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I'm the Wussy Pussy

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Chronic Kidney Disease

February 27th 2013 11:52 am
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I had to go to the vet on Monday to get my teeth cleaned and for my annual shots. I also had blood drawn for my senior profile (since I'm 15) and the results are not too good. Mom told me that I have chronic kidney disease:( I lost almost a pound since last year and that's a lot considering I only weigh 5 lbs! Plus, my eyes don't do what they're suppose to when it's bright and then dark and the vet said that's from some retinal thing going on because of my kidney disease. Right now it's not life threatening, but the vet wanted to let mom know. I don't need any other meds, but they are changing my diet to a lower protein that mom is getting from them. This all sounds so scary to me so please say a prayer that nothing happens and I live for a long time. Mom said not to worry that whether I have a year or 10 years, she'll make sure that I am happy:) I guess that's all a kitty can ask. I know I'm glad that mom is taking me to the cabin all the time cause those are the bestest times of my life now! And the vet said that the medicine mom gives me to make me calm won't make my disease worse, but it would be good if I can eventually not take them so I think mom is going to slowly cut the dose back and hopefully get to where I don't need any at all. I think we'll get the eventually. So, that's the latest with me. I wish it was something good to tell, but I guess it could be worse too.


Another weekend in the mountains!

February 25th 2013 6:10 am
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I love the mountains! We went up again this past weekend and I just loved it! No, I didn't do much, but I was in the mountains, had the run of the cabin and was so relaxed:) I don't enjoy the ride up and back and the pill makes me feel funny, but once that wears off I can enjoy the fact of being there. I'm so glad mom and dad had to take me over the holidays or else mom never would have known how much I enjoyed it and I wouldn't be going. Now mom said I can go everytime! I will say though that our trip home wasn't as much fun. Mom didn't give me a pill to see how I would do and I didn't like it much. I only cried a little, but I did potty in my carrier:( Mom said she hopes that I will eventually get use to it so I don't have to keep getting pills cause I can't take them furever.

Today I was back in the car, but not to the cabin this time. Mom took all of us to the vet for our yearly teeth cleaning. This is the only time I go to the vet cause mom has them give me my shots then too. Fortunately I only get one this year. Dad will pick us up and I'll do my best not to cry much cause I know that upsets him when I do.

That's abotu all that's been happening around here. Mom said we won't be going to the cabin again for a while and that makes me sad, but I know we can't go every weekend.


Back to the mountains again:)

February 18th 2013 10:50 am
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Yep, the title tells it all, I got to go back to the mountains! Of course I wasn't happy when mom put me in the carrier cause I wasn't sure where I was going, but once it was longer than the ride to the vet, I had an idea. I wish I could say it was a good ride, but it took longer cause of the traffic and Echo got sick once so we had to stop to get that cleaned up. Anyway, I knew the minute we walked in and mom opened the carrier... I was in the mountains! I was really happy cause I love the mountains:) I hung out on the bed while mom set up all my stuff. Of course she made me go right in the crate to use the litter box. She wasn't even unpacked til I did my business and she let me back out. I was feeling a little loopy from the pill mom gave me, but I still wanted to walk around. I found the dog's water bowl and helped myself to it. They didn't seem to mind. I hung out on the sofa with mom and dad while they watched TV. I wasn't happy just sitting on the regular part of the sofa, I wanted on the top so I hopped on up there. I wanted to clean myself and when I lifted one paw, crash! Yep, I fell off the back of the sofa. Don't worry I was okay, but it scared mom and dad. I guess I was still a little unbalanced from my pill. Echo thought it was funny and came over and nudged me and gave me a little smile. Yes, she actually smiled at me, she tends to do that a lot. But all was okay and I stayed away from the top of the sofa for a while. Later in the evening, some of dads buddies stopped by. They don't bother with me so I didn't mind.

Saturday I didn't do much at all. I was so cozy in the bed where I was with mom during the night that I stayed there until mom finally made me go to the crate to potty. I was a bit hungry too so I chowed down. That was my big excitement for the day.

Sunday we had to head back early cause mom and dad were moving the horses back to their original barn. I knew what was coming when mom got a hold of me and made me open my mouth. In went the pill and shortly after I was back in the carrier. Mom said she's hoping that soon I'll get use to the ride and won't need the pill. I don't know, I kind of like the way it makes me feel :) Anyway, we got home without incident and I just hung out on the bed the rest of the day.

It wasn't an exciting trip cause I just hung out inside, but I was happy to go and hope mom takes me next time too!


Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14th 2013 6:43 am
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Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you get lots of hugs and kisses today. Mom gave me lots already and I'm sure I'll get more when she gets home.

Not much has been happening since my last post. Dad is getting upset cause my room smells and mom keeps covering for me. Guess I better start using the litter box. I was suppose to go to the cabin this weekend, but mom and dad are coming home earlier Sunday cause the horses are finally going back to Theresa's so I'm not sure if I'll be going. Mom said it is a short turnaround and not sure if it's worth it for me to go. But she promises that if I don't go this time, next time for sure!


Going to the mountains!

February 1st 2013 6:32 am
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YEAH!!! Mom told me that in two weeks, if the weather isn't bad, I get to go to the mountains again! I can't wait! I had soooo much fun:) Unfortunately it will only be for the weekend, but it's better than being home by myself. I'll be sure to tell you all about it if I get to go.

Nothing much has been happening around here. Emmie did come to visit, but she didn't bother me at all. I hung out on my usual spot on the bed so she didn't even know I was there. My dogs weren't as lucky. She used them as drums and was beating them on the back. She couldn't really hurt them cause she's little and doesn't have much strength, but I know they were annoyed. Mom said they did good though and didn't get nasty with Emmie at all. Boy am I glad she didn't find me!!


I have to stay home:(

January 25th 2013 10:19 am
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Mom and dad are heading to the cabin this weekend, but I have to stay home:( Mom said the weather is suppose to be bad and it's too cold for me to go this trip. She promises that I can go next month. That really stinks cause I want to go this time. I had so much fun last time and I want to go everytime! But I guess I'll just have to chill at home until they get home and be excited for the next time.

Have a great weekend and be careful and stay warm if you have to be outside.


Once, Twice, Three times diary pick!

January 8th 2013 9:50 am
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I cannot believe it! I have my first big adventure and Catster picked me 3 times as diary pick... THANK YOU!! I guess a lot of people are ready my entries:) I wish I could say that the adventure is continuing, but it has been nothing but BORING since I've been home. The same ole, same ole... crate to bed, bed to crate, crate to bed... Mom did take me downstairs a few times and I sat on top of the chair with her for a while. This is something that mom tried to get me to do before, but I was too afraid. Now that I'm a mountain kitty, it doesn't scare me:) I did do one bad thing the other night. I was in the bedroom and mom was sleeping. I tried to wake her up, but she wouldn't wake up and I really, really had to potty. Since mom didn't wake up, I didn't have a choice, I pottied on the floor:( Unfortunately I picked the worst spot too, in front of dad's closet. He cleaned it up, but I heard him tell mom that if I did it again, I wouldn't be allowed in the bedroom. Mom told him it was her fault cause she's sure I tried to wake her up (and I did) cause I always do. Mom promised that she'll wake up from now on. And she did keep her promise cause I woke her up again last night but this time she got up and let me out to potty:)

My life will probably be pretty boring until my next mountain trip, but if anything exciting happens, I'll be sure to let you know.


Diary pick again!

January 3rd 2013 7:42 am
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I can't believe it. Go to the mountains and have a big adventure and I'm so lucky to be picked not once, but twice for Diary Pick of the Day! Thank you so much Catster! And thank you to all my friends for their congrats. I must say, I enjoy not being a boring old kitty anymore:)

As you all know, my mountain trip went great. So great in fact that I did NOT want to come home. The trip was okay and I slept most of the way from my kitty downer. But when I got home and came out of that, I was not happy. I was in my crate and I was upset so I spilled my water and food all over. Needless to say, mom was not happy. Then I wouldn't stay in the bedroom and wanted to roam around. I hid from mom for a while to. She wasn't real mad though cause she knew I enjoyed have free rein at the cabin, but not allowed at home. Mom said if my scent wasn't in the carpet and that she knew for sure that I would potty in the litterbox, she would plead with dad to let me out. But she's right in not doing that cause I would potty on the floor. Don't ask me why cause I don't know. But mom is now taking my downstairs when they watch TV and I sit on top of her chair. She tried this many times before, but I wouldn't do it. Now that I'm not a wussy pussy anymore, I like being down there.

I can't wait until my next trip to the cabin. Mom said only on long weekends unless I get better at traveling and don't need the pill. She's afraid that giving me the pill 2x in 48-56 hours may be too much for me at my age. I'm gonna do my best to travel better so I can go with them everytime!


Diary Pick!

December 28th 2012 10:11 am
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Mom told me that with all my new adventures that I might make Diary Pick but I didn't believe her. She was right! Thank you so much Catster for picking me as a Diary Pick, it is an honor. Thank you to all my pals who send me congrats and read about my new found fun. I'm loving every minute of this new adventure and will keep you posted. Next big event... mom's friends are coming and bringing thei golden Britt. Don't worry, I won't cower away cause I'm a tough Mountain Kitty!!

BTW, mom doesn't know why my title of "I'm the Wussy Pussy" didn't get replaced by "Mountain Kitty"? She changed it in the Fun Stuff area, but it didn't change on my page. Any help is greatly appreciated.


No longer the wussy pussy

December 27th 2012 1:24 pm
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Did you see my new name? I'm no longer the wussy pussy cause of all my adventures since I've been at the cabin. I'm now "Mountain Kitty":) I am really loving the mountains. I think I told you that I went for a kubota ride the other day. I thought it would be scary, but it wasn't at all. Today I got to go out in the snow with mom. She wouldn't let me down in it cause it is so cold and she doesn't want me getting sick. But if you check out my photo with mom, you can see I'm digging being outside. We got like whole bunch of snow and I got to watch it from the bay window. Mom posted a bunch of pix so check them out. I've been exploring the cabin a lot and really enjoying it. Mom said we are getting company tomorrow and they have a dog. Not looking forward to that much, but I'm not so scared anymore and this is now my territory so no doggies going to take it from me!

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