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Colette's Diary

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Almost Seven Days.

March 22nd 2011 10:07 pm
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We’re all trying to adjust. Samsara just put up her diary entry about being alpha kitty--that’s right. She is the old furt after all and she was here before me. She’s kind of cute too. I like her well enough, so I let her.

Mom tries to treat us both equal anyway. She calls me and asks me to participate in what she’s doing. I always greet her in the kitchen or the bathroom first thing in the morning and she always greets me back with “Good morning, Miss Colette. How’s my pretty girl?” See I get respect! I don’t like laps anyway and the doctor says I can’t have the other food. The new canned w/d isn’t bad and it sure is a change from all that chicken stuff anyway.

Mom’s wrapping me up in a towel when she gives me my medicine and sometimes it’s kind of comforting. I get lots of kisses and hugs after, and that’s always good. I’m not completely impossible—I also don’t want to go where Kesh went.

It was a lot of fun playing with that belt last night. I hope we keep doing that.

Don’t tell anybody: Samsara is doing me a favor getting those brushies. I’m not used to them anymore. Mom started prioritizing what had to be done when Kesh, Samsara and I got sick, and there were quite a few days that she forgot about them. She and I had a bad time of it two days before Kesh died. She found a mat on my back just below my tail. It was a really bad one and I was afraid to let her take care of it. We got into an argument and I put a couple of holes just above her wrist. Serves her right—she should’ve left me alone. You know what she did??? (Good thing I have so much floof you can’t see it.) She waited till I was eating my supper and she snuck up on me with a pair of scissors. I start getting really cranky about those brushies after a few minutes. We both have to get used to doing them again.

Samsara is also right about my launching into RKN mode that terrible day, last Wednesday. Geeze, I might not have liked Marrakech all that much, but it was just awful seeing her so sick. And it was Cat-awful watching Mom and Samsara suffering over it. Mom looked so bad when she came home. I needed to go right over and take care of her. She takes care of me and she loves me, right? Well, I love her back.

We’re all trying to get used to things. When Marrakech was here and she wasn’t in the kennel cab I used to like sitting in there. Come to think of it, I haven’t been in there in over a week. And, you know what else? The only time I’ve ever been on the pillow in the wicker chair where the girls slept was the afternoon Mom put me there for our Valentine’s Day pictures. That seems like it was years ago.

Mom had her voice lesson and class yesterday evening—it’s been the first time in a week that she started singing. You could see that it really cost her to do it, but she made it. It’s still too quiet in the house. At least she isn’t going over to the bookshelf where she put Kesh’s picture so much anymore and she’s slowing down on replaying the video clips on her page.



And We Thought We Had It Pretty Bad Over Here!

March 11th 2011 10:59 am
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A lesson in life: there will always be someone, somewhere who is worse off than you are, and no matter how bad it gets, there’s always something to be thankful for.

We just caught up with the news this morning about the incredible earthquake and tsunamis that have hit Japan’s coastal area. By now you’ve heard that they have wreaked havoc on parts of Tokyo and devastated much of its surrounding area. The news footage is unreal—it looks like something out of a science fiction horror movie.

Our friend Harvey and his furmily live in Tokyo. We just sent them a p-mail and left a candle on Harvey’s page.

Of course we don’t expect a return message any time soon, but we are purraying for their safety and for the safety of their loved ones. Our hearts go out to all the victims of this terrible disaster.

Colette, Marakech, Samsara, Misha & Mom


Update on Effurybody (Including Mom)

March 9th 2011 11:06 pm
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The vet lady put me on an extra Tylan pill over the weekend and reduced my prednisolone to once a day for the next few days. My poop looked a bit better this afternoon, and, true to form, it was spirited out of the litter box and Mom disappeared from the house. (She’s been bringing lots of prezzies to the vet lady. One of them even settled into the snack baggie [Snack baggie! Yuck!] in the shape of a heart!) I’ve never seen my litter box look so clean! Wow!

I got even with Mom this afternoon. She came back grousing about how stinky they are. That last one was in a sealed baggie in a tied plastic bag, but a bit of my eau de parfum still managed to escape in the bus. Mom says it was too funny—she and the woman sitting next to her both sniffing the air with ewww! written all over their faces—both trying not to acknowledge smelling anything.

Mom forgot about my wet food yesterday and can you believe she had to go back to vet lady today! They took away my commercial limited-ingredient food and now they’re giving me only Prescription Diet w/d (intestinal formula). (No great loss for the Natural Balance canned, but whaddya mean no more California Natural kibble! ) But, you know what? That canned stuff tasted great tonight! I sat there looking cute and needy and she gave me seconds.

Okay, so I’m feeling a bit better. My butt feels good without the poop jewels. I’m sleeping and sneezing less, and I’m coming around looking for love again, rubbing against Mom’s legs and giving her lots of gummy kisses.

Waiting for the bus in the cold didn’t sit well with poor Marrakech. She’s coughing now, and Mom probably has to go back to the vet lady tomorrow for more antibiotics. (Let’s see: Saturday: Colette date with the vet, Tuesday: Marrakech and Samsara date with the vet, Wednesday: Mom date with the vet, Thursday: Mom date with the vet. Maybe they should move her bed there.) Some good news, though: Keshy’s cyst is gone and there’s barely even a mark on the skin to show where it was! Was Mom ever surprised!

Samsara is still snurfling and sneezing and honking up a storm. The poor thing just looks miserable. I wish she’d stop sharing my food with me; thank you furry much, I may have given it to her but I don’t want it back!

Effurrybody is running from Mom, the self-righteous furr torturer. She shoves the pill in and the second we open our mouths to complain the water-chaser goes shooting in and down it goes. In all fairness, though, she says she could think of a million things she’d rather be doing. You gotta hear this one!

Prednisolone (liquid) –every 12 hours
Clavamox (liquid) - every 12 hours (just finished one month-long course, probably back on tomorrow)
Inhalers: Flovent – 2 puffs every 12 hours
Proair – 2 puffs every 12 hours

Prednisolone (liquid)–every 24 hours (just tapered down from every 12 hours)
Tylan (capsule) –every 8 hours (3 times a day)

Clavamox (tablet) –every 12 hours
Terbutaline (1/4 tablet) – every 12 hours
L-Lysine Gel Supplement – ¼ teaspoon –every 12 hours (Yeah, good luck—to watch this going on you would think she was being tortured. “Come on, love, just lick the spoon so I don’t have to keep smearing this stuff on your nose.” Pullease!)

Mom was embarrassed. She had to tell the vet she couldn’t swear she got 3 Tylan pills into me on Sunday and Monday. (I’ll never tell, but I think my poops did. The vet was so not happy with her.) I got a bath Sunday and took a swing at her for trying to towel-dry me. I get so upset right after a bath that I get into the litter box sopping wet and have another bout of diarrhea. She didn’t want to upset me more and probably forgot.

Mom’s now using an erasable message board, putting the time and date next to each dose. She’s exhausted and her shoulder hurts from carrying the girls. (The two of them weigh just under 15 pounds, but that’s a bit more than 15 percent of her body-weight.)

We haven’t had time to respond to your kind comments and all the compliments on our new pictures, but we are reading and savoring each one of them. Thank you all so much. Hopefully, we’ll have better news soon.



The Great Litter Box Caper

March 5th 2011 1:09 pm
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What’s up here? She’s hovering. Practically standing there poop scoop at the ready.

Furs, do you know what it feels like? Girl goes into the litter box and out of nowhere, there’s this face peering over and under you. Is she done yet? Is she done yet?

It was still hot and steamy when she took the last one. Snack bags? Label, date? Fridge?

Is she selling ‘em? I didn’t see a ‘best before’ date go on the bag.

Then she took that bag out of the fridge, took it with her and disappeared for a couple of hours. She didn’t have the bag when she came home, but she made me take another one of those stupid Tylan pills. At the rate she’s going that’s gonna’ make 3 pills a day!

Uh ohh! Did she see that vet lady again?



I’b Back!

March 3rd 2011 11:57 am
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Before we go into any explanations, I want to get one thing straight: I do not find wearing our neighbor’s poodle’s hand-be-down doggie sweater appealing, fashionable, or sexy.

So, before you start cooing ‘oh, she’s sooo cute!’ Please bind your banners and keep your cobbets to yourself. It’s 23 degrees in New York today and since we take the bus, Bob insisted I wear it. I was so stunned at first, I didn’t know what hit be. I even let her put by hind legs in the loops. I gave her a hard tibe before we went hobe so she only got by front legs in. I didn’t give her tibe to pull it off be, so she grabbed the cabera instead.

And then she had to post that picture of be sunbathing in front of that box yesterday afternoon. What was that about?

Okay, we’re going to have to keep the rest quick. The vet thought Bob was exaggerating about the color of the poo at first. She brought out a sabple to show of what poo looked like where a kitty really did have intestinal bleeding. We already knew that the one Bob stole frob the litter box yesterday afternoon looked better. We didn’t have an earlier one to show since Bob cleaned the litter boxes on Tuesday evening and threw theb all away. (She thought the color was caused by the bedicine.) The vet had to take Bob’s word that by poop looked albost as dark as the one the vet showed us. So why are we telling you this?

Because it’s a good sign! The vet was very happy about that, because it beans that the bedicines I’b on are working and I’b healing for now. Another piece of good news is that I weighed in at 11 pounds. I’ve never been 11 pounds before. If you go to by photobook and look at the picture called study in beige, you’ll see how thin I was over the subber. That picture was taken just after by hyperthyroid treatbent. I weighed only 7 pounds at the tibe. Bob was recently poking at be through by floofs trying to figure out if Iwas getting chubby. (At least the doggy sweater picture proves that it’s all floof.)

The vet gave Bob bore of the Tylan, and I’b still going to have to take the pred twice a day for the next three days, then Bob is supposed to cut it back to every other day.

During this tibe we’re going to be thinking about whether or not to go ahead with the tests.


P.S. We do have new pictures. It’s just a question of the finding the tibe to post theb.



March 2nd 2011 8:18 pm
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Choo…. Choo, Choo.. Chooo…




I’b a bit better today. Bob is still laughing at be. She says that she knows whenever I walk into the roob. She doesn’t need to see be cub in. But I got to laugh at her too. There was one tibe today, when Bob was having trouble with her allergies, that we were both sdeezing together.


I’b going to the vet toborrow borning. Bob talked to her today and found out that the bedicine isn’t what’s causing by dark-colored poop. The vet says that’s usually an indication of intestinal bleeding. So we’re bringing a sabbple of it with us. The poop is better though and by floofs look pretty clean.

The vet also cut back on by dose of the cherry yuckies because of the sdeezing. Good; then I won’t have to wear so buch of it. It’s really sticky, you know.

Wish us luck toborrow. We’re bringing all sorts of questions to the vet about trying sub of the things that sub of you suggested. Thanks.



Ahhh Chooo. Ahhhh Choo.

February 28th 2011 1:00 pm
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I’b feelig a bit better, but Bob keeps torturig be wif dat dard bedicid.

Good; she’s coblaidig dat her hadd looks like a pid cushiod. She used a taow today, but I’b widdig dis fight; I keep lettig duh cherry yuckies rud out of by bouth. (So dow she’s washig my frodt edd ad dot by back edd.)

Dare’s a lot less blood ib by poo ad it’s stardig to look like ropes agaid. It’s dis fuddy dark color, dough.
Dow if I culd odely stop sneezig life would be good. Chooo!

(Colette, you know that your rhinotracheitis kicks in if we don’t taper off the cherry yuckies slowly. The doctor wants you on them for a while so you really do have to take them!)



Questions and Questions (No Answers)

February 27th 2011 1:50 am
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I started to answer some questions in the comments section of my last diary entry and realized that it might be better done in a new entry.

Okay. The vet Mom takes me to (right now) is our general practice vet that has been with all us furs for almost 25 years. I’ve seen this vet several times over the past two years since Mom adopted me, and she was the one who caught my feline hyperthyroidism. The iodine-radiation treatment I got for that was at New York Veterinary Specialists. The treatment and whatever tests that were still needed prior to the treatment were performed in that state-of-the-art facility. These are actually some of same doctors that treated BK and Teddy McLovin’.

Ever since Mom got me there’s been a constant dialogue between Mom and the vet about food and treatment options. We haven’t necessarily talked about everything, because how much complaining can you really do? Mom was so happy after my hyperthyroid treatment when I stopped itching myself bald and bleeding in places and I finally made my first rope poop (rather than loose plops). I stabilized with rope poops and we’ve been trying to find (unsuccessfully) better alternatives to the food I’ve been getting. With every replacement we tried to slowly introduce I ended up with a blood in my poop. I stabilized on a combination of Prescription Diet w/d and California Natural kibble and Natural Balance canned Chicken/Liver and Turkey Giblet. Lately, for no real reason, it started to get bad again.

While I have a mile-long list of things I tested allergic to, I never tested allergy-positive for tuna fish. We tried that again after my iodine-radiation treatment, because I love it so much. It was a disaster. We also figured out that we can’t do Natural Balance Venison and Pea or Evo 95% Venison—they both have trace amounts of fish oil in them. Weruva (Grain Free) Chicken made a mess and so did Blue Buffalo’s Chicken product. (I’m also highly allergic to beef, duck, rabbit and lamb.)

When I started giving Mom a hard time about eating my wet food, we tried putting Wellness “deVour” into the food. There was nothing in it that showed up as an allergen for me--it was a disaster. We moved to crumbling Stella & Chewey’s kitty chicken treats into the food. Same deal. Likewise, Stella & Chewey’s raw chicken patties. What the three have in common is cranberries—which is supposed to be a wonderful digestive. That’s when we tried Stella & Chewey’s raw chicken doggie treats—they have only chicken bone meal and freeze dried chicken. No go. The only treats that didn’t make a mess is Wellness Chicken or Turkey—they’re hard to get where we live and Mom decided that we really can’t afford them on a constant basis right now.

(Just one aside—we’ve recommended some of these products to other kitties when they didn’t want to eat. They are wonderful products. I’m the world’s pickiest eater and I loved them! Samsara’s getting them now (no fair!) when she doesn’t want to eat the wet food that Mom gives her once a day with her asthma pill mixed in. Samsara looks forward to the evenings when she gets these treats. And, believe me, she’s living high on the hog when she gets them!)

P.S. I also tested positive for allergies to Brewer’s yeast, which rules out 99.9% of the kibble products on the market. It also rules out Pill Pockets.

Mom is beginning to think that it may not be the food I’m getting right now at all, that it’s my condition deteriorating. And she’s beginning to realize that my giving her a hard time with eating the wet food usually starts a couple of weeks before my poops start getting worse. The one positive side-effect of the prednisolone (cherry yuckies) I’m getting now is that I’ve started eating like a horse. Maybe that’s why I got the horse pills? Mom has always said that I drink like a fish. Marrakech and I practically empty our water fountain once a day.

Anyway, this lengthy preface is just to give you a clear understanding of where we’re at and to say that Mom actually hasn't taken me to the vet since my follow up exam after I got my iodine radiation treatment. But we have been in constant contact with the vet over the phone.

If the Tylan doesn't help, the vet wants to do a biopsy. We and the vet are still trying to avoid the invasive tests—and, up to now there hasn’t been a concrete reason to go ahead with them. Our vet is also looking into an experimental treatment that a West Coast Veterinarian claims he has had success with. Another fur, (wish we could remember who) recommended the book he wrote:

Pets at Risk: From Allergies to Cancer, Remedies for an Unsuspected Epidemic by D.V.M. Alfred J. Plechner (Author), Martin Zucker (Contributor).

The book deals with autoimmune system disorders and a corticosteroid replacement treatment. Our vet is beginning to think that the treatment has possibilities. She wants to do some more research before deciding whether or not to go ahead with this lifetime therapy.

One of the things pointing towards doing this is something else we haven’t really talked about and you most likely missed in my bio: I also have feline rhinotracheitis.

Mom says that for a pretty girl, I sure am a mess.

One last note about this is that, as Alex’s mom could tell you, there is no cure for what I’ve got, and there’s no magic bullet or pill that’s going to make this thing go away. Unfortunately, you try one thing and another and another…. And it’s like a moving target.

In the meantime, it’s really lovely knowing that you care and that you’re all purring for me. You furs are the best!



Horse Pills and Battle Gear

February 26th 2011 12:01 am
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Egads, what a day! Mom got the Tylan pills from the vet. Those aren’t kitty pills, they’re horse capsules. The vet told Mom to be really careful to make sure that they don’t open because Tylan is really bitter.

This isn’t going to be fun. I tried to scratch Mom today when she gave me the cherry yuckies. (I’m getting good at making sure some of it splashes back out of my mouth.) Out came the rubber gloves and in went the pill. Yuck!

Maybe we can work out some kind of compromise here, Mom. Like you take the medicines and I’ll be a ‘good’ kitty? (No? Why not?)

We were just reading up on Tylan last night—Mom found out it can also be administered via injection.

Well. Let’s see how the pills work out first. In the meantime, I’m getting really good at hiding behind the sofa and under the bottom shelf of the sideboard. Unfortunately, Mom’s getting really good at getting me out from under the furniture too.

Small comfort, she’s giving me a lot of extra love.


Quick Update on Me

February 25th 2011 12:50 am
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I overheard Mom on the phone with the vet today. This is not good--hushed voices--something about most likely IBD.

I heard her saying something about that dose of the cherry yuckies she missed and the blood in my poops. Then she said that even though it's been a couple of days since, the cherry yuckies only seem to be controlling the blood and my poops are worse. Yeah, I've gotten a couple of baths and she did have to use the pet wipes a few times already.

I've also gotten smarter about getting that stupid medicine. She keeps pushing my paw back down saying, "Colette, we don't scratch." Why not? Wouldn't you?

The last part of the conversation I overheard was something about Tylan pills, and I heard her saying that she might have to revive her battle gear (rubber gloves to keep from being clawed).

Uh ohhhh...

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