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My New Family

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Brand New Collar

October 18th 2009 8:19 am
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I have been given a brand new shiney red collar with diamonds on and i feel so posh. When I first came to live with Mummy and Daddy I already had a red collar so they just bought me a red name tag to match. Today though when Mummy was trying to get me from under her car and pulled a bit on the collar, it snapped. I did a runner down the street and mummy left with two halfs of a collar.

Quickly I was caught, put back in the house whilst a new collar was purchased. You see I am not allowed out the house without a collar just in case. Mummy and daddy have learnt the hard way with cats and collars.

Both their previous cats were both ID Tagged, Pebbles never wore a collar, when she was hit by a car they only found out by going round the nearby houses but they never got her back. When they lost Rhea in the same circumstances last July, she was wearing a collar, a neighbour found her and rang my daddy's mobile number from her tag, Rhea was killed but they were glad that they could bring her back home were she belongs.


Nearly Better

October 15th 2009 12:07 pm
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Well i have been on antibiotics for nearly 10 days now and seem to be doing much better. I am not living in the litter tray and not putting up much of a fight when Mummy is giving me tablets, but she is bribing me. Out comes my yummy favourite biscuit treats along with the tablets.

First comes the tablet then yummy biscuits and job done. To be honest I have got away with murder in the last few days and they do not want to stress me out, but I have taken it a bit too far.

Three times this week I have jumped on the kitchen worktop and walked across the cooker hob. Mummy is not bothered that I jump on the worktop as she cleans them down before cooking but she keeps worrying that I will walk on the cooker rings whilst they are cooling down and burn myself. My daddy just keeps thinking another vets bill if this happens.

I have also demanded a lot of attention and getting it. Mummy now has to lay with me on the bed in the second bedroom and a few times I have kicked Daddy out of his bed with Mummy for me to get in.

So again I am a spoilt little girl and loving it :o)


Water Infection again :o(

October 8th 2009 12:25 pm
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Yes I have now got my second bout of water infection. I started scratting around in my litter tray on Tuesday night and my mummy saw the signs.

OH yes a trip to the vets was called for, and mummy got me in at the earliest appointment they had. It is a good thing mummy's work is understanding and that we only live 10 minutes away, so she was able to pop home, take me vets and then back to work.

I had one injection of pain relief and other injection of antibiotics, now on a 10 day course and liquid medicine in my cat food.

So at the moment having to have tablets twice a day and living in my litter tray, hopefully things will improve soon.

Mummy has a feeling that I suffer from a bit of stress so I am now going to take cystise tablet to help with my problem in future.

Ps also got Daddy a bit vets bill again, he huffed and puffed a bit, but I could hear him asking mummy if I was ok and what could they do to stop this happening again. I knew you cared daddy :o)


Me ...... One of Today's Diary Pick

October 6th 2009 10:39 am
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I can not believe that I have been picked for one of the Diary Picks of Today.

My Mummy is so proud of me and yes I have been given treats (yum yum)

I love this DP of the Day, I have made new friends and was so excited as I love making friends

Thank you Catster for making me a diary pick you have made my day.

love Tilly xxx


Wind, Wind go away come back another day

October 3rd 2009 8:52 am
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I am inside again today, with being a bit of a chicken, I do not like the noise of the wind and keep running in and out of the house hiding.

Anna is not scared at all, and has been mocking me by laughing at me whilst she is running about the garden.

Mummy has locked me in as I run through the house at full run and bang into things. She is scared that I will hurt myself so after the 20th time of running back into the house, the patio door was firmly shut.

Finally settling back into the daily routine of living back at home after 10 days at the cattery. I have been very clingy around my mummy constantly meowing at her just so she knows that I never want her to leave me again.

When I have been left before, it has been that my previous owners never wanted me and i had to find another home. I was so glad to see mummy and daddy had come to pick me up and told me how much they missed me, don't tell them but I missed them too.

Good to be sharing their bed again, and it was even nice to see Anna in the back garden.


Back Home and Anna's Adventure

September 27th 2009 8:21 am
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Hey everyone i am back home, Mummy and Daddy came and collected me this morning. At moment I am giving Mummy the silent treatment for leaving me for 10 whole days!!!!

Had a lovely time, got loads of hugs and cuddles from Auntie Angie and completely knot free again :o) Glad to be home though being spoilt and hugged by mummy. She keeps telling me how much she missed me everyday.

Mummy and Daddy has had a fantastic time, daddy is lovely and brown, but mummy is more red and white. They are very quiet today as they got in early this morning and are very tired.

Came back home to find out that Anna has had an adventure as well. She has dug herself out of our back garden and our neighbours had to catch her and it took 4 hours due to her keep running under the fence :o)

Go Anna and just to prove a point she showed our parents just what she has done so now they have to bunny proof our back garden more.



September 18th 2009 7:53 am
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Well my vacation has started, Mummy has just dropped me off at the cattery with my suitcase. Auntie Angie can not believe what mummy has brought with me, the only thing missing was the kitchen sink.

I have taken my bed cover, countless toys and my house scratching post, and my make up bag (brushes and treats in), you never know who might me popping in over the weekend :o)

Well I started making myself at home, whilst Mummy was getting upset. She knows I am in the best possible place but still worries as this is the first time her leaving me and she does not want me to think that she does not want me.

Come on mum you have left everything, I must be one of the most spoilt cats here. Tea time is at 6pm and evening biscuits to follow. I have my own heater in an evening as the chiller nights are now slowly creeping in, lights out are at 10pm. I have got chalet number 5 which is a good placing where I can all the other chalets and a view over the whole garden.

It is now sunny and I am now sunbathing on my shelf and getting to know my neighbours.

C u all soon Love Tilly xx


Sending Our Love

September 15th 2009 12:28 pm
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Mummy's best friend phoned her at work today, she had been away for the weekend to Prague but returned to some terrible news. Their 3 year old tabby cat Sparky had been hit by a car and killed whilst they was away.

Mummy is going to see Jolenne tomorrow to give her a hug, she was sorry for phoning at work, but she just needed someone to comfort her. James her son is still trying to find Sparky as they can not bear to tell him the terrible news. Mummy found herself crying with Jolenne down the phone and had to leave the office.

After our holidays, James is coming down to give me cuddles and kisses as already he is missing Sparky so much.

We are sending all our love to you Sparky at Rainbow Bridge, you was one amazing little friend and we are going to miss you so much.


Hairball Throwing Again

September 8th 2009 12:10 pm
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I have been at it again, but this time Mummy was not pleased.

They bought a new rug a couple of months ago, I did not get on with it as when I step on it I sink into it. The last few nights I have been sleeping right in the centre of it, all snug as a bug.

Mummy came in from another hard day at work and there in the middle of her cream and white rug was another massive hairball. I thought she was going to have a fit, after running round try, on all fours trying to scrum the mark away for what seemed ages.

Finally picked me up and explain that she does not mind the hairball throwing but not on the new rug. I have listen, fully understood but when a hairball is ready do not think for one moment that i am going to think where I am allowed to do it :o)

I have to laugh, no matter what I do, my parents love me completely and I never get done, just explained too (quite often), do they not realise that I am a CAT ??



September 3rd 2009 12:35 pm
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Hey I am off on HOLIDAY soon. Mummy and Daddy are going somewhere warm, but I am off to Auntie Angie at the Adwick Cats Lodge. This is also where mummy helps out and where she heard about me wanting a new home (and the rest is history).

Mummy has been telling Auntie Angie how I have changed from my earlier trips to the cattery with my previous owner. Auntie Angie keeps telling my mummy that I am not a fussy eater but she is a fussy owner, to right I know how to worry mummy by not eating then I get some posh nosh :o)

I even get to take all my toys and my scratching post, but mummy is worried as I do not like the wind and the cattery is outside. Now bear in mind mummy has helped here for over 1 year she knows every cat is lovingly looked after and spoilt but she is still worrying about me and I am not even there yet :o)

I have asked mummy if I can take their double bed as this is what I sleep on at home, but oh no she is making me a little bed for me to sleep on. I hope she makes it big enough as when I spread out I can certainly take up some room.

I am hoping that the weather will be fine and I come back fully relaxed and ready for the winter period where I do not leave the house as it is too cold outside. Roll on HOLIDAY !!!

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