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My Gotcha Day - Colette

October 26th 2011 11:35 pm
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My Bideawee vaccination papers say I’m a Himalayan Seal Point; my adoption and microchip papers say I’m a Balinese Seal Point. Mom and I never learned what I truly am, though it’s safe to say, with my markings, I’m a Seal Tortie-Point.

So what did Mom and I learn in the three years we’ve been together? (We still can’t believe it’s been three years already.)

We learned what it’s taken to turn a skinny, anemic kitty into the floofy, pretty girl I am today.

Patience and tolerance:

It takes two. It takes one to understand that the other might not be feeling quite up to what one has in mind--and to back off. Patience and tolerance is a two-way street. I don’t growl or hiss or seriously try to scratch anymore. I understand Mom is just trying to do what’s best for me, even if it means having to take my meds three times a day, having the mats combed out of my fur, getting a bath, or having my nails clipped. And Mom has learned not to push it if I really can’t take it at the moment. For the meds, Mom knows enough to play it smart and wrap me in a towel. That’s her way of telling me I have to mind my manners.

Care and concern:

That’s another two way street. Almost from the first week, Mom has called me her RKN (registered kitty nurse). Whenever she or Samsara isn’t feeling well, I’m right there doing the comforting. (Towards the end of Keshy’s life, I helped when she got her inhaler treatments.) I cuddle, I wash, and I purr for them. In return, I get a lot of compassion from Mom when I’m not feeling well or she’s doing something I hate. She talks to me in soothing tones, telling me what a good girl I am, and how it will soon be over. Mom knows I gag on my medicine, so she makes sure I get a little kibble afterwards to get rid of the bad taste.

When Samsara’s back was hurting so badly, I was right there making sure she stayed clean. She may have been in pain, but she purred for me! Samsara and I also sleep leaning up against each other every night.

How to be a Good Cat and How to Be a Good Nurse (the nurse part is Mom’s):

Have I ever mentioned that Mom tells her friends that I’m a “great cat”?

When I first moved in, I still needed to learn the rules. I was always so hungry because I couldn’t digest the nutrients in my food. And when I got that hungry I couldn’t wait. It was only once or twice I jumped up on the stove where Mom readies the food for me and Samsara. (Most New York apartment kitchens are very small and every inch of counter space usually houses things like the microwave and the coffee maker--there’s never much space for food preparation. When Mom is cooking, she uses an over-the-sink cutting board as her food prep area.) Anyway, all it took was Mom getting upset once or twice before I stopped jumping on the stove.

I don’t go on the things I’m not supposed to, and that always amazes Mom. (Well, I won the battle for the sofa and the chairs, and I helped the sofa get old before its time, so it makes life a bit easier.) Have you ever heard me talk shamefacedly about anything I’ve broken? No you haven’t, but it’s not because I just don’t talk about it. The last thing I knocked down was the plant (last spring), and Mom says it was her fault—she forgot to put the brick back on the window ledge. We have antiques standing out in the open all over the house. The first time I jumped on something, Mom stood there not daring to breathe, stuttering, “Co, Co, Co…”. I jumped down carefully, making sure I didn’t drag the doily and the crystal vase down with me. (See, I’m not a bull in a china shop!) I never jumped up there again. More importantly, I’ve never broken anything.

And you know what I did tonight? Mom doesn’t usually have roast chicken for dinner or anything that I’m particularly interested in, so I sit on the dining room table to keep her company. She had roast chicken tonight and boy did it smell good. I wanted to join. She told me no, so without being told again, I sat on one of dining room chairs instead.

You also need to make your Mom giggle. I do that. She thinks my begging routine is funny. (I can’t help it if the prednisolone makes me so hungry I empty all the dishes as soon as the food hits the floor—Samsara’s dish too, whenever I get a chance.) She thinks I run funny. Have you ever seen a cat tearing down the hallway looking like a bunny rabbit? That’s me. When I’m running, I propel myself forwards by using my both my hind legs at the same time. Mom says it’s the funniest thing to hear me stampeding down the hallway. I am a big girl, why shouldn’t I have a heavy foot-fall? I also look funny when I get surprised, my legs start flailing out in all directions as I’m trying to run away. And (I shouldn’t tell you this; it’s embarrassing) I groan in my sleep.

Now for the part about being a good nurse: Unfortunately, Mom also learned more than she ever thought possible, or wanted to know about veterinary pharmacopeia and about how to give a kitty her medicines. She also learned the next time she adopts a kitty, she will buy pet insurance even before the first vet visit.

And we learned about love and trust. She doesn’t call me unpredictable anymore—that’s ‘cause I’m not unpredictable anymore. I learned to trust her and she’s learned to trust me.

We both loved each other at first sight, we already knew that. It’s been a rough three years for us both, but we are both so happy to have each other.

Thank you all for stopping by my page; you all made my gotcha day even nicer. It got really late last night so we didn’t have time to post and Mom had one of her infamous migraines today.

Thank you:

Nakita, Muppet, Sampson and Chico for the Diamond
Family of Molly Angel for the Adopt a Pet Ribbon
Family of Big Harry for the Acorn
Teebo, Callie and Rose for the Bat
Tabbies o Trout Towne for the Adopt a Pet Ribbon
Family of Missy Mups, Gunnarr T, and Peekie for the Heart
Family of Kitty Pryde, Indiana, Angel Marley and Harrison aka Inigo Montoya for the Heart
Family of Adam Dylan and Eve Layla for the Black Cat
Family of Maya, Milo, Xena Princess Warrior, and Queen Tallulah Angel for the Pumpkin
Zoe Autumn Sunshine for the Black Cat
Family of Tutti and Junior Fluffkins for the Pumpkin
Family of Pinkie, Biggles, Nonny and more for the Adopt a Pet Ribbon
Family of Calie, Littleboy, Skids Kitty and more for the Pumpkin
Beepers and Family for the Adopt a Pet Ribbon
Anonymous for the Heart
Vanessa for the Adopt a Pet Ribbon
Muppet for the Pumpkin for Halloween
Tate for the Halloween Pumpkin
Monster for the Cuppie Cake (Don’t worry, Monster. Samsara won’t have a chance to get at this! Yummy!)
Family of Milo and Mallee for the Tuna Fishies Sushi Roll (Yum!)
Ishtar for the fun Leaf to chase.


Oh Boy a DDP! And You Know What I Got For it?

October 24th 2011 11:59 pm
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A bath! =^..^=

Our v-lady always laughs when that happens. There’s always an extra set of poop samples and pictures on bath days. I get so upset I head straight for the litter box sopping wet. Then Mom has 3 messes to clean up: the extra poop, the wet bathroom floor ‘cause I won’t let Mom finish toweling me off, and the clumping litter stuck all over my paws. Yuck! (At least it’s the one made from corn.)

Mom says I was pretty good today. I didn’t fight her as much as I usually do, so we both didn’t get as wet as we usually do. I let her comb most of ‘it’ out and then wash the rest. (Colette was wearing quite a nice size piece of extra jewelry in her pantaloons when I came home this evening.)

Mom says she’s thanking her lucky stars my poops aren’t like they used to be. Then she was always tempted to give me another bath before I had even dried off. And, and, I let Mom use the hair-dryer on me today. Just in case she thought I was really going to cooperate, I made her knock it off in the middle—I was too hungry.

She hadn’t fed us yet. She had just come home, so I did what I normally do—I went running through the apartment like a crazy loon, stopped at her feet and launched into my starving kitteh routine. Nyeh, nyeh, mrrrreow! Then, as I was racing off to take my post by my empty supper dish she saw ‘it’. Oh drats!

That’s okay; I’ve started perfecting a new tactic. I call it the ‘guerrilla feed me’. It’s working too! Cease and desist only in exchange for a bowl of kibble. Okay, here’s the set up: your Mom is sitting at the computer, typing. Her glassy eyes are focused intently on the computer screen. You hear the keyboard, going “click, click, clickety, clickety, click”. That’s the time to make your first move. You quietly sidle over to where she’s sitting. From floor level, reach up and gently put your front paws on her knees. Extend your claws, and begin to rake downwards. (Make sure your nails aren’t too far out, just enough to graze the skin—don’t puncture it. Also make sure you haven’t hooked your claws too far into the knee. You want to keep the momentum going down the side of the leg.) Now: duck when you hear the first absent-minded “ouch”. Duck because you’re going to be absent-mindedly swatted. Stop for a second and wait for her focus to return to the computer. Begin again. Soon enough you’ll notice she’s petting you with one hand and trying to type with the other. This is the time you get most insistent. She finally stands up in protest and you march her off to the kitchen with your tail in the air. Nyyehhh, nyyehhhh, mreeeow! The kibble appears.

Anyway, thanks to effurybody who stopped by to honor my DDP. I love you guys! And thanks, Diary Gal—you shouldn’t have… in more ways than one!

Thanks to:

The Bush Furs for the roses. They smell heavenly!
Pipo and Minko for the spooky picture of me! Nice job! It looks like I’m having some serious issues with the black kitty in the picture! MOL!
Mallee for the nudges and kisses kitties.
Zach for the black kitty. It might be fun having a black brofur—Keshy used to say so and so does Samsara.
Family of Skylar Dreamboat for the pumpkin. We’re still waiting for some of our pumpkin treats to emerge from the oven.
Timo for the bat. Timo, I only get scared of two things: the apartment door closing when I’m outside and the step ladder when I’m inside. I’m going to have a lot of fun chasing your bat!
Penny, Minnie and Bliss for the heart. I love you girls too!
Ginger for the pumpkin. More yummy treats.



October 18th 2011 12:19 pm
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For those of you who know what’s been going on with the comments in the diaries and, especially for our new friends.

Many of you know that several days ago Panda received a comment in her diary by an anonymous non-member that got her dad so upset he was thinking of closing all his pages and leaving.

It’s also no news that we can’t comment in the diaries at all right now. We can comment in the pictures, though.

Last night and the night before, our Marrakech received two comments in her picture “Keshy the Library Cat” that make absolutely no sense. We thought the one from “Doll” was responding to something Samhain said. Samhain just confirmed that she has no idea who Doll is. The post this morning at 5:12 AM (PST) was just hyperlink code left by “hmfsyarpi”. DO NOT CLICK ON IT!

As I'm sure you read in the Blizzard comments, I sent a request to HQ to block the anonymous non-member feature comments in the diaries. I got an e-mail from HQ responding to my request. They're contemplating adding a "block non-account comment" feature. This is not what I asked for, but it’s starting to make a lot of sense.

I'm going to guess that this is just one piece of a much larger problem--and the reason that nobody can comment in the diaries until HQ gets this sorted out.

Why much larger problem? Because it seems, from Keshy's picture, like whoever is doing this is playing a cat and mouse game with HQ--no pun intended.

They can't comment in the diaries so now they're hitting the pictures. Another guess: Whoever responded when Panda’s Dad got so upset in Blizz's diary is going to be hit too. The prankster, not for lack of better, more lewd words, probably went back to Blizz's diary to see who responded--and so is now hitting those family members.

The idea of turning the anonymous feature off would have been valid, if better security were in place to have prevented what we saw in Keshy's picture. That just knocked the “anonymous” argument clear off the map.

I sent HQ a screen print of the comments in the Keshy picture. The reason for this diary entry is we felt it is very important with regard to keeping everyone safe online.

If you see suspicious comments or hyperlink codes do not click on them. You can take a screen print that copies a picture of what you’re seeing in your browser and send it to HQ. To do this hold down your ‘shift’ key and press the “Prt Scr” key at the same time. Open an e-mail in your own e-mail program. In a new e-mail message, paste the image as you would any other message—“Ctrl” + “V” or right click and select paste from the menu. Explain to them what they should be looking for. Send the e-mail to: Catster Support

Be careful effuryone and please let HQ know when you see something!


Dear Watch Cat – Have You Implemented a Gag Order?

October 16th 2011 10:53 pm
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What happens when we want to comment on a furriend’s diary? You don’t let us! You also don’t let us go directly to the diary entry—the only way we can get there is by going to profile page. At least we can read it.

It’s going to be furry quiet in Catster-land if this continues. I know we’re not alone since our furriends are complaining about it too.



What Did Mom Do! Is She Losing It!!!!

October 10th 2011 11:53 pm
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What’s with the crate? Samsara doesn’t shut up for one second when she’s in it. Why did Samsara need it anyway? She seems just fine to me!

And you know what Mom did? She locked me in! Just ‘cause I found some kibblies in the bowl after she let Samsara out.

The indignity a girl has to suffer! BTW, if she would only keep the cage door open, it looks like a really comfy spot to curl up for a nap. MOL! You don’t even have to travel far to use the litter box. How convenient!

I hope Mom doesn’t lock Samsara in again. I’m getting a headache and that monster is going to take up my sun puddle space!



Arrgh, Woman! Thanks Be Due for Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day.

September 28th 2011 12:17 am
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Me thinks the woman who be callin’ herself me mum’s been tardy ‘n lax in not thankin’ me mates for their fearsome flag gifts. Forty lashes. (Do pirates give lashes?)

Anyways, I been named by the crew to serve as furmily spokes-pirate. First off, let me extend my apologies…we’ve scarce been round and missed the free gifties just as we were skimmin’ the bottom o’ the barrel on our zealies. Since we be pirates we couldna’ beg or borrow. (And, since we be dependent on the whims o’ our cap’n, Mom, we couldna’ steal either. Blimey!)

But thank-ye’s we can do.

On my page, thank you to:

Tasty Tate of Cuppycake Grove
Novi and Ingen
Sleeper and Samhain
Captain Sigmond Sparrow
Simon and Reuben: Does the treasure chest you sent also have nip and tuna fishies in it?
Lucy Nooner, Leo Lovebug, Charlie Chocolate Paws, and Sweet Angels Sally and Sophie
Family of River and Simone
Family of Pipo, Minko and Jack McFreckles. Wow! You even sent a frigate!
Da Tabbies O Trout Towne, according to whom the only good parrot is the one who’s dead!
Family of Big Harry, Angel Abigail, Patches, and Zack
Zoe Autumn Sunshine: Wow! That ghost ship sent shivers up me spine.
Zack Frost – Shivers – a skull and cross bones!
Captain Jeshzebel and Pirate Crew

Yay – Samsara got hersel’ a DDP, so’s I dunna haveta’ post fur her since she did it hersel’ arready!

On Marrakech’s page, thank you to:

Tasty Tate of Cuppycake Grove
Novi and Ingen
Sleeper and Samhain
Captain Sigmond Sparrow
Simon and Reuben
Lucy Nooner, Leo Lovebug, Charlie Chocolate Paws, and Sweet Angels Sally and Sophie
Family of River and Simone
Family of Pipo, Minko and Jack McFreckles
Da Tabbies O Trout Towne
Family of Big Harry, Angel Abigail, Patches, and Zack
Zoe Autumn Sunshine
Zack Frost
Captain Jezebel and Pirate Crew

On Misha’s Page, thank you to:

Captain Jezebel and Pirate Crew
Family of Pipo, Minko and Jack McFreckles
Zack Frost
Da Tabbies O Trout Towne
Simon and Reuben
Novi and Ingen
Sleeper and Samhain
Lucy Nooner, Leo Lovebug, Charlie Chocolate Paws, and Sweet Angels Sally and Sophie
Zoe Autumn Sunshine
Family of Big Harry, Angel Abigail, Patches, and Zack
Family of River and Simone
Captain Sigmond Sparrow

On B.A.’s Page, thank you to:

Novi and Ingen
Captain Jezebel and Pirate Crew
Family of Pipo, Minko and Jack McFreckles
Family of Big Harry, Angel Abigail, Patches, and Zack
Da Tabbies O Trout Towne

On Cappuccino’s Page, thank you to:

Novi and Ingen
Captain Jezebel and Pirate Crew
Family of Pipo, Minko and Jack McFreckles
Family of Big Harry, Angel Abigail, Patches, and Zack
Da Tabbies O Trout Towne


Happy Birthday to Meeieuw!

September 17th 2011 9:41 pm
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It’s been a quiet day until just a little while ago—Mom sang happy birthday to me this morning. Happy Birthday, Dear Col-eh-ette. Happy birthday to Yewwwwww! I was unimpressed. (I’m beginning to sound like Simon Cowell, right?)

She was out all afternoon singing again and what about my kibble?!!!! Nyeh. Nyeh. No tuna fishies or treats—I can’t have them because of my IBD. I don’t like playing with toys so much anymore, but Mom promised me a good game of chase-the-doggie-leash tomorrow. My Auntie Arlene called to sing “Happy Birthday” to me too—she sounded better than Mom. I head-bonked the telephone (and went right back to trying to get Mom to give me extra kibble).

I did get extra love, though. And if I get lucky I won’t get any more meds today. (Colette, you’re pushing it!) Oh well.

Anyway, thanks effurrybody for your good wishes and your gifts. You know what? You furrs make turning 7 years old today special. Thanks for helping celebrate my birthday with me!

It’s really late right now and Mom is really tired, but she promised me that we’re going to open all your gifts and thank you all purrsonally tomorrow. And if I get really lucky, we’ll start posting some of my new pictures too.

Headbonks & purrs…


Kitty Kat Talk Tag

August 31st 2011 8:39 pm
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My friend, Tyson ( tagged me for this new game called 'Kitty Kat Talk Tag' and it's really easy to play as there's no rules!

You just have to answer a few Questions. So please PLAY ALONG, everyfur!

1. Your Meowmy or Dad is asleep and you are furry hungry; You would.....

Sit on the edge of the bed and stare into Mom’s face. Drats. It never works!

2. You are furry sleepy and are sleeping on a top ledge; Meowmy or Dad would say..........

If I’m asleep with my paws in the air sometimes I hear her chanting and giggling “dead cat, dead cat”.
She’s not furry nice about these kinds of things. The other thing I occasionally hear is “don’t blame me if you fall off”.

3. You saw a dog who wants to chase something; what's the furry furst thing you would you say or do?

Not much. The dogs are usually outside on the street, three stories down. They are fun to watch though. When the neighbor’s doggies come to visit they know better than to try chasing me. I’m bigger than they are. MOL!

4. Your Meowmy or Dad wants you to stop tearing the furniture. You would...

Scratch a bit more, give Mom my best “who me?” look and then walk away with my tail in the air.

5. Your Kitty Kat emergency box, full of fur fashions, is locked. Oh No! You would....

Would not! Whatefur made you think I would? I only hang around those things if they’re soft, interesting, and go well with my eye color.

Okay, I'm tagging (and I'll send you a Pawmail about it):

Ingen (
Calie (
Ishtar Intellecta Iana I. (
Nük Anuk (
Dai$y (

BTW, does anyone know what's going on with the the hyperlinks? The system has managed to obliterate our links and titles every time we tried to post.




Thankfurrly the Storm is Over for Us

August 28th 2011 11:51 am
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It got pretty wild outside our windows last night and you could feel all the tension coming from Mom’s direction.

Everything went well. We were worried about a 7-story dead tree in the middle of our back yard. Our landlord never took care of it and Mom has been waiting for it to make an unscheduled appearance in our living room. Because of all the rain we had this summer it started rotting, so we thought it would visit us last night. It didn't. This morning, it was bright orange-brown in the places where there’s no bark but it’s starting to dry out and turn grey again.

The storm is over for us and even though Mom hasn’t been out yet, we can see it doesn’t look too bad in our neighborhood. There’s no flooding in the street and people are out with their small children.

We didn't lose our power or water. Mom is wondering how many days it’s going to take us to use up all the extra water she put aside and all the extra coffee she made. (She gets lots of migraines so that coffee is pretty important—it didn’t matter to her if she had to drink it cold.) I think she's going to be crazy enough to use it too. She thinks she'll have a better idea of how well she prepared so if this ever happens again...

It’s a grey, breezy day here, but it’s pretty warm and thankfurrly there’s no more rain.

We wish effuryone well. Be safe.


Stay Safe

August 26th 2011 11:34 pm
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We just want to wish effuryone well through this storm should we not have another chance to check into Catster.

We are not planning to go out. Thank Catness, we don’t live in an evacuation area, and we live on the third floor of a very old 6-story, brick-front apartment building.

We have tons of food and water in the house for both humans and furs, as well as anything we might need medically. Mom bought an extra flashlight too today.

We pretty sure that we’re going to be purrfectly okay. We’re not so sure, though, about what our power situation is going to be. The stores were sold out so Mom couldn’t get batteries for her old boom-box radio, and she couldn’t get a radio anymore (sold out) for which the stores still did have batteries. We already told our neighbors we would need to rely on them for news if we should lose power. We’re not going to be able to check into Catster either—we get internet service via cable and modem. No power, no modem—we’re not on a WiFi network. But, just because we’re not able to check in doesn’t mean that anything bad has happened.

The news is announcing that as of noon Saturday, New York City will be suspending all public transportation. We may be in for quite a wild ride here with the weather—no pun intended.

Effuryone, please stay safe and be well. Don’t take unnecessary risks. That includes you too, Blizzard’s Daddy—stay home or stay over. Don’t try to drive back.

Purrs to all our friends…

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