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My New Family

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Lack of Sleep :o(

October 19th 2012 1:13 pm
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For the last 2 nights Ethan has been crying throughout the night, Mommy and Daddy have tried everything but the poor little thing is getting his back teeth and is also full of cold. Mommy is hoping tonight that Ethan sleeps through so that we all can get a good nights sleep.

To be honest for the last few days Ethan has spent most of his days whinging and hanging onto my Mommy's legs, today she could not really get anything done as soon as she left him he started crying. He is just feeling sorry for himself and can not talk yet so just cries instead.

In the UK they say it is called Man Flu, it is the strongest dose of flu you can get and only men get it as it is so bad, maybe Ethan has got little man flu!!!

It has just gone 9.30pm here and Mommy is just about to go to bed as she is that tired and I am going to join her. Daddy is off work next week so Ethan will have 2 sets of legs to hang off.

Good night everyone xx



October 12th 2012 1:33 pm
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Yes Mommy had done it again and adopted a little feral cat. Well to be honest Smudge (her new name) has been fed at our back door for the last year. Mommy has put off catching her as she could have been put down but after much asking Daddy says that if Mommy catches her she can be released back to us.

Smudge is very timid but does allow Mommy to stroke her nose before she gets her breakfast, dinner and supper (yes comes for 3 meals a day) and has started coming into the kitchen too whilst her meals are prepared.

Daddy says that Smudge is the most spoiled feral stray cat in the area after having treats of chicken and tuna for the first meal of the day.

We have decided to adopt her as she is nearly the double image of Pebbles our first furby and it just seems to feel right.

Also when we go away on holiday Mommy has to inform the neighbours and they will pop food out for her instead so welcome to the family Smudge, who knows maybe you might make the next step by stopping in especially now winter is on its way.


Poop Disaster!!!!

October 2nd 2012 1:41 pm
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Omc I have just had an a bit of a poop accident. Mummy could hear me in my litter tray at the top of the stairs but she got a shock when she came to empty it straight away. Me bolting round upstairs,scraping my behind along mummy's pale beige carpets leving a brown trail behind!!!

Mummy just stood there at first I think to catch her breath before springing into action, first having to catch me and detach the offending item, then start the clean up!!

Whilst mummy was cleaning the carpet I did offer plenty of purrs and rubbing. Not a bad word was said, I just got a chin tickle and a kiss on my head, so must not be in the cat house as now curled up at he bottom of their bed ...... purfect after a distressing 10 minutes.

With Ethan and I, mummy definitely has her hands full everyday :o)


How I have changed

September 28th 2012 1:34 pm
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I was sat yesterday on Mummy's knee listening to her and Grandma talking about me. I have nearly lived with my Mummy for 4 years and what a difference time makes.

Mummy said that when I arrived, I was a nasty, hissing, unlovable cat that did not want stroking and used to hide under the bed. In the first year I improved a bit but attacked her on a daily basis.

But 2 years ago when Mummy found out she was pregnant I changed into a little love bug and to the present date I have not changed back.

I love attention, treats and lots of cuddles. I am now an indoor cat and have my own double bedroom where I love spending time sunbathing on the window ledge. I even put up with Ethan pulling my hair and tail, also when I have enough of him I gently pat him on the head where 4 years ago I would attack with teeth and nails.

Mummy thought I was the biggest mistake she had ever made 4 years ago but I have proved her wrong, it is amazing what love can do xx


Ethan 1st Birthday Today

September 6th 2012 12:41 pm
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OMC can not believe that Ethan my little human playmate is one years old today. It only feels like yesterday when my nightmare began a small crying little human turned up in our house. I spend days wishing he would go back where he came from but soon realised that this little human was going to stay!!!

Well in the last year I have watched him grow from a crying baby into a crying little boy :o) Now he can get around so no hiding place is safe anymore, he thinks that I am fantastic but I am still not sure as I can lose a handful of fur if he gets too close.

Ethan happy first birthday, I may not show it all the time but I love you loads and look forward to us spending many years growing old together. I can not wait to be able to sit on your knee and get cuddles just like Mommy does instead of being chased downstairs and having to hide.

PS had a lovely sleep in your cot this afternoon and snuggled blue teddy too

Lots of love your big sister Tilly xxx


Mommy has been made Redundant but not all bad

July 16th 2012 1:33 pm
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Mommy has decided to take the option of redundancy instead of returning to her new workplace after maternity. She went to see the employers of the company which bought out the old company mommy worked for and it did not go well.

They really do not like having part time members of staff and asked her to work 4 days instead of the 3 days she wanted. The company is an hour drive away so for 4 days she would not hardly see Ethan. Daddy and Mommy has discussed everything and decided redundancy was the way to go.

It has also turned out to be a nice big surprise, the money she will be receiving would give her enough to take another year out with Ethan and me. Mommy is doing her C.V and take her time to find another job as well as enjoying more time at home.

Daddy keeps calling her a lady of leisure, Mommy says she wishes, most days she never stops and now Ethan is crawling and standing she needs eyes in the back of her head.

So today has been a mixed days, sad in the redundancy and happy in the pay out. First time in 22 years Mommy has been job free OMG I hear her cry!!!!


Homesick :o(

July 13th 2012 1:13 pm
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Auntie Angie sent a message to my Mommy last night to tell her I had stopped eating unless I was hand fed all my food. I think I was just missing my family and my little playmate, feeling a bit sorry for myself.

This morning I got a lovely surprise, Mommy and Daddy had come home a day early and there was Mommy waiting to pick me up. I could not get in my cat carrier quick enough and yes once home I am sleeping on their bed and eating all my food again.

It was even lovely seeing Ethan again, but he has learnt to crawl whilst away and now can follow me from room to room.

Had a lovely time at Auntie Angie's but there is no place like home :o)



July 8th 2012 6:30 am
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Yeah I am on holiday again to Auntie Angie's Cats Lodge. Mummy and Daddy are taking Ethan to the seaside this week and I am getting a lovely break from him.

Just in the last week I have been chased, ran over by the baby walker, squashed and had my fur pulled out, so a week relaxing is going to be purfect.

Though already I am missing my little playmate as I do like teasing him at every opportunity.

Next time though Mommy can you leave Ethan with Auntie Angie and take me to the seaside instead.

See you next Saturday Mommy love Tilly xx


Needing to spend more time on Catster

April 25th 2012 1:08 pm
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Mommy and I need to spend more time on Catster, in the last few months we have hardly been on and are missing all the gossip with our fantastic Catster friends.

You see Ethan is now 7 months old and he takes up a lot of Mommy's time during the day and on a night she is that tired that many nights it is to bed early.

He has started taking an uneasy interest in me, a few times I have got a bit to close to his chubby little hands and I have lost fur in getting away. Mommy is trying to teach him the word nice when she lets him stoke me under supervision.

I am now a lot nicer to him as I have realised that this little person is not going anywhere and I have started sharing his playing mat with him when he is occupied with something other than me. Mommy has also caught me a few times sleeping under Ethan's cot or in his car chair.

Mommy warns me that there is worse to come, not too sure what that means but I am sure we will become friends for life.

lots of love Tilly Woo xx


Belle finally has been caught, pregnant and to find a new- home

April 2nd 2012 1:40 am
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Mommy finally caught Belle yesterday after weeks of trying and finally been given an automatic trap. Belle is now heavily pregnant again but is in very good health as Mommy fed her 3 times a day with Chicken and Tuna.

We have been in talks with the Cats Protection as Mommy wanted to keep Belle but it has taken since January to catch her and this would not be good if Belle ever needed medical help or when my mommy went on holiday. After much discussion and tears we have decided to let the Cats Protection to find Belle a new home on a farm.

Mommy has been feeding Belle for the last 37 weeks, watched her bring up her first set of kittens and fell in love with her. We know that we have given her kittens the best start in life as she will be going to a foster home so that her kittens when born will have human contact and go to forever homes.

We have asked for updates of Belle to make sure that she gets that forever home, Mommy must know where she ends up and makes sure she is happy.

lots of love Tilly and one very upset Mommy xx

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