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My New Family

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Terrible News :o(

February 15th 2012 7:39 am
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Mommy has just received some terrible news, 2 of the 3 feral cats that she caught last week have been put down for interbreeding issues. Mommy never considered this at all when she started catching the stray feral cats, she just thought that they would all be okay and go to new homes, this has just knocked her for six :o(

Now she is worrying, what happens if when Belle is caught they want to put her down .......... what does Mommy do???

Also one kitten caught is from a litter of 3, so she knows that the other 2 kittens will probably be put down too. How can Mommy catch the other 2 kittens knowing this, we know it still has to be done as the interbreeding will carry on, getting worse and worse.

Tilly's Mommy: this news has so upset me, I never thought of this at all. I am a big cat lover and just hoping that Belle turns out okay, I am so scared of what might be but I must catch her :o(

from one sad Tilly and Mommy xx

Sorry I did not say it was not the Charity who made the decision, they had gone in to be spayed and new homes had been found, it was the vets decision to put them to sleep due to interbreeding.


It was not Belle!!

February 7th 2012 4:48 am
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Mommy was convinced that she had caught Belle but she had a surprise visitor Sunday morning. Mommy opened the patio curtains and there on the half built conservatory sat a little black cat 'no it can not be' so Mommy opens the door and in walks Belle sits down on the dining room rug waiting for her breakfast.

OH NO!!!! it must have been the male stray cat that Mommy had taken to the cats protection. She quickly phones Sue and explains the situation, it was no problem other than Mommy wanted Belle out the way of the heavy snow we had.

Yes Belle has more than 9 lives she has escaped twice from Mommy now, she is just one amazing little girl. Belle at the moment is sleeping in a box that Mommy's Daddy built, Mommy has put extra blankets in to make sure she is nice and warm. Also Belle is turning up for extra food, she had a whole chicken cooked for her yesterday to make sure she was eating well in this cold weather.

Will not be able to catch her this weekend as Sue's cat cages are all filled up but hopefully in two weeks time we will be able to catch Belle.

Will keep you updated love Tilly xx


Belle has been caught

February 4th 2012 4:14 am
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This morning Mommy managed to trap 3 cats including our Belle, this is such good news as once Belle is spayed we can have her back. Also Mommy caught her last kitten and a little kitten from another litter. We are due bad snow this afternoon at least Mommy knows where Belle is and that she is being well looked after. We are hoping to get her back next Saturday but this completely depends on the weather.

The hardest part was leaving Belle behind, she was climbing the large cat pen she was in because she was that scared but we must remember that this is for the best and soon she will be free again in our back yard.

I will keep you updated with any news on Belle, at the moment Mommy is feeling very deflated as when she looks out the patio window there is not little black cat to greet her :o( Looking like I will have to give extra cuddles today.

Lots of love Tilly xx


Please check out my new furby sister - Belle

January 31st 2012 11:34 am
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Mommy has finally managed to get a photo of Belle (our new name for her) and decided that she deserves her own Catster page. Please check her out:

At this moment we are waiting to catch Belle take her to the cats protection who will spay her and under our agreement will return her back to Mommy. Hopefully she will not be in kitten otherwise they will have to keep her until she has had the kittens and brought them up.

Belle is around 10 months old and already had a litter of kittens, she has been fed by my Mommy for around 26 weeks and is regarded as a member of our family.

Mommy understands that Belle is feral and may never allow Mommy to pick her up, but she is loved in other ways by treats of chicken and tuna, and in return sometimes Mommy can touch her nose. When she asks for food she has a high pitch squeak and sneaks into the house each morning to eat her breakfast.

Will keep you updated love Tilly xx


Update on Little Un and Family

January 15th 2012 6:27 am
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It turned out the we have a bit of a stray cat problem where we live. In total Mommy thinks we have 11 stray cats that are breading and creating lots of kittens. She sent a letter to all neighbours telling them her concerns about the increase in cats in the area and the replies back were unbelievable. It turns out 3 other houses have had kittens and had difficulties finding homes for them as the local cat protection or RSPCA do not want to know.

Finally after having a one to one with another area Cats Protection we have now a trap and the help we need to find each stray cat a new home. Last weekend we caught one of 'Little Un's' kittens, he is now living on a farm awaiting the other two kittens of the same litter to join him. This weekend we caught another of Little Un's kittens, the little black female, she is to be spayed and move onto the farm in the next week.

A big surprise came when Mommy caught the big bully tabby tom cat in the trap, she pulled the string and caught him but got his tail stuck in the cage entrance, she nearly lost him whilst transferring from the trap. He sprayed and has broken a bit of my carry box but we are glad he has gone.

Little Un escaped from the box after being caught but has returned to living in the rabbit hutch, she will be spayed and if not in kitten will be transferred back to us, if in kitten she will have her kittens then she will come and live with us.

So at the moment we have got 8 more cats to catch and 7 to find homes for, Mommy is quite mad that she has to sort this out due to some person dumping unwanted cats, as each cat has to be taken 28 miles away to the cats protection, but she knows that if it is not sorted the problem will get worse and more unwanted kittens will need homes.

Mommy just wants to catch Little Un now so that she can become a proper member of the family and have NO MORE KITTENS.

Mommy really wish that people who have pets remember that there are too many unwanted pets already and please get your cats spayed.

Lots of love Tilly, Little Un, Ethan and Mommy xxx

Ps we will get some photos of Little Un soon and get her on Catster, also we are thinking she needs a new name. She is a small build pure black cat with big eyes, please any name suggestions :o)


One Kitten down, 2 more and Mommy cat to go :o(

January 9th 2012 12:58 pm
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For the last 17 weeks Mommy has been feeding 'Little Un' and her 3 kittens, finally she has got help from the Cats protection who will take the kittens.

They asked Mommy if she could catch any, so after a hour of trying she managed to catch a little boy kitten in my cat box, then took him to a helper with the Cats Protection. They are providing a trap tomorrow so Mommy can get the other 3 kittens and the mommy cat.

They have told Mommy that they will have trouble rehoming the Mommy cat as she has limited human contact and if fully black in colour, so if they neuter her, we will be having a new family member called 'Little Un' as we have decided to adopt her. Even though she lives outside in our rabbit hutch we are hoping that she may decide to move in as already she eats breakfast in the kitchen and wonders round the dinning room. Mommy will get her id tagged then if any other cat charity picks her up they will find that she is tagged.

Mommy has phoned our local vet to find out if they will treat a feral cat, the answer was yes so Little Un has got her own record set up all ready to go. Now just got to catch her, hopefully she will not be pregnant and then she will become ours :o)

So in the last couple of months I have got a new baby brother and will soon get a new cat sister, oh my I so got used to my life as being the only baby in the family :o)

Love Tilly Woo xx


What a year 2011 now roll on 2012

December 31st 2011 11:15 am
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Well 2011 has been an emotional journey for my loving family, the highest best point finding out Mommy was pregnant, then the arrival of our baby boy Ethan in September, nothing could top this in 2011 and already he is 16 weeks old where is the time going. This also allows me to spend every day with Mommy and loving it as I get cuddles whenever I want one.

The worst point in 2011, the company Mommy worked for finally closed their doors to business in November, the end of an era but 12 fantastic years of memories and great friends. This means when she returns to work in September 2012 (hopefully funds permitting) she will be returning to a new job at the company who bought them out Asda (part of Walmart) which means more traveling and starting at the bottom again to work her way up. A lot of her work mates have already transferred and already a lot have decided on redundancy so what will the future hold???

2012 I wish all my Catster friends a great year and may all your wishes come true, you all deserve them to xx

What do I wish for, that my loving family have a great year watching Ethan growing up, that Mommy and Daddy stay in a job due to the bad time that is forecast for 2012 and that we are all healthy and happy xx

Have a great night and will see you next year :o)

Lots of love Tilly and family xxx


Merry Christmas Friends and Thanks for a another great year- on Catster

December 24th 2011 11:53 am
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I wish all my friends a fantastic Christmas and may all their wishes come true in 2012.

This year I have made some fantastic friends, got to know good friends better and also cried at the loss of good friends too.

I am proud to belong to Catster and that everyone of you are my family that I have become to love very much.

The most inspirational moment on Catster this year was when Ingen got lost, I am proud to say I helped too, not like some but we made a donation and know that it helped to get Ingen back home. Mommy and I were just amazed how Catster got together and made miracles happen, just thinking of it again has made mommy well up in tears.

2011 has been a wonderful year for my family too, we had the arrival of baby Ethan in September and tomorrow we celebrate his first Christmas with us, he has completed our family and just can not remember what it was like before he arrived (well it was a lot quieter).

Thank you again for being my friend and our family loves your family very much.

Lots of love Tilly, Mommy and Ethan xxx



November 28th 2011 2:45 am
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Oh my what an honor Cat of the Day. Mommy opened her emails this morning to find one from Catster saying I had been chosen. She was just so proud of me and I have been spoiled rotten and it is still morning :o)

I am so glad it is today as tomorrow we will have no internet as Daddy has decided to swap providers and it is not looking like it will be a fault free swap over as we have not received their internet receiver and the old provider stops tomorrow :o( Mommy is not very happy at all, she uses the internet to keep in contact with everyone now she is on maternity.

Will thank everyone in advance but will thank everyone properly when we return to Catster hopefully in the next few days.

Lots of love Tilly xx


OMC thank goodness 'little un' is back

November 25th 2011 1:15 pm
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The stray female that mommy has been feeding for weeks (around 15 wks) has been missing since Saturday afternoon ........... finally this afternoon she has turned up at the back door to be fed. Mommy opened the door and burst into tears, if Little Un would let her pick her up I honestly think that she would have been smothered :o)

Mommy just kept feeding her until Little Un could eat no more, she just kept meowing and eating at the same time. All we can think of is that she had been locked in somewhere.

Can anyone answer a question, if Little Un is pregnant and had kittens would this explain why she would have disappeared for 6 days?? She does not look like she has had kittens but she is slimmer, Mommy was hoping to get her done before she had anymore as we also have two of her offspring as well to look after until the cats protection can come and pick them up. They turn up every morning at 7.30am just before Mommy gets Ethan up with their knives and forks :o)

I got extra treats too as it was me that kept meowing at the patio window to alert mommy to Little Un coming back.

Glad you are back Little Un, mommy is going to get moving so that everything gets sorted and you become a member of our family, even if it means that we have to buy you your own house until mommy can tame you enough to live indoors with us.

Lots of love Tilly xx

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