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My New Family

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Hug for Mummy

August 29th 2009 6:41 am
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Mummy has just returned from the shop, she quickly dropped all her shopping, ran into the back garden, scooped me up and gave me a big hug and loads of kisses. Then I realised that she was crying into my neck and just would not let me go.

Mummy was driving back from the shops and has passed a cats body on the main road, also tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of Pebbles going to Rainbow Bridge after she was hit by a car, this has so upset her that Daddy had to give her a big hug too.

Mummy just hopes that little cat gets to Rainbow Bridge, and feels so sorry for the family who have lost a furby. Now I am inside as mummy has got scared and has brought me in, not really bothered as it looks like it is going to rain.

I know she worries about me every time I go out, but she understands that in the summer months I love to have a wander (not too far).

Sending all our purrs to the family of the poor little furby, love tilly xx


In Trouble Again

August 27th 2009 12:24 pm
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Feeling much better since the fight with the bee, my face swelling has now gone back to normal and I am feeling so much better.

Auntie Angie told my mummy to watch me for getting a water infection as last time I got scared by a big cat, I got one. But OH NO mummy came home from an hard day at work to find that I had done two MASSIVE hairballs right in the middle of their bed :o)

What can I say, she was not too pleased but not an angry word was said, she put it all down to the fight with the bee and checked if I was ok, well I am now after clearing two hairballs.

Daddy was just glad that he did not beat mummy home and that everything had been cleaned up, new bedding on all before he got home.

I think I have got this hairball throwing down to a tee. By all accounts it is quite normal for me to quite often bring up an hairball, mummy was a bit concerned as this was the 4th one in a month, but nothing to worry about well not for me, I do not have to clean them up :o)


I've Been Stung :o(

August 25th 2009 11:59 am
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Today I have been in the wars, i've been checking out a bit of new terrirtory in next doors garden. Mummy had been watching me, and had just nipped in to prepare my food, when I flew in the house at high speed and went and hid under the bed.

Straight away Mummy came to find me and I did not want to know, but eventually she pulled me out from under the bed and at first she thought that I had hurt my eye.

But oh no, now I look like a little chipmunk on the right hand side under my eye. The vets are shut so mummy quickly put me in the car and took me to Auntie Angie at the cattery. Auntie Angie thinks that I have been stung or bitten. Mummy has to keep an eye on it and if it does not start to go down in the next few day I have been told it is another visit to the vets.

Mummy does not have children but is convinced that it is just as bad as having children as she always worry about me. I am now locked inside and under her watchful eye, she has even phoned my grandad to let him know what has happened and he also says I should be fine within a few days.

Again have been spoilt by treats, no wonder I am always getting into trouble :o)



August 17th 2009 12:43 pm
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I have never really got why I am suppose to like catnip, it has never really interested me much.

Mummy says some cats at the cattery go mad for it by rolling on it, licking it and rubbing it all over, but me it does nothing for me!!

Last night though Mummy has been given a little plant called catnip, and I am quite attractive to it. I just have to keep going up to it, sniffing it and trying to rub it against me.

Mummy has moved it out of the way as I keep trying to get at it. She is going to pot it into a bigger pot and keep it in the house for me. She is afraid that Anna will eat it if she plants it in the garden (Anna eats everything her bunny teeth can get into, she has even tried to get a quick bit of my tail, but she felt the back hand of my paw before she got a bite in).

Does anyone else like catnip or does anyone have a catnip plant ?


Mummy is livid!!!!

August 13th 2009 12:19 pm
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Mummy has just come out into the back garden to call me in for the night, I have appeared on the top of nextdoors old dog pen.

Whilst I am on the top of the dog pen a nasty neighbour from behind our house has thrown a stone at me.

Mummy has gone mad, she has called the man lots of naughty names and told him that she is going to report him to the RSPCA. The stone could have hit me and done a lot of damage.

Mummy understands that not everyone likes cats, but is it really necessary to throw stones, she does not throw stones at his dog.

She was more mad as I was very scared and had gone into the corner of the back of the garden where she could not get me. She had to bribe me with some Whiskas Temptations with Salmon, yep I fell for it.

Daddy has gone mad too, he says if he sees it happen he is going round to see the person. Mummy says a water spray would be a lot friendlier than a stone.

I am just happy to be back at home getting all the attention.


My Mummy is well trained :o)

August 10th 2009 12:04 pm
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Hey everyone, have you got your mummy as well trained as I have?

When I poop in the tray, she is there is clean it out.

When I am extra hungry, I meow and there is food.

When I want attention, I meow again and I get cuddles and kisses.

When I stand at the door and meow, I get to go out.

What i do not understand is when I do this to Daddy he does nothing ???


I am a Cat

August 9th 2009 8:38 am
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I have caught my first bird today since moving in with my parents in November. Daddy had been telling Mummy that there was no way that I would ever catch a bird, as I was too fluffy and pansy.

What a surprise I brought them, Mummy tried so hard for me to give up the bird but no way mum, this is mine. She told me that she was proud that I had proved that I could catch birds, but upset that I would not allow her to put the little bird back.

Mummy should be very pleased that I have brought her a present to show her how much I love her. She keeps saying to my Daddy, she thought that I was a little angel and would never hurt another animal because I live with Anna the house bunny. Word of warning Anna think again next time you jump on my head :o)

Sorry Mummy for upsetting you, but I am a cat :o)



August 1st 2009 5:04 am
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It has finally turned up in the post, I do not who was more excited me or Mummy, finally after what seemed ages we got into the packaging and started the trial.

YEP I LOVE IT, even allowed mummy to give me a good brush without swatting her :o)

Still got a lot to brush as I am not a brush friendly cat, but I think I have lost half me body weight in fur.

Mummy was amazed, one because i did not swat her as much and two due to her filling a small bin of my cat fur, which is normally floating across the wooden floor in little balls when we have visitors.

Well recommended, and she got if for a fantastic price of £13.50 + free postage from Ebay. Mummy ordered it Thursday night and it arrived this morning.

So for today I am looking like a beautiful groomed cat :o)


Not Allowed Out :o(

July 26th 2009 11:01 am
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Today has been raining all day, and mummy says I am in a mood as I have to been allowed out.

I know me and rain do not go, but look at all the birds digging in the garden mum!!!



July 20th 2009 2:48 pm
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I have just done a couple of hair balls all over the carpet in the computer room. Mummy did not know anything about it until she heard my Daddy shouting from upstairs about standing in it.

She dived upstairs to find Daddy at the top of the stairs with a big poop looking hairball stuck to the heal of his sock and him making sicking noises. What a sight it was :o)

Tomorrow she is getting me a FURminator, she thinks that it will make me feel a lot better in the summer months. Also it says it will cut down on hairballs as I am already on hairball biscuits.

Mummy has never really seen an hairball, and was really interested, where as Daddy was disgusted :o)

I feel a lot better now, and Daddy did make me laugh alot.

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