed and if any problems she would like to know. It was the first time also of seeing the kittens properly, 4 beautiful little kittens all different patterns and colours. They still have blue eyes so they have been aged at 4 weeks.

Mommy knows she has done the right thing but there were big tears as she just feels so guilty of leaving the mommy cat who they have said is only around 6 - 7 months old. She says it is going to be weird not having the little cat hanging around for food, and she had just started coming into the kitchen and squeaking as mommy got her food ready.

If the timing had been different mommy would have tried to keep the mommy cat and find the kittens new homes, but with only 9 weeks before our new arrival, this was the best solution.

So all the best Rhea and kittens in finding your new forever homes, lots of love Tilly xx


Found 4 little kittens in Anna's old rabbit hutch - What now!!

June 21st 2011 10:45 am
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Both my pawrents are off for the week to finish any last minute baby shopping but so far this week have had problem after problem.

Yesterday my pawrents pulled into a DIY store and Daddy's car broke down as he pulled up. He ran the breakdown lorry whilst Mommy phoned her pawrents as it was really warm and it was going to take over 1 hour for the breakdown lorry to get to them. At moment it is in the garage whilst my pawrents are awaiting a bill.

Today Daddy was clearing the garden and was told to get rid of the old rabbit hutch. As he went to shift it the little girl cat that mommy keeps feeding jumped out, straight away Mommy shouted to leave the rabbit hutch had a quick look and there at the bottom are 4 little kittens around 4 weeks old....... oh no now another problem.

Mommy within two hours has found a place that would take all four kittens and mommy cat, all my pawrents have to do is catch mommy cat who is feral and take them in on Thursday. They will keep feeding the little cat until Thursday. Both the Cats Protection or the RSPCA would not take them and with our baby due in 10 weeks time the matter had to be dealt with.

Also I am getting into trouble as I keep jumping into the babies cot, looks like a cat net should be on order. I just find it is sunny and so comfortable that I just can not help it :o)

So I wonder what will be the problem for tomorrow??

lots of love Tilly xx


Nothing Really To Report

May 30th 2011 3:49 am
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Well nothing has really happened at our house in the last few weeks, everything is really relaxed and quiet. Mommy is relaxing more and now working just 4 days a week so we get to spend more time snuggling in bed every Monday morning.

The weather is wet and chilly, even though I am still not being allowed out as it stresses Mommy out too much, so playing inside and got my own container of cat grass to munch on :o)

Now have my own little spot in the baby's room all sorted and settled into it nicely. My pawrents are allowing me to keep the basket I have taken over as they believe this will help me settle more when he arrives.

My pawrents got to see him last week, they paid for a 4d scan done, Daddy says it was amazing to see him, Mommy counted every finger and toe, and feeling more happy now she has checked him over. I have watched the video and thinking he does not look much like me, so therefore I will still be the pretty girl of the house :o)

Hope everyone is taking care lots of love Tilly xx

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