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I'm the Wussy Pussy

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Mom's worried

September 22nd 2010 8:11 am
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Can someone please help my mom from worrying? She is worried cause she can feel a little bit of boney in my back. You know how when kitties get older, we lose a little bit of that mass from when we are younger? Well, that's starting to happen to me. I had my thyroid test and all is well. And now she's use to carrying around an 18 lb. pup and when she picks up little old 6 lb me she thinks something is wrong cause I'm so light and cause of my little bit of mass loss. I'm fine! I'm eating normal. Drinking normal. Going potty normal. I'm normal! Mom even talked to the vet and he isn't concerned, but mom is driving me crazy worrying and she won't give me a moment of peace. Yes, I'm a little stressed right now with the new pup, but it's nothing to worry about. When the pup bothers me, I just hop on the bed and she can't get me. Mom still brings on me the sofa with them at night and she lets me sleep with her in bed as usual so nothing has changed. So please, tell my mom I'm okay!

A big shoutout THANK YOU to my fur pal Smudge's mom for the great Fall page she did for me:)


It's arrived!

September 21st 2010 9:26 am
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Well, the rumor came true and I was right... it's a pup and it's name is Echo. It's an aussie like my dog Chloe. She's 10 weeks old and I have to admit, she's a cute little thing and you know what? She really hasn't bothered me much. Mom is real careful to be sure she doesn't come in my room and she wasn't home much over the weekend since they went to the cabin. Echo really didn't discover me until last night. I was sitting on top of the sofa while the family was watching TV when Echo spotted me. She just looked at me and tried to jump up for a closer look. Mom wouldn't let her though. I was surprised that she didn't bark at me. That made me feel better cause I don't think she will try and eat me. Not like the last dog that was here. That one, she definitely wanted to eat me! But Echo, she seems kind of nice, A LOT of energy, but nice. I'm going to keep my distance until she gets some of that bounciness out of her. Heck, if she bounces on me, she'll crush me cause I'm just a frail thing now that I'm getting older. That only part that stinks is the mornings. Now that the pup is here, her and Chloe hang out in the bathroom with mom and that's what I use to do. Mom tries to get me to come in with her, but there is NO WAY I'm going in there with the pup. I understand that mom can't close the door and keep the pup out cause she needs to keep an eye on her and I also understand that she doesn't want to lock the pup in it's crate since she's in there at night and during the day while she's at work, but still, it stinks that I miss my morning time with mom. Hopefully she calms down soon so we all can share the bathroom with mom. I'm sure she'll just love that:)


I heard a horrible rumor!!!

September 14th 2010 11:37 am
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So the other night I was sitting on the sofa with mom and dad and Chloe and I hear the most horrible rumor... I heard them tell Chloe she was getting a sister! I know it just has to be a rumor because I know they would NEVER bring another dog in the house... would they? Please, say it ain't so!! My Chloe is the only dog I want here and didn't we try this before? That last one, what was her name... Addison... she tried to eat me! Oh no, not again! I heard them say it is a puppy... great! She'll be thinking I'm her toy and chasing me all around the house. What is a cat suppose to do to be the dominator around here? Doesn't my mom know that I only tolerate Chloe because I don't have a choice? My being nice to Chloe isn't a green light to bring more of the canine species into the house. Oh my whiskers, what to do, what to do! I'm just hoping it is just a rumor and that maybe I was dreaming or something. I'll let you all know what happens cause rumor has it that the new pup arrives on Friday. But I thought mom said they were going to the mountains this weekend? They better not EVEN think about leaving that thing at home with me while they're gone... NO WAY, NO HOW! But I know mom and she takes Chloe everywhere so I'm sure if there is a pup coming, that pup is sure in the heck going with them and I say good riddens! Sorry pals, but I'm like a'freakin out right now! You know me, I'm the wussy pussy and something like this is just making me crazy. But then again, if it IS a pup, then I can whip it into shape from the beginning just like I did Chloe and make it my doggie slave... MOL:)


Day after

August 20th 2010 12:50 pm
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It is the day after my birthday and I must say, I don't feel any different. Mom gave me some catnip when she got home last night, but she didn't get home until later in the evening. Poor mom never sat down until like 1030pm, but she still spent time with me. Dad let me sleep on the bed way before that though and he did wish me a happy birthday which was a surprise cause I didn't think he remembered. The most important thing that happened on my birthday was that the vet gave me good news... my thyroid is right in the middle of the band which is purrfect! Both mom and I were very happy about that:D This weekend will be a quiet one for me cause my family is going to the mountains again. My is having a memorial for her dad and burying his ashes. It's been a year since he passed away. I can't believe it has been that long. It seems not long ago mom was curl up crying and I was curled up beside her trying to make her feel better. I still curl up beside her, but at least she's not crying anymore. Well, I gotta run and use the little kitty's room. I hope everyone has a good weekend and I'll talk to you all next week!


I'm getting old...

August 19th 2010 5:05 am
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Today is my birthday and boy am I getting old... I'm 12 today! Mom said it's so hard at birthdays and Christmas for me because I don' like treats and I don't play with toys so she never knows how to make them special. One thing she does know I like is my cat nip and she said tonight when she gets home, I'll get plenty of it! She doesn't like giving it to me when no one is home because she's afraid I'll become a tiger and tear up the house... MOL:D So for today, I'll just be snoozing with my doggie Chloe and relaxing til mom gets home.

Last night wasn't a good night. I had to go to the vet and I HATE the vet! It's not that I hate the vet as a person, I just hate the idea of the vet. Or anytime I have to leave the house for that matter. I cried the whole way down and the entire time I was there. I didn't have to stay long which was nice. I just had to get blood taken from my neck for my thyroid test. Mom said they'll call her today with the results. It sure would be a good birthday present to find out that everything is okay. Dad thought it was funny how quite I was on the way home. That's because I know once we're back in the car I'm on my way back home so there's no reason to cry. I was very happy to be home and my Chloe was just as happy to see me too!

Well, I'm going to go and curl up for a cat nap:)


Diary Pick!

August 17th 2010 6:44 am
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Wow, I can't believe I was chosen as Diary Pick of the Day!! I don't lead that exciting of a life and to be chosen is such an honor... thank you Catster! Thank you to all my pals for all your congrats. It really makes me feel good to know that I'm still noticed from time to time, specially being a wussy pussy and all... MOL:D I'll try and give you more adventures to read about, even if it's only about stalking the houseplants! Thanks again:)



August 16th 2010 7:36 am
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Yesterday mom thought it would be a good idea to take me outside to get some fresh air. Well, you know how I feel about that! As soon as she started walking toward that door, I knew what was coming. I started meowing like crazy. Mom kept telling me it was alright and that I needed to calm down, but I wouldn't listen. She took me up near the pool and Megan and Chloe were swimming. I didn't think my mom would make me go in the pool, but sometimes you just never know with these humans. But I was relieved when she sat in the chair on the deck by the pool instead. Mom held me and pet me to calm me down and I have to admit, it worked. I only cried for a little, but then I was getting interested in everything going on around me. The birds were flying around. Megan and Chloe were playing. Chloe came over to me a couple of times to let me know everything was okay and I didn't need to be afraid. I saw some butterflies and bees buzzing around. I have to admit, it was pretty cool and mom was being sure nothing would hurt me. I still let out a little cry every now and then just so mom knew I wasn't thrilled and get any bright ideas about doing anything more with me then letting me sit on her lap. I stayed out there with her for about 30 minutes but then I started panting because I was nervous and mom didn't want me getting so upset that I got sick so she put me down and I followed her to the door to go back in the house. So that was my little adventure outside. It was nice to go outside for a change, I just wish I wasn't such a wussy pussy so I wasn't afraid of everything and could actually enjoy it.


Play time

July 29th 2010 6:55 am
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The other day I played with mom. Yeah, I know, that's rare for me. Poor mom, she had out about a dozen toys trying to play with me and I started to feel bad because I wasn't playing with her so I finally gave in. She had this one toy that had these long, stringy things on it that was kind of cool so that was the one I chose to bat around and play with. She threw it around the bed and all over my head and around my body. I have to admit, it was kind of fun:) I know mom would play with me a lot more if I showed interest in playing, but me, I just like to lay around and be pet from time to time. My idea of playing is biting and kicking, but mom and dad, they don't find that "fun" so we don't play that way much. Mom will play that way with me from time to time, but dad, no way! He gets mad and won't even pet me when I try to do that. Guess he just doesn't understand me... men! Anyway, it was fun to play a bit with mom, especially since they'll be gone for a few days. Yep, they're headed back to the mountains and I'll be here all by my lonesome again, but I really don't mind. Of course, Kelsey will come to visit and take care of me and I'll be snoozing. The good thing is, no storms in the forecast and, when mom gets back, I get even more attention than usual:)



July 7th 2010 6:02 am
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Well, I know it's summertime. You know why? Because my family is gone all the time. Every weekend I'm by myself:( They leave Friday after work and don't come home until later on Sunday. I know mom would take me with her if I wasn't such a wussy pussy, but if she took me with her, I would pee on her before they got out of the development and I would probably have a heart attack before we got to where we were going so believe me, it's better that they leave me at home. Mom always makes sure that someone comes to check on me and clean my litter box though. And really, they're only gone for like 48 hours so it's not that bad. Last weekend was a little scary though because it was the 4th of July and I could hear the fireworks going off all over the place and it kind of scared me, but I got over it. I was happy when mom got home though:)

Hey, check out my new summer page. It's is pawsome! My friend Smudge's mom does it for me and it's always so cool!! Thanks Smudge's mom!!!!

Well, I gotta run and take a nap. You know us cats, always wanting a cat nap... LOL :D


Hello all!

June 2nd 2010 8:51 am
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I know, I know, it's been about furever since I've written, but a lot has been going on in my household so I apologize. I'll try to bring everyone update to date with the Reader's Digest version.

On April 7th my Brett was in a serious industrial accident at work. He was in the hospital for 12 days and had 5 surgeries in 9 days. He got to come home for a few weeks, but went back to the hospital last Friday (5/28) and they amputated his 2nd and 3rd toe and 1/2 of his big toe on his right foot:( They also took out a large portion of skin from the bridge of his foot and he may have to have a skin graph in a few weeks, but hopefully not. He was released on Sunday (5/30) which was his 21st birthday so needless to say, he wasn't much in the celebrating mood... poor Brett.

Mom and dad were gone for a week in early May after they knew Brett would be okay for a little. They had a 50th wedding anniversary trip planned for dad's mom and dad and they took them to California along with Matt, Lauren, Linda and Keith. The visited my Ali while they were out there. So I was by myself for a week. Kelsey and Barb came by and checked on me everyday. I did get a little lonely and I was VERY happy when my family came home! My Chloe stayed with Brett for a few days, then she went to stay at Tanner's then came home the day mom and dad came home. I was happy to see her believe it or not.

When they got back, my dad had knee replacement surgery on his right knee a couple days later and was in the hospital for a fews days so I didn't see him or mom much. Mom spent a lot of time at the hospital with dad.

Now dad is home all the time and mom is working and doing all the work inside and outside in the yard so I still don't see her much. I can tell it is wearing mom down so when I do get to spend time with her, I cuddle with her and purr a lot because I know that makes her feel good:)

So that is my exicing life... NOT! Mom said once our pool is open she's making me get on the raft for a summer picture so when our friend changes our page for the summer we have a new pictures. I told her... I DON'T THINK SO!!! But if that happens, that will be something VERY exciting and I'm sure I'll have much to write about then.

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day and try to stay cool during these hot days. Meow at you later:)

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