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My New Family

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Clingy Today

July 12th 2009 8:28 am
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I have been really clingy today, everywhere my mummy is I want to be too, normally I am all my daddy, but today I am constantly under my mummy's feet.

Mummy thinks that we are due a thunderstorm and thinks this is what is wrong with me, as she has given my loads of love, new biscuits and cat food and even given me plenty of treats as she got a bit worried.

Mummy and Daddy went to the RSPCA again today, not to look for a friend more me, but to take some bags of food for all the poor kittys with no forever home, they had a quick peek and was delighted to see most of the cats had been reserved.

Mummy would love another cat but thinks that I would go back to my old ways (when they first adopted me I was a loner, fiery and quite into myself) if another cat came to live with us. I have settled in lovely and love all the individual attention. She would hate me to think I was second best so they are going to leave me as an only cat. I am not lonely as I do have Anna the house bunny who love to curl up with me when she is in a good mood.

It is going to be great the next week, mummy and daddy are off work for the week and therefore i get to go out all day and get cuddles during the day too.

At the moment I am curled up on my mummy's freshly washed clothes but she is just happy that I have seemed to have settled and going to sleep :o)


Hard Weekend

July 6th 2009 1:33 pm
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I have had to be a big girl this weekend, as it was Rhea's first Anniversary at Rainbow Bridge. Mummy has been very upset and keeps crying but I have been there to give her loads of cuddles and purrs.

I have not left the garden this weekend as I did not want to worry my mummy at all, she thought that something was going to happen if she let me out, but Daddy told her that it was a lovely weekend and I should be allowed in the sun.

I have found myself another bed, yep right in the middle of my mummy's glass dining room table. She piles her washing up on it and I kept laying on everything covering them all with my fur. Now I have been given a towel and it is so comfortable, I hardly move.

Also mummy has got a new camera and I have been posing in all positions, hoping that there are a few good ones for catster. She has just got to figure how to get the pictures from the camera onto the computer, not very technical though so we could be waiting some time :o)

Daddy has been in mummy's bad books to, he has damaged her car by hitting a supermarket trolley and dented her car boot. She was not a happy bunny, I have found it really funny watching my daddy trying to get back in her good books. This has meant I have got away with murder this weekend, even when I tried digging in her pot plant on the window sill, spilling dirt all over, jumping all over the kitchen work tops, chasing that damn rabbit down the garden, mummy was not bothered in the slightest. Dad you are my hero :o)

Rhea, our mummy still loves you and misses you very much, I wished I could have met you, but I would not be living here if you was still here. Thank you for teaching my mummy and daddy all about cats and our strange habits. They are amazing parents, for taking me on and giving me my forever home too.

Tilly xx


Sunny Hot Days

July 2nd 2009 12:12 pm
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Well it has been red hot in the uk since the weekend, and as you can see I am a fluffy cat with plenty of fur and this hot weather is just not suiting me :o(

During the week days I am kept inside until my parents arrive home, the house is lovely and cool. Once I am allowed outside, I just can not get comfortable. I should stay in the house and be cool but no not me I want to sit in the sunshine sweating my fur off.

Mummy says that if I did not settle down and stop meowing at her ( I was telling her I was too hot) she was going to give me a number 2 which is a short all over hair cut :o) You just try mummy!!!!

Mummy says she will tell everyone if I do not, this weekend I have also been terrorised by a pair of Blackbirds. I did not hurt their baby as daddy got there first and placed it out of reach. Well it made no difference, I have been screached at all weekend and sometimes they even took bomb dives at me, Mummy had to bring me in a number of times as she got worried about my safety (I know I am a cat tell that to my mummy).

Tomorrow it is going to just as warm but raining so I am hoping it will feel cooler.

At the moment I am sat in the garden on the patio table feeling the cooler air go through my fur. Anna the bunny is stalking me at the moment but try if you can, you can not get up her RABBIT.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine, lots of love Tilly xx


In Trouble Again

June 18th 2009 1:16 pm
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I have been in trouble tonight.

I did not come home and was missing for 2 hours, it had started to rain so I took shelter so that I did not get wet. I mean look at me, can you imagine me getting wet :o)

Mummy was going frantic when I finally made an appearance, she was on the phone, talking to her mum, she ran down the garden scooped me up and smoothered me with kisses, then told me off.

What I did not know that Mummy had been calling my name, shaking my favourite treats, driven twice round the block and called at people's houses asking if they had been in their sheds or garages.

I only go out when my mummy and daddy are at home, I am a scaredy cat and only have a teritory of 5 gardens, and always come home when I am called.

I have still been given loads of kisses, Daddy has been updated that I had been found as he had to go somewhere. He says that he only puts up with me, but I know that he was pleased to hear I was home safe and well.

Sorry for scaring you mummy just got carried away, anyway I was wearing my red collar and name tag :o)

Mummy says thats it off to the vets to be ID Tagged next week, please tell me you are joking mummy :o)


Being There

June 7th 2009 12:47 pm
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Mummy has told me that i have to be a big girl for the next three months, it is going to be a hard time, and mummy will need extra cuddles.

On the 19/06/2009 would have been Rhea's 2nd Birthday, Mummy misses her so much and it still hurts, I know that I am loved very much and understand that she still misses her two furbies before me just as much. On the 5/07/2009 is Rhea's 1st Anniversary at Rainbow Bridge and then on the 28/08/2009 will be Pebbles 2nd Anniversary at Rainbow Bridge.

Mummy says that she is still worries about me going outside but i am a scaredy cat and do not like to leave the comfort of the garden, sometimes I do jump the gate and wander onto the front, but always seem to meet my mummy at the end of the drive and quickly jump back over the fence.

This week Daddy is off which means I can go outside everyday, all day, but Daddy has been given a list of what not to do, the main one being not to shut me outside and make sure I am checked on every 30 minutes.


Sunny Days

June 6th 2009 9:53 am
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I h've had a fantastic week, it has been sunny all week and I have been out every spare minute. I am only allowed out when my mummy and daddy are at home. This week as soon as mummy got in from work, the patio door has been open and Anna and I have been running round the garden and laying in the sun.

I have found the weather too hot some days and have been sat on next doors dog pen shaded by the conifer trees, also it is safer up here as daddy is learning to play golf and has been chipping in the garden. There has been golf balls all over the place and Anna has sometimes had to dodge the odd golf ball.

Mummy has been making sure I am not too hot and providing plenty of fresh water, she even rubbed some suncream into my white lightning streak near me nose just in case.

During the day I have been in the house, all the curtains have been closed and it is lovely and cool for me. At the moment Anna is staying in the rabbit hut in the back garden so I have the full run of the house. I either lay on the window sills or go and sit in the sun in the dining room and then cool off under my mummy and daddy's bed.

We are having a barbie next weekend but some small children are coming and I do not do children. Mummy says that I will be placed away so that I am not bothered and do not attack them :o)

Anna is also going to be hid away as last time they came to our house we were screamed at and got scared. Mummy is not looking forward to having children at the house.

love Tilly xx


Everything New

May 24th 2009 2:26 am
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Mummy and Daddy has had a few very busy weeks. They have been finishing the three rooms downstairs. I now have to be really careful when I run in from the garden as the carpet has disappeared and a new wooden floor laid throughout. A few times I have slid across the room like I was ice skating.

Daddy and I have a new game, I lay down on the wooden flooring and he pushes me around on my back, mummy calls me her new hoover :o)

Today they have had some new furniture delivered and I made it my job to check it out completely. I have been on the shelves and in the cupboards but mummy was not too happy when I jumped onto her new bookcase.

They have taken my lovely old rug and replaced it with a fluffy thing, not to sure at the moment as when I walk on it my feet sink into it, but it is nice to lay out on. They have moved my old rug into the dining room, so now that is where I tend to spend my spare time, sunbathing on my old rug in front of the patio doors.



May 5th 2009 12:45 pm
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I can not believe my mummy, she only went and clicked on the square that said adoptable by accident and save it.

I do not know how long I have been listed as adoptable but I want to tell everyone that I am not, and mummy went and made a big and I mean big mistake.

I am going to make sure she is sorry by demanding more cuddles and treats, think I could milk this for a good few days :o)

Tilly's Mummy: I do not know how I have done this or how long Tilly has been listed as adoptable, this is a genuine mistake, I will never get rid of my little girl. At the moment she is laid in the middle of my bed giving me the evil eye.

Sorry Tilly love Mummy xxx


My Home Forever

May 3rd 2009 9:09 am
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It has been 5 months since I moved in with my new mummy and daddy, this was my 4th home and I was not going to open my heart this time. But my mummy has broken down my barriers and I know that I am a very much loved little cat. I have never had anyone that loves me as much as my current mummy. I was always shut outside, no matter the weather, there was never no time for me, i was the last thing on the list but if there is another cat out there like how i used to be, things can always get better.

When i moved in, they were still recovering from the loss of Rhea, they still have bad days but on these days I make sure that I give my mummy more purrs. I now meow and purr all the time and even allow (only sometimes) my belly being stroked.

I'm told everyday how much I am loved, with a big cuddle and kisses, which I have to put up with otherwise I am caught and given a bigger cuddle. Each day we have Tilly time, where I am stroked, this is where i purr the loudest.

This is just to say thank you mummy and daddy, for allowing me to take time to settle in. I am a completely different cat from 5 months ago, more loving, looking for attention, I even like getting cuddles from my new friend (the little girl next door). Mummy tells me no nails when playing with my new friend (sometimes I forget about them when I get excited).

From Tilly's Mummy: Getting you was the hardest decision I had at to make, I went behind your daddy's back as we had an agreement. You was also one of the best decisions I had made too. At the beginning you was hard work, not letting me get close, aggression, and always wanting to be on your own. Now a loving, beautiful, very plesent little cat who I love very much. Thank you Tilly for being there for me on the good and bad days. Putting up with me calling you Rhea on occasions, and making sure that you do not wander far so I do not worry. Tilly Woo our home is yours forever and I look forward to us growing old together. Love you mummy's little girl. xxxx


Am I still Poorly?

April 21st 2009 3:12 pm
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Mummy has been back to the vets tonight to ask for more advise, I am not passing blood, or going as often to the toilet as I did, but I am not passing the quanitity of water I used to before I was poorly. Mummy has been told to leave it another two weeks and if I am still doing the same I have to go in again for another water sample.

To be honest I think mummy is just being over protected and scared of doing me any damage as water infections can be fatel in furbies.

Well after a lot of fuss and worry I am allowed out, only when there is someone at home, so I don't half look forward to 4.30pm when mummy walks through the door. The weather for the last week has been beautiful and I love sprawling out in the shade with the bit of wind blowing through my fur.

I have spent the evening chasing Anna round the garden and loving every minute of it. I have plenty of space to run around and sunbathe, it is just so great to be out in the sun

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