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I'm the Wussy Pussy

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Sad news about Catster

January 17th 2014 12:22 pm
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Well mom just broke me the news that Catster is closing down in March. I know I might not be the most active poster because I don't do a whole lot, but over the years I enjoyed all the pals I made and especially the past year that I've been going to the mountains, I really enjoyed sharing my adventures with you. But I guess nothing forever so we'll keep posting until the end. We would like to keep in touch with my pals so if anyone would like to exchange emails, mom and I would really like that. We can continue to share pix and stories with each other so send us an email if you'd like to do that after Catster goes away.

I'm heading to the cabin this weekend so I'll be sure to post when I get home and tell you about any adventures I may have had. Have a great weekend everyone!


New bowls!

January 13th 2014 7:55 am
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So the dogs are constantly getting new toys, treats, collars, you name it, they got it! But little ole me, well I usually only get new things for Christmas, but not now. Mom went to visit Emmie this past weekend and came back with brand new bowls for me:) They are so cool too! They are on a little black stand and there are 2 red ceramic bowls with drawings of fish on them. They are really nice and I love them! I almost didn't get them though cause when mom came home I had three piles of poopy on the floor right outside the crate. Mom cannot figure out why I go potty at the cabin no problem, but here are home I potty on the floor. She keeps my box nice and clean and full like I want it, but I still poop on the floor. The vet says it's nothing medically and I just started doing it a few months ago. If anyone has any ideas why I do this please let me know. I have my reasons, but obviously mom can't read my mind or understand cat talk so if any other moms out there have this problem, please let her know. It's only a matter of time before dad sees it and then I'll be banned back to the crate and that is no fun!!


A relaxing time in the mountains

January 7th 2014 6:44 am
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Hello! I hope everyone had a good holiday season. Santa Paws was good to me and brought me a few catnip toys. I'm not much of a toy kinda cat, but I do love my catnip!

We went to the mountains late on Christmas Day and stayed until this past Saturday. I was sooooo happy to be there! I did a whole lotta nothing and loved it! Mom loved the fact that I would always lay with her on the loveseat, but not so happy after they rearranged the furniture and put the loveseat back in front of the window. See mom thought it was her I was wanting to lay with, when in fact I wanted to be on the loveseat and she just happened to be on it. After they moved it, I went back to laying on it and wouldn't lay with her on the chair. Sorry mom!

Poppy Waple is doing well. He came home from the hospital on Christmas Even and recovery nicely. Unfortunately our friend Velma in the mountains is not doing well. She fell twice while we were there and had to go to the ER on Friday and is still in the hospital. Please say a prayer that she gets better and comes home soon.

On a sad note, a fur member of the family will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge today. Linda, Keith, Matt and Lauren will be saying goodbye to their golden retriever Molly today so please keep them in our thoughts during this difficult time. I never met Molly, but I know how sad I would be if I lost one of my doggies so I can only imagine how they feel. RIP sweet Molly girl.


Peace at last!

December 23rd 2013 6:55 am
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Emilie went home yesterday morning and we have peace at last! After Emilie left mom crawled back in bed and us animals all joined her and slept for a couple of hours and that felt good! Having a 2yr old running around for a week is exhausting, especially since I am not a kid kinda kitty. She was very good with me and didn't pull my ears or tail, but it was just so chaotic in the house with her there and forget any kind of routine we had going on with mom for the week. I missed my time in the mornings with mom and poor mom was so tired at night that she would fall into bed and be asleep even before I could get in my spot on her shoulder and have her hold my paw. But last night things were back to normal and mom and I fell asleep, my paw in her hand and it was so nice:) Now I'm gearing up for our trip to the mountains. Can you believe it's been a year that I've been going? I know that year flew by and I'm looking forward to many more years in the mountains cause I love it! Anyway, we're going up Christmas Day in the afternoon and staying for a while so that will be really nice, especially after this past week.

I also want to let everyone know that Poppy Waple is doing well and should be coming home today so he'll be home for Christmas:)

Well, I'm gonna curl up in bed and take a nap in this nice quiet house:)


Emilie is here

December 16th 2013 7:29 am
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Emilie is here to visit for a week while her mom and dad are away and I gotta tell you, I'm back to being the "Wussy Pussy". I am NOT a little kid person! They make me VERY nervous cause you just never know what they will do and they are not very gentle either. So far I've been staying in hiding, but Emilie did see me on the bed twice and mom was very good about making her be gentle with me. I am still lucky cause Emilie is too small to get up on the bed by herself so that's one of my safe zones. But my routine is all discombobulated this week so I'll just have to deal with it. I did miss hanging with mom in the bathroom this morning, but what can you do when you're invaded by a 2-yr old?


Cozy weekend in the mountains

December 9th 2013 10:13 am
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I had a nice cozy weekend in the mountains with my family. It was a rough ride up because of the rain, wind, fog and it was dark, but once we got there, all was good.

I made mom very happy cause I slept on her lap a lot. She took some pix of me and she put one on my page. It's not the best cause she used her iPad, but you get the idea. There's also one of me stealing a drink from Echo's bowl. Echo hates when I do that, but she doesn't bother me until after I'm done. Guess she doesn't want to take a chance of making mom mad. I'm glad for that! Anyway, I stayed inside nice and warm with mom and we watched TV and just relaxed.

I wasn't happy about coming home yesterday, especially since it was earlier than normal, but it started snowing and mom wanted us home before it got back and fortunately we made it. Mom made me lay on her lap and I wasn't none to happy about that. Don't ask why I'll lay with her in the mountains, but not at home cause I don't know. Both mom and dad said I have a split personality cause I'm a totally different cat at home then in the mountains. Just call me the feline version of Jekyll and Hyde:)


Finally, we went to the mountains!

December 2nd 2013 9:15 am
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Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone and thank you for all of the gifts my pals sent me:) Now onto what I've been up to.

It took a month, but we finally made our way back to the mountains and I was sooo happy about that! We headed up on Thanksgiving after dinner. Us animals rode with mom and dad came up a little while later. I knew where we were going and mom said I was excellent on the ride. Of course I was cause I knew where we were going and I was happy:D

Of course I don't do a whole lot except hang out, but it is always nice to lay on the sofa with mom and dad while they watch TV and curl up on mom in bed. But I do that at home so that's nothing too different.

Friday I did something I never do, I curl up on mom's lap and took a nap while she watched TV. She loved that I did that so I'll have to do it more often.

Saturday I did help mom decorate the front window. Well, okay I didn't really help, but I hopped up on the window after she was done to be sure it looked good and it did.

We had to some home Sunday and I wasn't happy about that, but I know it's only a little longer and we'll at the mountains permanently so I just have to be patient and enjoy the time I have there until then.

Well, off to take my nap now. Good luck to dad and all the hunters out there. Hope you get a big one!

P.S. Please say a prayer for Poppy Waple, he's having heart surgery on Thursday.



October 28th 2013 6:47 am
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I'm so excited cause I got picked as a DDP...YEE HAW! Thank you Catster, it is such an honor. I can't believe how much my life has changed in the past year. To think I was the scardy little kitty who didn't even want to look out a window, now I'm a die hard mountain kitty who loves being in the mountains and being outside with my family around the campfire. No I don't like the ride to and from the cabin, but other than that, I just enjoy my time there. I guess Caster sees that I have more adventures and I again, I am thankful for the honor of DDP:)

Now, onto my latest adventure. This past weekend we went to the mountains with Grandma and Aunt Lois. It wasn't a bad ride up and when we got there, our friend Pat from North Carolina was there. It was nice to see him cause I never met him before, but heard lots about him. Daddy arrived a few hours later so we had a cabin full with 5 people, 2 dogs and me! Even though it was crowded, it didn't stop me from roaming around and sleeping with mom at night. Although, it was a bit crowded cause it's only a queen bed at the mountains and we have a king at home. Usually mom and us animals will sleep in the double and dad in the queen at the cabin, but with so many people, mom and dad couldn't have their usual sleeping arrangements so it was tight and I had to sleep "ON" mom. God love her for trying not to move and disturb me. I did have a really good time and only went out for a few minutes Saturday evening though cause it was really cold and windy and mom didn't want me to get sick. I didn't mind though cause I know when it gets colder I don't go out much.

Now I'm back home in my old routine until our next trip which I don't believe is for a few weeks cause of all the stuff going on at home. I'll be sure to tell you about any adventures I may have and thanks again Catster for my DDP honor!


Chilly weekend

October 21st 2013 6:37 am
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Mom and dad took all us animals to the cabin this past weekend and Brett and his new girlfriend Asia came Friday and left Saturday. I really like Asia, she is very nice! Anyway, it was good to be back at the cabin and mom said I get to to 2 weekends in a row, yipee! But then unfortunately I think it will be a while before we go again so I better enjoy my time there now and this past weekend that is exactly what I did.

It was a nice evening, even if it was a little chilly. Mom put me inside her sweatshirt for a while, but I wanted to walk around and stalk the bugs so she finally let me down. It didn't take me long to want in the house though cause it was so chilly that there weren't many bugs to chase and I only weigh like 5 lbs. so I don't have much fat to keep me warm. Fortunately everyone came inside shortly after I did so I got to hang with them and watch TV for a while before bed.

Saturday was a very rainy, dreary day. We pretty much hung out in the cabin watching TV and napping. Mom and dad did move in a new gun cabinet and guess what else? Mom took down my crate! At first I wasn't too keen on that cause I have had a crate since I was like 3 years old (and I'm 15 now) so it was kind of strange for me. But once I realized all my stuff was still there and no one bothered it, I was loving the freedom! Mom was proud of me for using the potty without being in a crate. She said she wishes I could do that at home, but she's afraid the dogs would get in my box and food when they are at work, plus she's not certain that I wouldn't potty on the floor since I have in the past. At least I have my freedom at the cabin!

So that's my weekend. This weekend mom said it will be crowded at the cabin cause grandma and Aunt Lois are going, but our friend Pat from North Carolina will be there too. That's okay, the more the merrier:)


Nice weekend away

October 7th 2013 8:59 am
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I was very happy cause we went to the cabin this past weekend. It was just a beautiful weekend and we had all the windows opened so I got plenty of fresh air.

Friday was a little hectic because they got rid of the sofa and moved furniture all around. Personally I like it better now cause there is no room on the loveseat for the dogs, but plenty of room for me:) There's also more open space so things aren't as crowded which I like too.

Saturday I hid under the bed most of the day cause mom and dad were outside power washing the cabin and let me tell you, it sounded like a hurricane on the inside! But when they were finished, I came out and hung out with them on the loveseat. Later on when mom let the dogs out to potty, she took me out because there were 2 toads on the patio. I don't know what mom thought I'd do, but I didn't want any part of them and just wanted back inside. Yes, I like being out at night, but only when there is a fire and I can chase insects. Toads, well I'm not much into them.

We came home on Sunday and mom said that was the best I ever did in the care cause I didn't make a peep. Guess the meds worked really good this time. I wasn't happy about being back home, but I know that one day we'll eventually live in the mountains and I'll be furever the mountain kitty!

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