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My New Family

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Tummy Bugs and Tilly Trouble

March 26th 2010 1:36 pm
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Mommy has been off work for the last two days with a Tummy Bug, I keep examining her for a bug and have not found one yet so not sure what is wrong with her. We spent Thursday morning mainly wandering the house, mommy trying to get comfortable, not to disturb daddy and me just following like a little shadow. Eventually she settled in the spare bed with me close to her, all day yesterday and today I have been snuggled up next to mommy in their bed and loved every minute of it .

This morning she felt much better but decided to not go into work to be on the safe side, she wandered downstairs and nearly started crying as she noticed her cream fluffy rug. YES it was me, I had outdone myself again and had been sick and also left a big hairball right in the middle of it. Mommy disappeared twice whilst cleaning the rug to the toilet, and came down muttering 'can not cope with this today' , but again not a bad word was said, and to say sorry I tried headbutting her affectionately whilst she was cleaning the rug. Mommy maybe I picked up that tummy bug thing too.

Also I have been given a new toy which I am so not able to catch. A little red dot thing keeps appearing on the floor, I jump on it, roll on it, paw it and try to eat it but it keeps disappearing and climbing up the walls. Daddy just keeps laughing at me and telling me it is to work some of the winter excess off (what ever he means by that). I am entertained for hours with this, it is even better than any of my favourite toys.

Also has been a bad week at the Adwick Cats Lodge, we lost a very much loved friend Tigsey. Mommy had seen him and his family whilst they came in on holiday last week. Mommy loved him, he was so beautiful and sooo fast, he could get out his holiday chalet quicker than grease lightening. On Tuesday morning Tigsey got hit by a car and killed, his mommy is so distraught, and it has really upset Angie who run the cat lodge. Just a quick message Tigsey send two fantastic angels (Pebbles and Rhea ) to take you under their wings until it is time to meet your mommy again. We love you Tigsey and will miss you very very much.

Love Tilly xx


Friend or Foe

March 9th 2010 1:59 am
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Mommy and Daddy are off work this week and I have been outside for the last two days. I have been visited by a fluffly black and white cat, at moment I can not make out if he/she is friend or foe.

Mommy can not believe how close I let it get to me, they did overstep the mark when it tried to come into my house, and I let off a massive roar (that neither of my pawrents have ever heard before).

At the moment I am not too sure what to do, I keep running for home, but mommy says I should stand up for my own back garden. I am keeping guard on the garden fence on look out duty. Mommy has been up to the cat and it is tame, also it has a lovely bright green collar but no tag.

I keep trying to get Anna the bunny to back me up, but she is not bothered in coming outside at the moment and is sunbathing behind the patio doors.

Love Tilly xx


Quality Time

February 28th 2010 8:29 am
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My pawrents work very hard, and when they get home, we play for hours, but this week has been lovely. Mommy has had the whole week off, and we have spent lots of quality time together.

After daddy had left for work we would play for a couple of hours and then both of us get comfy on the bed and watch tv. Also this week i had my booster injection and again was poorly, but mommy spent all her time feeding me by hand, making me comfy on her bed and giving me hugs.

With this i have got a liking for their bed, for the last two nights i have been trying to get in with my pawrents, which they find funny. Mommy woke early this morning to find me wedged between the bed head board and her pillow, purring away into her hair. I was so comfy and snug that I stretched out more and went to sleep. Daddy was not to sure when he turned round to be facing my bottom :o)

This week mommy is back at work but then she is off for another week but this time daddy is off as well and he says we have got some things to do around the house :o(

Roll on next week for another week of pure attention

Love Tilly xx


More food for the RSPCA

February 22nd 2010 12:19 pm
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Mommy took alot of food again to all the cats without forever homes at the RSPCA. She had that much that it was in the boot, front seat and back seats too. Her employee Netto was having a clear out of samples at the head office, so mommy jumped in and asked for it again. Everyone there knows she is cat mad, so automatically she gets an email asking if she wants it.

Mommy stored it in our garage and took it up today as she has a week off work. They were so pleased with all the cat litter, treats, biscuits and loads of tins and mommy felt so proud that she could help feed them.

Without daddy there she also went for a quick look, she was pleased to see that there were not many cats in, and most were reserved. There was two which she adored but one was on pen rest and not adoptable and the other had to be homed with older children, mommy and daddy are wanting to start a family and having me is already a problem as i am not a person friendly cat. We have come a long way in the last year and if a baby appears I am sure i will settle in with it too.

I was first abandoned due to a baby appearing, but I have been told by both my pawrents that this is my forever home no matter what and i will always be their little girl. I know spoilt :o)

Tilly xx


Nurse Tilly

February 13th 2010 12:18 pm
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Mommy has not been very well today, she came home with daddy and went straight to bed, with a headache. I noticed she was ill when she was been sick in the toilet, i started the nursing straight away. I purred loudly in her ear whilst she was being sick and gave her my little cat kisses.

I then slept on the bed with her whilst she was getting better. Mommy and daddy thought this was weird for me, as I never sleep on their bed, but i curled into my mommy and slept with her for over two hours. Daddy says I was nurse Tilly and checking on mommy.

When mommy woke up I got straight off the bed and went and fell asleep on their spare bed in the other room. Mommy thinks I am so clever for sensing that she was not very well and came to make me better.

So from now on Nurse Tilly is on call whenever mommy is ill.


Me doing Headbonks

January 31st 2010 7:25 am
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Can you believe it in the last few weeks I have become more affectionate to my mommy, I know she loves me very much but I do like my own company too.

I have started to headbonk her when I want attention and also getting on her knee whilst she watches tv. Mommy is a quick learner though, I will only stay on her knee if she does not touch me, I can see that she is wanting to give me hugs and kisses but she is willing to miss these for time I spend on her lap. I have also started giving mommy nose kisses, where we get nose to nose and I give her nose a little lick, what I am really doing is checking mommy has had something to eat and I have not had a piece :o)

Also this morning I got into bed with her and laid down on the bed next to her, what am I becoming, a lap cat.

It has took me 14 months to get to this stage, but mommy says I am spending more time with her and giving more love than attacking her with the nails.

Tilly's Mommy: It has been an ongoing task with Tilly she looks so fluffy and cute but believe me she is far from it. We have come a long way since last November when she did not interact with us at all. She has also started to greet visitors to the house and purr at them, instead of hiding or attacking their legs as the passed her. We still have a long way to go, but what a difference a year makes. Would I do it again, always, Tilly is adored by myself and my boyfriend, she is our little girl and very much loved. We would love to adopt another cat but for the moment Tilly is a content little cat and we are scared that bringing another cat into our family would push Tilly back to how she used to be. I would love to hear people's view on weather we should keep Tilly as an only cat.

Love Tilly and Tracy xx


Me Big ....... what does that mean, FAT!!

January 26th 2010 9:44 am
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Jolenne, mommys friend came to use our computer today, she had never met me before as normally mommy goes to her house to visit, something about having children and my pawrents have been doing their house up.

Well she came in and there I was, sat lovely purring away looking my best and what did she say ..................... omg isn't she big. What does she mean BIG!!!

Mommy told her to remember that her cat Danni is only a kitten, so I will look big compared to her and that with all my fur I look bigger than what I am.

BIG !!!!

Does she mean FAT !!!

After mommy's friend had gone, I had to sort this issue out, and bothered Mommy until she realised that the BIG comment had hurt my feelings.

But now feeling much better as I have been told that my weight is perfect and yes I am bigger than Danni as I am a four year old cat. Rhea and Pebbles were small compared to me but they were still babies, mommy says I am perfect to her and daddy and that is all that matters.

Right then were are the biscuits no crash diet for me then :o)

Tilly xx


Oops I did it again :o)

January 17th 2010 6:55 am
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I have accidentally caught my mommy again with my nails. This time I have managed to hurt her thumb in two places and quite deep, my daddy has had to wrap my mommys thumb up, so I have been hiding upstairs under the bed as this time I have really hurt her.

I have not been told off, as I have been told that it was not my fault, as i was playing with some ribbons on a stick and mommy got her fingers too close. Daddy says he is going to make mommy a holder so that i do not do it again.

Also I want to wish Pebbles happy 4th Birthday, mommy really wishes that you was here to celebrate it with us. Have a lovely day at RB with Rhea, missing you both like crazy.

Love Tilly xx


Oh My ..... Me Diary Pick of the Day

January 8th 2010 12:32 pm
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OMC i can not believe it :o)

Mommy is so proud of me, and yes I am getting extra cuddles and attention. Although I have to say I have been quite naughty today, and have attacked Mommy with the claws whilst getting carried away with playing.

But thank you everyone for your lovely messages and gifts, I am so pleased:

Gibbs, Cash, Buddie, Mckenna, Mookie, Angel and Ricki - for your lovely message, I loved it.

Titch and family - My new friends - for a snowman, like all the ones in my street.

Toni, Rusty, Eleanore, and Niko - a lovely red heart

Leo, Grace, Casey & Frankie - for a lovely big shrimp

Alfie & family - Some more new Friends - A trophy - oh my thank u.

Sally, Lucy, Charlie and Leo - a big red heart

Casper - A beautiful Star ( checked out Smudge, congratulations on 6 beautiful babies).

Micheal - For my beautiful crown - one of my first friends on Catster.

Jaffa, Lulu and Rustle - A big Sledge - as being from Yorkshire they know what the weather is like at the moment, will give it a go later :o)

Muppet - For a beautiful crown - ps got your xmas card love it, what a beautiful picture of you on it - Hope you had a fantastic christmas and all the best for 2010.

Lola - A beautiful crown from a very beautiful girl and for becoming one of my new friends.

Zack, Enzo and family for my beautiful diamond - and congratulations Enzo on being DDP 09.01.10.

Hottie, Chirpee, Harley, Binky and Scooter for a lovely friends request and becoming my new friends too.

I am so honoured that you have read my diary and just want to say thank you.

Love big cat hugs from Tilly xx


Snow Attack

January 6th 2010 4:22 am
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I am taking revenge on the snow, everytime it touches the patio window, I attack, hide, attack, hide. The trouble is I am inside and the snow is outside so all I am doing really is attacking the glass with my paws.

Mommy keeps laughing at me, as I am then running from window to window patting my paws all over my moms lovely clean windows ( oh well it will keep her busy).

I just can not help watching it, all those little flakes falling to the ground. Mommy says that she has not seen this much snow since she was a little girl, so that must mean that I have never really seen snow.

Can you believe it mommy has pinched, yes pinched some of my cat litter and has placed it over the drive to help my daddy's car grip when he gets home. Has she not heard that there is a cat litter shortage due to people buying cat litter and using it instead of salt. There is going to be serious words if we run out ........... going to check cupboard.............. oh okay I will let you off it looks like we have a stock pile of cat litter.

Right getting board of catching windows, going to go back to my new hiding place, under the double bed in my bedroom, between some plastic storage container, snug as a bug in a rug.

Have a good snowy day and take care all you cats that go out in it.

Love Tilly xx

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