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I'm the Wussy Pussy

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A crazy week

September 29th 2011 11:10 am
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Okay, I know it's been a while since my last entry, but you know my, I lead a boring life. However, I did have a little excitement a couple weeks ago.

Mom and dad went to the cabin for a whole week. During that time a couple different people had to take care of me. Well, let me tell you, I sure am glad grandma doesn't take care of me often. Mom and dad left on Friday afternoon and grandma had Saturday and Sunday duty. Well, Saturday came and went and no grandma. She finally showed up Sunday afternoon, but the worst part of all was that I was stuck in the bedroom! Somehow the bedroom door got closed Friday and with grandma not coming on Saturday like she was suppose to, I was stuck! I didn't freak out though, I just chilled and slept on the bed. Grandma finally showed up and needless to say, I was VERY happy to be out of the bedroom cause I was hungry, thirsty and I had to potty really, really bad!

Ms. Barb took care of me Monday through Friday. This was pretty uneventful except for when Brett stopped by to visit on Thursday. It was nice of him to come up and see me, but he closed my crate door so I couldn't get in there. Guess what that meant? Again, I was stuck without food, water or potty. But fortunately for this time it wasn't even a day cause Ms. Barb came early the next day and opened it right away. I'm telling you, mom and dad really need to make up to Kelsey and get her back to taking care of me. She never had mess ups like that! Fortunately us kitties are adaptable and I was okay. Mom says she really wishes I was better to travel cause she would take me to the mountains with her and to tell you the truth, after that week, I might consider it. Needless to say, I was never happier to see mom when she got home!

So that's all the excitement I've had recently. A few bad storms rolling through here and there, but mom always makes sure to take me downstairs with her so I can't hear them as loud. Plus, I love watching TV on the big screen:)


Sorry so long

September 6th 2011 7:54 am
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Sorry it's been so long since my last entry. Honestly, not a whole lot as been going on around here. Mom and dad go to the cabin and people come check on me. They will be gone for 10 days and mom REALLY wants to take me, but she's afraid I will get too worked up and sick. Guess what? She's right! I don't want to go outside this house and I'm just fine with people checking up on me. I guess this time it'll be grandma, Barb and Brett. Kelsey usually does, but mom said she hasn't been calling her or anything so she's not asking her. Mom seems really upset about Kelsey not talking to her or spending time with her and I can't blame her. But what can I do to help, I'm just a cat.

Oh yeah, we did have a little excitement with the weather. A few weeks ago I was laying on the bed when all of a sudden the entire thing started shaking. I was about freaking out! I didn't know what was going on and I ran to my crate. It lasted about 30 seconds then it was done. Chloe came to check on me, and I was okay, just a little shaken up. When mom came home, she said it was an earthquake. Can you believe that? An earthquake on the east coast! Then, just last weekend we had a hurricane come through our area. I thought for sure our house was going to blow away! I curled in between the pillows on the bed and crossed my paws that the roof would stay on. Fortunately it did and we were okay. I was never more happy to see mom then that night when she came home from the cabin. I curled in her lap and fell asleep and I never lay on her lap, but that night, I was really glad to see her and wanted to be close.

So, other than those two wacky weather events, not much happening here. I hope all my catster pals are okay and making it through all that Mother Nature is throwing at us.



July 22nd 2011 6:05 am
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I just want to let everyone know that Echo is doing much better:) She is back to tormenting me and chasing me all around the house. I never thought I'd be so happy to have her do that!!! Now, onto my "opps" moment. The other night when mom went to bed, I went with her as usual. I usually make my bed in the crock of her arm and I do that kneading thing like us cats do. But this time mom said it felt like I was scratching and not kneading. Sure enough, that's exactly what I was doing. You know why? Cause I pooped on mom! Yes, you heard me right, I pooped on her. Needless to say, she was very upset and I wasn't allowed to sleep in the bedroom that night and had to sleep in my crate. I don't know why I did it, I never poop outside my litter box and mom just had me in my crate for a couple hours before bedtime so I could have gone at anytime, but I decided to just poop on her. Mom said she thinks it may have been to get some attention cause with everything that has been going on, I haven't gotten much attention lately. Our mornings lately were just me sitting in the bathroom while mom got ready, not playing with me like usual cause she had to take care of Echo with her medicine and stuff. And at night, I'd sit on the sofa, but she didn't get home til late cause of being with Echo at the vet so I guess I was just a bit upset about all of that stuff. But I got the hint when mom made me stay in my crate that night so I won't be doing that again!!

I don't think I mentioned it before, but grandma is in the hospital:( She's in one for her mind, not her body. Mom said she's have a difficult time and needed to go talk to someone to get the bad thoughts out of grandma's mind. I sure hope she gets better soon and can come home so she can come see me. I love my grandma and don't want anything to happen to her!!


My Echo is sick, but getting better

July 15th 2011 8:23 am
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Sorry I haven't posted about my doggie Echo. I know most of you are pals with my entire family and have probably seen posts on their pages, but if not, I do apologize for just now telling you about it. Things have just been crazy at our house since Monday. I'll try to give you the condensed version of what happened.

Monday night my pup Echo got violently sick. She was vomiting and couldn't stop. Mom rushed her to the vet. She was there until last night. Mom said that she has hemmoragic gasterotintis which is essentially bacteria in her stomach/intestines. She had to have all kind of IV treatments and medicines and was, very, very sick. Mom was crying a lot and I laid with her to try and comfort her. She was really afraid that we were going to lose her. Boy, I wouldn't want that. Who would I have to torment me? But fortunately, she took a turn for the better and the vet actually said that they wanted her to come home last night because they thought that would help her recovery. She was getting depressed from being in the hospital. Can't say I blame her, I don't like it either!

So she came home last night, but I'm here to tell you, she was not herself. Not once did she try and bother me. She looked at me when she walked by, but that was all. When I laid on the sofa with the family last night, she didn't mess with me once. Now I know she's sick! When I jumped on the bed last night, she's usually always trying to get at me, but not last night. She didn't even lift her head to look at me and didn't bother me all night. Didn't even get off the bed to chase me when I got down. I am really worried cause she has NEVER acted like this. Mom said it's just because she's so tired from everything she went through and because she doesn't have much energy from being sick. Boy, I hope she's right because I want my old Echo back!!

Today dad took Echo back to the vet for IV treatment, but instead they checked her protein and hydration levels and they said it all looked good so they want her to stay at home. I don't think mom was thrilled with this because Echo got sick this morning after one of her medications, which BTW she has 6 different ones to take!! And then she wouldn't eat for mom. But the vet thinks it's the best thing and that she just need lots of rest. But he did say that if she won't eat this afternoon or tonight when mom tries to feed her then she's suppose to call them. Hopefully she eats so mom doesn't have to worry. Heck, so I don't have to worry. I love my dogs and don't want anything to happen to them. I'll try and post over the weekend to let you know how things are going, but if not, just check out Echo or Chloe's page in case mom gets to post there. Thanks to all my pals for your thoughts and prayers.



June 20th 2011 6:24 am
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Remember I told you that dad was complaining that my room was stinky? Well, Friday night mom decided she was going to clean my room. I was in the bedroom while she did everything, but let me tell you, when she let me out and tried to put me in my crate, I had a fit! My crate was now in the living room, in the wide open, next to Echo's. NO WAY! I cried and cried and cried like a banshee. Mom told me it would only be until the carpet dried, then I'd go back in my room. I didn't care, I wanted my crate in MY ROOM!!!! I also didn't like the way my crate smelled... it smelled funny. Mom cleaned everything really good and whatever she used, took all of my scent away. I didn't like that at all so I just laid in my litterbox and continued to cry. After about an hour, mom finally let me back in the bedroom. A while later she said I had to go potty so she put me back in my crate. She now moved my crate back into my room, but not into it's regular spot. I was next to the computer and mom told me again it was only until the carpet dried from what mom used to clean it. I wasn't happy and didn't want to go in, but I did. This time I didn't cry though because at least I was back in my room. It wasn't until Saturday that mom put my crate back in its usual spot. I was happy again:) I sniffed around the room looking for my scent, but it was no where to be found. Mom did a heck of a job cleaning it up, that's for sure. Dad said it smelled much better now, but I didn't think so. Mom said she was sorry, but that had to be done. It was either that or dad was going to move me to the laundry room or worse... out of the house! So I guess I can live with a clean, scent-free room instead of the alternatives.


I got in trouble...

June 15th 2011 11:35 am
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Well I can't say I didn't deserve it because I did, but still, I'm a cat for pete's sake! So what if I potty on the floor instead of the litter box. It's a habit and habits are hard to break. Mom gave me heck cause dad yelled at her that the room stinks and if she doesn't get the stink out, I'm gone... YIKES! I don't want that!! Don't ask why I potty on the floor instead of my box, cause I don't know. Mom cleans it 2x a day and takes really good care of me and loves me up, but I still potty on the floor from time to time. Part of it is cause I get mad when they go away all the time. I don't like when they go so much. Yes, mom would love to take me, but I'd freak out if she did and I know she shouldn't have to stay home because I'm a wussy pussy. Yes, Kelsey comes to see me every day that mom isn't home so I really have no reason to do what I do, but I guess I better stop or mom and dad will be arguing cause I know mom won't give me up for nothing! She wasn't happy with me, that I can tell you:(


I love mornings

May 5th 2011 7:46 am
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The mornings are time for me and mom. Mom puts the dogs outside to potty and I get to hang out with mom in the bathroom while she gets ready for work. She gives me my favorite thing to play with... my twisty:D If she forgets, I meow and remind her because I LOVE playing with that thing. I bat it all over the place in the bathroom and then I carry it out into the hall. When dad is sleeping mom sometimes has to tell me to keep it down because I smack it off the bedroom door and she said it sounds like I'm tearing down the house... MOL:D But I love my mornings because there are no dogs around to bother me and I can just play and have fun without worrying about Echo trying to bully me or take my toy away from me. Thanks mom for giving me the mornings, I love it!!


Scary storm!

April 29th 2011 9:20 am
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Thursday morning we have a VERY scary storm. We were all huddled in the bed together and mom was holding me tight cause she knows I'm really, really afraid of storms. It was right before mom usually gets up for work and let me tell you, I thought the house was going to blow away! It was raining so hard, the wind was blowing, lightening flashing and the thunder cracked so loud that we all jumped! It lasted for about half an hour or so then it finally went away. But not without mom thinking that it was going to turn into a tornado, and I got to tell you, the noise it was making outside and the way the house was shaking and cracking, I believe it! I was even shaking a little bit myself cause I was so nervous. Chloe was panting like crazy and Echo was actually the only one who didn't seem too upset. She is one brave little pooch because she doesn't really seem afraid of anything. Except of mom or dad when they're mad... MOL:D Anyway, the storm passed and all was okay at our place, but there were a lot of places that didn't far too well. I'm hoping none of my pals had a problem and weathered the storms okay.

Looks like I'll be by myself this weekend cause everyone is going to the cabin. Oh well, a little R&R from the pup! I'll let you kow if anything else exciting happens in my life. Have a good one!



April 19th 2011 8:04 am
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Okay, Echo is crazy that's all I'm saying. Last night I'm minding my own business sitting on the sofa while dad is scratching my ears when all of a sudden here comes this crazy nut job of a dog around the corner. She sees me on the sofa with dad and catapaults herself from the corner of the tv stand to the sofa and it bounces me from where I am to the top of the sofa. I felt like I was on a trampoline! That dog just drives me insane!!!! Dad was not happy that she did that and it's times like these I wish I had claws because I would teach her a lesson that's for sure. Why can't she be a nice, mellow dog like my Chloe?


Echo the alien dog?

April 5th 2011 4:33 pm
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Echo has turned into an alien!! She came into the room the other night and she had this really strange thing around her neck. It totally freaked me out!! It looked like a lamp shade. I think the aliens got ahold of her and and put it on her as some kind of tracking device. Mom said it was this special collar that she has to wear because she keeps chewing off her bandage that's on her foot, but I still think the aliens got her and they probably did something to her too. That would explain a lot about how strange she is because she's really different from Chloe that's for sure! She doesn't have it anymore because mom said that she totally destroyed it. I think she destroyed it because she didn't want the aliens to be able to find her anymore. I don't know what it was, but it was really weird and I didn't like it and I'm just glad it's gone!!

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