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Urine Sample

April 7th 2009 2:53 pm
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I was taken back to the vets last Wednesday, and my mummy had to leave me there all day so that I could have a water sample taken. At 4pm I was collected and was so happy to be going home, I meowed all the way ;o) Yep I still had the water infection but good point no crystals. I was given another week of medicine which I have just finished, and told to take it easy.

Mummy has started giving me more wet cat food which she is adding in a bit of water. I now have bottled spring water and she has read that I could be doing a lot better with my digestion system if I had supplements of vitamin c and cod liver oil. Mummy is going to ask Auntie Angie what she thinks tomorrow night.

This is my first night without any tablets and I seem to be doing all right tonight, not many trips to the litter tray, so touch wood I am better YEHHHHH. Everytime I get in the litter tray my mummy runs to me and checks how much water I have passed, so I have started doing the same to her. When she gets on the toilet, I too try to look down the loo to see how much water mummy is passing. My new hobby is watching the toilet flush, just waiting until the right moment to jump right in :o)

I have made my mummy and daddy laugh so much tonight, mummy spends loads on new toys to keep me entertained, but tonight she had rolled up a piece of foil and dropped it, I pounced and played for hours with it. All that money wasted when all I needed was a ball of foil. We played footy in the room and then hide and seek the foil under the settee.

Well very tired after all the running around, going to hijack the bed and spread out before it is time for their bedtime, they can sleep in my cat box instead :o)

Tilly xx


VETS !!!!

March 31st 2009 9:17 am
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Mummy took me back to the vets today, again not a happy bunny, even though I am not going to the toilet as much, still going too often.

I have to go back tomorrow, to have a urine sample taken, just to make sure everything is ok. Mummy says that they will make me tired for a couple of minutes and it will all be over with. I have to stay all day too, not too sure about that, I am already a scaredy cat but Mummy will pick me back up again at 4pm.

Daddy is going to have a hefty vets bill again, Mummy says I will have to go out to work soon to pay for them :o)

I will update everyone tomorrow, not looking forward to not having breakfast, I call for it every morning now but none at all !!!!!

Tilly xx



March 28th 2009 3:29 am
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Mummy says I am still not 100 per cent better, even though now I am not living in my cat litter tray constantly I am still using it more often than usual.

I am still taking my medicine and they run out on Sunday, Mummy says if not better I am going back to the vets and I DON'T WANT TOO :o(

Mummy tells me that I had been very poorly, and was passing blood on Tuesday evening in my water, then I had runny poos which when you are a fluffy cat is not plesent and twice I have been caught and had a bottom wash, not plesent for me or mummy who now looks like she has been attacked with all my scratches.

I am though very good at taking my tablets, the reason why!!! I get treats after I have my tablet (good thinking hey).

Not allowed out this weekend until I am better, so I have been spending my morning watching out of the bedroom window. It is very windy outside so in some ways I am glad to be in.

So will let u know if I have to go to the vets on Monday :o(


Oh Mummy I'm not very well :o(

March 24th 2009 12:41 pm
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My mummy rushed me to the vets this morning for an emergency appointment, when she got home yesterday from work she noticed that I had used the litter tray quite often in a matter of a hour. Then I started crying when I tried to pass water, straight away my mummy knew I had a water infection. She contacted Angie at the cattery to see if she could help as the vets had shut for the night. Angie agreed with mummy and told her to get me straight in.

At the vets I was not a happy bunny, I had to have my temperature taken and fought with all my might, then I had two injections, whilst mummy got upset due to me being upset.

I have now got to have a tablet twice a day and on liquid medicine on my food, mummy has to not give me biscuits, just felix pouches. She also had to provide me another litter tray and now I am using an old roasting tin filled with cat litter :o)

Mummy gave me loads of hugs, then had to return to work, she also came back in her dinner hour to see if I was okay. Feeling much better now, and I have not used the litter tray as much tonight.

They think that it was due to stress and all my mummy can think off is this weekend I was scared by a big black cat being in my garden, I hid under my daddy's car until my mummy got me out and took me inside, where I hid for over a hour. The vet says a simple thing like this could have caused my water infection.

Even after a big vets bill, mummy and daddy gave me loads of attention and kisses, I am mummy's little girl and no price is too much for me, love you right back.

Got to be on tablets and medicine for a week then I should be back to my old self.



Out Again

March 21st 2009 9:48 am
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Today has been really nice weather, mummy has let me and Anna out again today. Anna was put in her Rabbit Hutch but I was free to roam. Mummy was really scared about me going out into the big wide world, she forgets that before I moved in with them I was always kicked outside no matter what the weather. I did not roam far, got scared after a big black cat came into MY garden, so I hid behind Anna's rabbit hutch.

I have made some new friends today, next door are new neighbours and whilst I was stood on the fence I became centre of attention from two little girls next door. Do not really do children, but mummy tells me that I have to be nice and not scratch, so I was on my best behaviour.

Mummy kept checking where I was but I did not go far, had a bit of a nosey around but kept Anna mainly company, could not understand how she got in the hutch when normally she has the run of house downstairs.

After a couple of hours I was pooped, so I have retired back to my bedroom, and had a couple of hours sleep, what a hard life I lead now :o)


Poorly Anna

March 16th 2009 1:48 pm
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I was really worried today, Anna (house bunny) has been very poorly over the weekend. She has stopped eating and bossing me around. Mummy phoned the vets first thing this morning, put Anna into my cat carrier and took her away.

I waited for what seemed hours, then the door opened and Anna was brought back in with lots of medicine. Anna has got an upset belly and mummy has to give her medicine 3 times a day. I am just glad that my friend is back and tonight she seems much better and is now hoping round the rooms, chasing me around.

Today also I have been out in the garden, I escaped once and took a tour down the road, but was quickly caught and brought back. I have been given a new red collar and a red name tag with 'Tilly' on. My dad came in and laughed at me in my collar saying I looked like a clown due to my long fur giving me a collar like effect. Mummy told him off and told me I looked beautiful.

I am now tired out, i am going to curl up in my box in the bedroom taking my orange fish with me. Good night everyone xx



February 12th 2009 2:26 pm
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Both Anna (the house bunny) and I have been in the bad books today. Mummy is trying to paint her front room, Anna and I are covered in paint from the walls. Anna looks really funny as she is now covered in red paint, and I am covered in white paint from the door frames.

My mummy only has to turn her back for one minute and we are in the room causing a riot :o), Anna started it and it looked like fun so we started chasing each other around the furniture. Then mummy started chasing us round the furniture too, shouting 'Anna, Tilly, NO NO NO!!!

We thought she was playing too and started going faster. Eventually we were both caught, separated and given a small telling off. I was sent to the bedrooms and Anna was caught and put in my cat basket until it was safe enough for her to hop around.

I think my mummy is just a bit stressed, as later my daddy got a telling off as well.

I am back in her good books, as she has been cuddling me on the bed, and I was told that I must be a good girl tomorrow as she is painting again. Yes right mum, Anna same time tomorrow :o)



February 1st 2009 11:00 am
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Today has been very different, as I was sat in the window watching for birds, white things started falling out of the sky. Mummy kept saying to me 'Tilly look it's snowing', mummy seemed really excited like a small child. She told me she had not seen this amount of snow fall since she was a small child. She picked me up and into the garden we went. The snow was falling really fast and very soon we were covered.

Mummy placed me on the floor, and no way it was too cold and I quickly wanted picking back up again. I curled into my mummy and she realised that I did not like being out and took me back into the warm kitchen.

We then carried on watching it snow from the window sill, I am so glad that I did not have to go out in this, and do prefer the warm house instead.

A bit later on though mummy was cursing that it was terrible to drive in and now she remembers why she dreads it when the weather forecaster predict snow. Now she is hoping that for work tomorrow morning the snow will be all gone. I do not care, I am inside where it is snug :o)


Thank you

January 31st 2009 9:12 am
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To everyone who sent me get well wishes, thank you.

It took me 36 hours to recover from my booster injection, mummy was so worried about me as I did not want to get up and when I ate something I kept being sick.

Mummy knew I was better when I asked for food 36 hours later (5am) at the side of her bed, and yes she did get out and feed me as she had been so worried about me not eating.

Again thanks for the wishes,

Tilly x


Poorly Me ....

January 28th 2009 11:56 am
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I have been poorly for the last 24 hours since my annual booster, my mummy went to bed, and I woke her up making wimpering noise and then I was sick all over my mummy's room carpet, she run downstairs and made sure I was ok, cleaned up and then picked me up and took me to her bedroom so she could keep a closer eye on me.

All night she kept checking on me, but I was too poorly to get up and remained curled up at the side of the bed.

This morning she made sure I was well wrapped up, and left me on the bed whilst she went to work. She phoned the vet as soon as they were open to be told that this was sometimes the case, and it would last for 24 hours. She has driven home in her morning, and lunch break to see if I was ok, she could not come home as she had an important training course today that she couldn't miss.

Tonight my mummy has made me scrambled eggs which I have just licked, but I have been very needy tonight and I am snuggled on my mummy's knee purring away. I am feeling a bit better now, and have had a bit to eat, my nose is wet and cold, not like last night when it was dry and I just could not get comfortable.

My mummy does not know if I have reacted this way to a booster before as she has only had me 2 months and neither Rhea or Pebbles had any reaction, so she was really scared last night that something would happen to me whilst she was sleeping.

Thank you mummy for taking care of me, love you loads Tilly xx

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