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Colette's Diary

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Here’s Looking at You From A New Profile Picture

May 22nd 2012 10:01 pm
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And, hopefurrly being seen in a ‘different light’. We haven’t been around much and we apologize. Mom is busy trying to get a purrfessional pawtography business off the ground. She finally broke down and got a good camera and she’s still trying to learn it and find out what it can and can’t do.

We know, the pictures Mom posted aren’t the most interesting, but she was trying out the effects of incandescent lighting in the room along with low natural light conditions. She was also trying out things like sports mode to see how well the picture comes out if we’re moving around a lot.

She decided she’s still got a lot to learn.

In the meantime, she’s been all over the park, taking, of all things, pictures of doggies, trying to put together a complete purrtfolo. OMC, what a difference the camera makes! She says it’s a shame she can’t post those pictures.

One thing we noticed with the camera is it makes my eyes appear a lot more vivid blue than they truly are. Mom likes my ice blue eyes, but we don’t have software in the ‘puter to change the color back to what it should be. (And, you can bet, if my eyes are coming out too bright, you can imagine what Samsara’s look like. Giggles.)

Oh, one more thing. I should have gotten my last chemo treatment last week. It didn’t happen because my WBCs were too low. Dr. L. didn’t want to push me over the edge and compromise my immune system with the chemo. Then I should have gotten my last chemo treatment today and it didn’t happen again, for the same reason.

I went through an itchy episode last month and, ahem… took my spring shedding into my own paws. I have a couple of spots on me where my coat is a bit on the thin side. They tried giving me antihistamine; it didn’t work so they put me back on prednisolone. It took care of the problem.

I also had another ‘issue’ with my food last month. I didn’t want the wet food and I didn’t want my kibble. Even with Mirtazapine I wasn’t eating very much. Dr. L. was baffled. You know what it was? The last part of the bag of kibble got old—it happened to Samsara with her kibble too. And they kept giving us both appetite stimulant. You know how they figured it out? We were reaching the bottom of the barrel on my food and Mom got a new bag. When I saw what she had I couldn’t wait to bust it open to get to it. Samsara too. That kibble is our favorite.

Around the same time, I was doing so well with my IBD that I was off all my meds except for lysine gel. Then Mom tried sprinkling a little deVour product over my wet food for a couple of nights and I went right back to pudding poops and had to go back on Tylan for a few days. Thankfurrly, I’m back to where I was before.

I still don’t want the canned stuff and they weighed me last week —I lost weight. Would you believe they’re not happy about it? I was skimming 11 lbs. around Christmas and I’m down to 10 lbs. now. Don’t worry, they’re still calling me ‘chubby’!!

We’ll try to post more pictures at a later date. We still love effurybody; it’s just we can’t be around so much right now.

Purrs and headbonks…


True Colette Confessions

April 1st 2012 1:08 am
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This is a first. Don’t expect anything more like this from me any time soon.

I fell over and landed on my butt. You know that funny pill that I’ve been getting, the Mirtazapine? I had another one last Tuesday. OMC was I hungry. I was doing this dance for my kibble (Mom calls it my dancing bear routine) when Mom came zooming in with the bowl from behind me. I craned my neck to get a better look at it and wham! Ouch. No fair! I just wanted to make sure she was really gonna’ put the bowl on the floor!

I am turning into…. A… lap … kitty. There, I said it. Gulp. I keep going up to Mom and putting my paws in her lap while she’s at the ‘puter. That usually means I want another bowl of noms. There are times, though, when I’ve just eaten. Mom has been trying to scoop me up but I back off. Giggles, she’s usually that close to falling out of the chair. I’ve been letting her catch me lately. I sat in her lap last night getting hugs long enough to make Samsara jealous. Samsara wanted to sit there too, but, heck, it was my lap. She managed to get her front paws there but she had to sit next to Mom while we both got hugs at the same time. Mom was laughing. She said she was covered in kitty.

I like … getting my brushies. There, I said it. When Mom uses the bathroom mirror, I sit on the toilet waiting for her to notice me. Then, when she does, I let her give me my brushies and purr up a storm for her. Of course, all of this is still on my own terms. I call the end of the interview as soon as I feel like it. I just want Mom to be grateful that I’m even letting her brush me.

If any fur has the need to make a confession, feel free to do it in the comments section of this diary entry. We’d love to hear from you. (And the only furs that will ever know about it are the ones that stop by this diary entry. Tee hee. I’ll never say a word—I promise!)

And, no, I’m not saying this ‘cause it’s April Fools Day. (Now you’re gonna’ wonder, aren’t you?)



No Chemo This Week.

March 28th 2012 10:32 pm
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We had a surprise on Tuesday: no chemo. Dr. L. took some blood and his in-house lab results said my WBC was slightly too low. He thought at first that the results might be wrong so he sent some blood out to the lab to look at it again. Nope. The first result was right. He thought he might do it today (Wednesday) and then reconsidered. I’m scheduled for next Tuesday.

He and Mom talked about my eating (not). He wants to test my kidney values on Tuesday. He’s wondering if they deteriorated since December,if they're causing the eating issues because it’s taking longer for my kidneys to process the chemo. He didn’t want to put me back on the Mirtazapine ‘cause it made me so nuts. He thought about that again too—he doesn’t want me eating so little that it compromises my immune system any further. I got Mirtazapine yesterday but I got half the dosage. So I only got half as nuts—still too much.

Samsara got the Mirtazapine yesterday too. By the time our regular vet, Dr. V., and Mom talked today, Samsara was also making her crazy. Our vet heard Samsara over the phone and started laughing. (And before they hung up, Dr. V. giggled and told Mom to enjoy her kitties.) Mom growled after she got off the phone. (She couldn’t even sing today ‘cause Samsara was singing right along with her.)

Anyway, the upshot of the conversation was that Dr. L. and Dr. V. talked about what to do with me with regard to stimulating my appetite. With the Mirtazapine it’s too much and without it I eat too little. Dr. L. thought we might increase my prednisolone again—something Mom and Dr. V. really don’t want to do since I’ve been on it so long; they’re both afraid of it causing liver damage. (And, when Mom thought about it, that wouldn’t work anyway. Whenever I get a dose high enough to make me hungry, my rhinotracheitis surfaces and I end up with an URI.) Of course, the other option Dr. L. was considering was changing my food. To what? That’s another ‘no can do’. Everything else we’ve tried makes pudding poops with blood.

Everybody finally settled on trying a new appetite stimulant: cyproheptadine. With this one we have to watch out that it doesn’t make me too sleepy. To be continued—it’s going to be a good few days before anyone wants me to take it.

Mom is also complaining about my ‘feed me’ routine now. I put my front paws in her lap and start raking downwards with my nails. Eventually, she scoops me up and puts me in her lap. I only stay there for a minute or so and then I’m right back to bothering her.

Now Mom is starting to get even. I lead her to the kitchen with my tail in the air. She gets hold of my tail and uses it as a rudder to steer me to the kitchen. I don’t need steering—really I don’t. MOL! I know the way, and Mom, I know that you know that I know the way. You know?



Visit with Dr. L. and Spring Pictures

March 26th 2012 8:01 am
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Wow; it’s been a long time since I got to write anything in my diary. Diary Gal kept Mom way too busy with Keshy. (Not that I have anything against her—she turned out to be okay towards the end.) But…

Anyway, last week was the first of my monthly visits with Dr. L. (Even before that Mom saw Stacey-Ann at Dr. L.’s gig on St. Patty’s day.) I’m losing my touch—Stacey-Ann said that I’m sweet! Mom asked her if she was sure she was talking about the same kitty. Stacey-Ann laughed and said that I was all ‘mouth’ and no follow-through. (That’s not what Jasmine, the vet tech at Dr. V.’s office, thinks.) Oops. I think it’s time to sharpen the claws a bit.

Last month, after I stopped eating for 48 hours, I dropped down to under 10 1/2 pounds (from 11.2 lbs.). I’m up to 10.7 lbs. again. You know that funny tasting pill (Mirtazapine) Mom’s been giving me? It made me want something like 3 or 4 bowls of food in a row and I was still hungry.

The last phone call Mom made to Dr. L., she was saying something like “Help—I just fed her 4 bowls of food, she doesn’t want to eat any more, and it looks like she’ll start gnawing on my leg any second now. She doesn’t know what she wants!” Yup, side effects. Mirtazapine can make us kitties hyper. And, by the way, Mom was so mean on St. Patty’s Day. She gave both me and Samsara the Mirtazapine and she only fed us something like 4 bowls of food before she left the house!
She left at something like 6:00 in the evening and didn’t come home for almost the whole night! Where was our food???!!!

Given my weight gain and the side-effects they want Mom to stop the pill unless I don’t eat for 24 hours. (They want me to keep my girlish figure.) Without the pill, the kibble doesn’t look so good and I don’t really want the canned food. (Mom’s fish chowder smelled yummy, though. Why won’t she give me fish? The stuff only has tomatoes and chili pepper in it. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt my IBD ….) Besides, I’ve been off Tylan for a week and since this past Thursday I’m down to getting prednisolone only once a day. My poops have been really good.

Anywho… we took the subway to see Dr. L. It was scary down there, but I got to see all the birdies and sniff the air that smelled like spring when we walked (I rode) home. Mom and I both complained all the way there and all the way back. (She remembered the time she took late brofur B.A. to V-lady and couldn’t carry him the last block home. She set down the kennel cab and said, ‘That’s it! No more ice cream, no more potato chips, and no more pretzels!” And she got caught lecturing the kennel cab—some guy saw the whole thing and started laughing.)

I have my next appointment tomorrow morning. Dr. L. thinks I’ll be good to go for my chemo treatment.

Speaking of spring, we did our spring photo shoot. Most kitties get to be spring chickens and bunny rabbits and stuff—I get to be different. I get to be the centerpiece in a Victorian post card! Huh? Mom says she hates her camera. I won’t look at it anymore if I can help it. I hate the infra-red light and the flash hurts my eyes even more. (Oh, c’mon, Colette—I haven’t used either the fill light or the flash in over a year—I know they hurt your eyes!) So the fill light feature is off, but I still don’t want to look at the camera. (The feature is off, and since your fur is so dark in places and so light in other places, and since the camera is crappy and over-lights any lighter places in the picture…)

The pictures were perfectly good but they were too ‘hot’ in places—they hurt our eyes and we were sure you wouldn’t want to look at them either. Who knows what happened—Samsara’s pictures needed very little adjustment. The light must have shifted in the few minutes between the time Mom took her pictures and the time she took mine. Mine seemed to be a disaster. At first we thought we didn’t have one picture we could use. Then we started to play with them using our software. By the way, the flowers really are there—they aren’t software generated. And, understand this isn’t an apology: we love the final results. We hope you do too. (It’s going to take some time to post them—bear with us.)



No Understand Human…Can’t Hear You

March 1st 2012 8:33 pm
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9:00 PM

‘Colette! Finish your supper!’

Huh? What did you say? Sorry, speak up.

‘Colette, your supper!’ Fingernail to bowl: ‘plink, plink, plink’.



Samsara: ‘Let me out of the bedroom! Let me out! There’s food in Colette’s bowl! Hurry up!’

‘Colette, if you don’t finish your supper now, I’m letting Samsara have it!’

Huh? No speak human. Can’t understand a word you’re saying. Speak ‘Cat’, woman!







11:00 PM




Chemo Treatment Number Three

February 29th 2012 12:04 am
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Can you believe it? I’m halfway home with the treatments. I just got my third treatment today. They say I look good. (Well... Is there another way for me to look?)

I’ve gotten this routine down pat. I see Mom racing around first thing in the morning and I know I’m going. I also know she’s going to catch me. What’s the point of hiding? I just hope she won’t notice me in my bed. (She always does, though.) She puts me in my carrier and we head out the door. I meow really loud so everyone in the building knows she’s about to subject my body to medical torture. Then we take the car service and I’m really quiet. I growl at Stacy Ann when she comes to get me. I curse the doctors when they treat me. Afterwards, they take the bandage off my leg because Mom ratted on me. She told them that I don’t let her do it. I growl at Stacy Ann when she brings me back to Mom. Stacy Ann laughs. By the time we leave the clinic, I really need to use the litter box, so I keep telling the cab driver he has to hurry. Why does it take such a long time to get home? (I didn’t make it today. Mom had to clean a poop ball out of my floofy pants. :( )

Now, just when I’ve learned the routine, they’re already changing it. My next appointment isn’t for another 3 weeks. They’re pretty sure they have my low WBC pattern figured out so I don’t need to go for so many CBCs anymore. Woo hoo! (Good riddance Stacy Ann. I won’t miss you while I’m gone. Will you miss me? I hope so. Who’s going to abuse you when I’m not there? Besides, who does it better than me?)

Giggles. Mom just yelled ‘ouch’. You know what that means? I’m getting Mirtazapine again. My last pill was on Friday and by today I was picking at my food. (See, when I get the pill, I get really, really hungry. The only way to be sure I get Mom’s attention is by putting my nails in her leg.)

Oh heck. She thinks I had enough food today so she just caught me and put me in her lap. Instead of dictating my diary from floor level, I have to stare at the computer screen.

Anyway, it’s been a week since Mom spoke to Dr. V. and Dr. O. about my meds. I’m still looking good after Mom stopped giving me the second dose of Tylan. Tonight is the first night I also don’t get the second dose of prednisolone. Paws crossed that this works ‘cause Dr. V. wants to stop the meds altogether. I heard Mom gasp into the phone when she heard that. Mom told Dr. V. it felt like working without a safety net. Dr. V. had to remind her we could start up the meds again if we need to.

You know what else? Mom vacuumed behind her rehearsal mirror the other day and she found a whole stash of rattle and crackle balls. I had so much fun playing with them I lost them again. Samsara’s also pretty happy since Mom also found a whole bunch of her mousies.



Note To Self:

February 25th 2012 12:20 am
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Don’t follow Mom into the kitchen in the dark. She dang near killed me.

I was innocently waiting in the dark by the cabinet where she stores the kibble. I was a good girl. You know, nice and quiet…. She filled her mug with water, popped open the microwave to put the cup in, and let out a stifled shriek just as the light in the microwave came on.

Then I felt it: Niagra Falls.

Anybody got a towel?



My Oncologist Appointment and Some Big IBD News

February 23rd 2012 11:52 am
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It was Tuesday. Can you believe it? Mom, get with the program. Never mind there were birthdays to take care of!

I was excluded. I didn’t get any kitty treats. Effurything was done behind closed doors! :(

Anyway, I got to give them a piece of my mind again. Stacy Ann (our vet tech) just laughs. I have to go again next week. They only did my CBCs. My white blood cell count was low. (Dr. L. suspected it would be, but he’s still establishing what my WBC cycle is.) He didn’t want to tip it any lower so he held off giving me my chemo treatment. (The chemo can make the WBC count even lower.)

Dr. L. was very pleased with how I’ve been eating. He wants Mom to discontinue the Mirtazapine for now. We got to find out how much I weigh: 10.68 pounds. They didn’t tell us last week. Maybe they didn’t want to freak Mom out. I gained back some of the weight I lost the weekend I stopped eating. Before I had my surgery I weighed 11.2 pounds. I don’t know about those humans—they’re all crazy! First they tell me I’m supposed to lose weight and now they want me to keep it! You would think they would make up their minds! They laughed the afternoon Mom called them to tell them how despurrate I was. And Mom mimics me! :( Nyeh, nyeh… nrrrrow!

She also laughed at me last night and today and called me a drama queen again. What did I do? Last night I was bothering her to get more kibbles. I wasn’t quick enough to back away when she tried to pick me up to put me in her lap. (Don’t tell anyone—I stuck around a few minutes. Those chin scritchies weren’t bad.) This morning, I wasn’t expecting Samsara’s tail to brush me under the chin. What would you have done? I jumped.

Okay, now for the big news. Yayyyy! Mom talked to Dr. V. on Tuesday night and she just spoke with Dr. O. at the oncologist’s office. (Dr. L. is on vacation till the first week of March. Dr. O. says she’s looking forward to meeting me—heee heee, little does she know. She’ll beee soooorrry!) The chemotherapy isn’t only doing the job of my IBD meds, it’s doing it better than the IBD meds. Outside of looking like they came from a doggy, my poops have been purrfect! Dr. V. agrees with Mom about reducing my IBD meds.

Since Tuesday night, I’ve been getting Tylan only once a day and prednisolone twice a day. (Dr. V. still wants me getting the lysine gel, though. That’s because of the issues I have with my rhinotracheitis and because chemo compromises the immune system. Oh well.)

That’s where Dr. O. comes in. Dr. V. wanted to make sure they weren’t using the steroids (pred) in my cancer treatment. Dr. O. says they don’t use steroids in the treatment of breast cancer, which means that after this Tuesday, Mom can drop the pred to once a day as well. Dr. V. wants us to call her on Tuesday to let her know how I’m doing. She hopes we’ll be able to eliminate the IBD meds over the next month or so. Yayyyyyyy!

Headbonks & happy purrs…


The Video Is Posted! Mom Says I’m Getting Really- Lovey-Dovey Too.

February 19th 2012 1:59 pm
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It took over two and a half hours to do it the other night, but I’m now a movie star! Funny, we never noticed that I had posted a video at one point and it disappeared off my page. That meant I didn’t even have a video book, even though the clip was there. Catster fleas!

Sorry again about all the extra noise in the clip. That darn camera picks up way too much noise.

Mom gave me my Mirtazapine yesterday too, which meant I started all over with the hungreeeees. Mom says that at the rate I’m going, we’re going to need a forklift to transport me to and from my chemo appointments.

At some point this week, Mom was ‘talking’ to Nuk’s mom over FB and she asked about our ‘feed me’ chorus. Mom said we added a new voice to the chorus—hers. Her part is to go ‘ouch, ouch’ and ‘stoooop’. That’s ‘cause I won’t leave her alone when she’s working at the computer. I put my paws in her lap, extend my nails and start sliding downwards. She swats me off, she pets me, she swats me off some more, and then she gives up—giggles. I walk her into the kitchen for a bowl of noms.

Mom says there must be some extra-special happy stuff in those pills. I’ve gotten very talkative and very lovey-dovey. I was kissing Mom’s eyelids as she fell asleep last night. I’ve also… gasp… started to enjoy … getting…. Brushed! You should see my coat! It looks so nice!

Off to get more noms.



Mirtazapine-Induced Starvation

February 16th 2012 10:36 am
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I was picking at my wet food again the night before last, and I wasn’t doing so hotsy-totsy with my kibble yesterday morning either. Mom was ‘supposed’ to give me my Mirtazapine today so she did.

She went out about mid-afternoon and I was frantic by the time she came home. I was soooooo huuungry! I wolfed down my first bowl of kibble she gave me. I wolfed down the refill and tried to shove Samsara out of her bowl.

Mom phoned the clinic. Dr. L.’s staff started to laugh. The verdict: “feed me”.

So Mom waited another half hour and gave me some more. We posted the video. Sorry about the static, our replacement camera seems to pick up even more noise than the original one we had. If you listen closely, you’ll hear my teeth hitting the side of the bowl.

Now I ask, from this video, does it look like I get fed enough?!!! (I’ve only had only about another 3 bowls of food since Mom shot this video.)


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