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Tuna Fish and Cattitude

July 31st 2010 11:48 pm
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Today has been a really good day!

I had the zoomies today and Mom helped make a game out of it. I pretended I was a afraid of her and she pretended to chase me. Every time I looked at her I took off like a bat out of hell. I did 3/5ths of a mile in 10 seconds! Mom laughed.

Then, I got plunk in the middle of the bed. I turned my back to Samsara, lifted my leg and started to clean my you know what.

Samsara just sat there on the floor and looked at Mom with a 'can we talk, she's on the bed!' look on her face. Samsara kept looking back at me and looking back at Mom--who didn't do anything but laugh! I know 'cause I cheated and snuck a peak at what was going on behind my back.

And the best part of my day was #### drum roll #### I got tuna fish mixed into my supper!!!

I've been giving Mom a really hard time about my wet food in the evening. Mom has been very concerned about me losing more weight than I already lost in the past couple of months. (The vet thinks I might never have been a wet food-kitty, but I ate it because of the hyperthyroidism. She thinks that my appetite has diminished because my thyroid levels have started to normalize.)

When Mom opened a can of tuna to make herself a tuna melt last night and I came around begging for it again, she realized that fish was one of the things that came back negative on my allergy tests. She started to think that I might have had trouble with it because of my hyperthyroidism. So she gave me a few flakes--yum! She says I almost took her finger off getting from her.

My poops were normal for me this morning (and no blood in them either). So she talked to the vet today. The vet agreed with her to give it a try and told her to watch my poops carefully.

We're crossing all the toes on our paws here that this works. I licked my bowl shiny clean tonight.

Purrs & lots of headbonks...


Phishing Scam on Face Book

July 30th 2010 11:57 pm
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Mom asked me to let you all know about what just happened to her.

She got an e-mail saying that her sister had posted a comment to her wall in facebook. So she went there and the post, along with her sister's photo, said that her sister was happily using her newly delivered ipad and that she got it free because she signed up to evaluate the product. All Mom had to do was click on the link that was on the wall, and she could sign up for one too.

Kitties, you have every right to tell Mom how dumb she was. It took her to a site that asked for some really personal info and kept giving her about 15 links per page where she could sign up for lots of expensive products and services... AND wouldn't let her close out of the loop!

She finally closed the pages by hitting the X's to close the browser. Too late, by the next day she was already getting phone calls.

AND SHE FOUND out over this past weekend that it was a pretty nasty phishing scam.

By that time her computer had already picked up a VIRUS. Mom spent most of the week trying to get the problem straightened out.

MOM said to tell you all: DO NOT to click on any links like that offering any free products services. EVEN IF YOU THINK IT'S COMING FROM SOMEONE YOU CAN TRUST!!!!!!!!

AND--these scams are asking for your e-mail passwords too: DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORDS!!!!!!!!!



July 27th 2010 4:01 pm
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Oh My Cat!

I made DDP today! What a great day, first I get my diploma and now this! Thanks, HQ!

Mom has been so extra nice to me today. I’m getting lots of extra huggies and headbonks—she’s so proud of me!

I’m leaping for joy, expoding-out-of-the-litter-box-and-bathtub- happy. I’m snappy, slap-happpppyyyyyy!

Purrrrrrssss & hhhheadbonk(ers)s....



July 27th 2010 12:26 pm
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Uh, oh! Tagged by Wilson J Scooter. I innocently stumbled into it!

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?

Nope, but I keep her up at night 'cause I know she doesn't let Marrakech and Samsara out of the bedroom until I finish my supper. And they squawk so much that she can't sleep with the door closed. I take my sweet... 'ol... time.... Don't ya just love it! Giggles.

2. Do you ever tear up things?

Mousies... let me at 'em!

3. What is your favorite treat?

I'm a deprived child :( It would be tuna if I could have it.

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?

Are you nuts! We're not supposed to fetch--that's a human's job!

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?
Two other places that I can talk about - CACC and Bideawee.

If you read this entry... then you've been tagged!


NYPD et al

July 23rd 2010 5:36 pm
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Things are settling down for me. Marrakech is beginning to let me sleep in the bed she shares with Samsara. (They let Mom sleep there years ago.)

Well, Mom may not have been stopped by the cops when she brought me home, but she went to the cops anyway. She set off something bigger than a Geiger counter. She set off a mad woman.

You see, yesterday, there was this lady who kept calling her cell phone and insisting that Mom's name is Judith. AND, AND, the lady said that she knows Mom has North Carolina license plates and if Mom didn't stop disguising her voice as a man and tell her that she is Judith the lady was going to go to the police.

Mom had this really funny look on or face--I've never seen her so angry. Well, yes, Mom says that lots of people call her 'Sir' when they talk to her over the phone, but this time she told the lady that the lady was insane and yes, please do go to the police!

Mom went to the police today and brought back a piece of paper called a complaint report. How come everybody wants to go to the police but nobody wants to be stopped by them?

I'm just glad that they didn't have Mom go to their sleep-over camp.

I gave Mom lots of headbonks when she came back home.



I Got My Diploma!

July 20th 2010 3:41 pm
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I'm home!

They gave me a Diploma which I posted on my page--Mom had trouble getting a clear copy of it, so here's what it says:

"NYC Veterinary Specialists
And Cancer Treatment Center

Be It Declared to All Present That:
Colette (That's me)

Has completed the prescribed course of radioactive iodine with a high order of proficiency in the science and art of being cheerful, courageous, tolerant, praiseworthy, and maintaining superior cattitude. The I-131 Team appreciates the confidence placed in us and the opportunity to participate in the care of your cat. (Huh? I don't have a cat...)

Purrtificate of Merit
Presented by the I-131 Team at NYC Veterinary Specialists, on this day: July 20th, 2010"

They also gave Mom a card to show to the police if we got stopped. Stopped? Yeah--I told you I was going to be Super Cat. I'm able to set off police geiger counters. The sleep-away folks didn't want Mom to be arrested. Cat-astrophy... cat-napper.. or was that kidnapper... Please no cat-out-of-the-bag jokes! Evening news tidbit..can you imagine-- NYC Woman Arrested in Cat Caper of the Century. Hides nuclear bomb inside cat--scientists still probing for answers!

I was so happy to see Mom when she came to get me. But afterwards I gave her a piece of my mind. And then I had the indignity of having to travel home in my cat carrier. I made a lot of friends on the subway... I kept yakking... I wanted everyone to know how my Mom packed me off to sleep-away for 5 days.

Anyway, that's water under the bridge. I headbonked Mom and Marrakech and Samsara when I got home and they headbonked me back. Yay! Nothing has changed here. I checked out the whole place--including the bedroom.

Good to be home. There's no place like home. I'm curling up for a nap now. Yawn!

Purrs, purrs, purrs.. zzzz.. zzzz...


Power of the Purr

July 19th 2010 10:49 pm
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I need everybody to join paws and purr really hard...

There's no place like home, there's no place like home...

My lady-friend, Shannon, says I look really good and is going to be calling in the morning to let Mom know if my radiation level is low enough to go home.

There's no place like home... There's no place like home...

Purrs, purrs, purrs...


Doing Well

July 18th 2010 1:07 pm
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My lady-friend, Shannon, called Mom this morning to let her know I'm doing well.

I've been telling Shannon all kinds of things. I even told her about the time Mom... mwah.. Mom told me not to be a chatterbox ...that I shouldn't go telling everyone our business--but Shannon is really nice--she won't tell anyone else.

Anway, I came out of my room this morning and started checking out the guest lounge. It's pretty neat, and they've got lots of nice toys too. And the food here is pretty good--it tastes just like the stuff I get at home.

Well, later. I'm off to my next adventure.

Purrs & Headbonks...


Sleep Away Camp

July 17th 2010 1:11 pm
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Hello mother, hello father.. here I am at..

Here for 5 days, getting radiation treatment for my feline hyperthyroid condition and writing to you from my posh mid-Manhattan perch at the NYC Veterinary Specialists.

It's awfully nice here, that is, except for the nasty sonogram and the iodine injection I got. But Dr. Erick Mears and my lady-friend who takes care of me, Shannon, and everyone here are awfully sweet.

Mom says I'm getting excellent care. Dr. Mears called to let her know the results of the sonogram before he started the radiation treatment, and then again to let her know that the treatment went well. And, yesterday morning, Shannon called Mom to let her know that I was doing well and that I also ate well from Thursday evening into yesterday morning (my appetite hasn't been good lately, and I shed the two pounds I had gained since Mom adopted me).

They even have these cute stethoscopes that have the picture of a cartoon kitty under a Lucite dome where the metal thingy is on everyone else's. Mom wants to know if that's what she's paying all that money for. She says that the Hello Kitty stuff is a lot less expensive.

Mom was hoping she could visit me. They told her that this is the only treatment for which, by law, you can't visit the patient. And whether I get to come home or not on Tuesday is dependant on my radiation level by that time. They told me if I pee and poop a lot, I get to go home sooner. (They say they don't mind the smell--Mom always holds her nose and uses that funny smelling spray.)

I've got a couple of my favorite toys and my blankie and a ratty old T-shirt of Mom's. Funny, the food here tastes exactly like it does at home. Do all people give us kitties the same thing? And I asked for tuna fish and they won't give it to me! Darn!

Mom says that she and Marrakech and Samsara miss me and can't wait for me to come home.

Purrs & headbonks...


Mistaken Identity

June 28th 2010 9:15 am
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The changes Mom puts me through.

First, I was a Birman, then a Himmy, now I'm back to Balinese that Bidawee said I was in the beginning. Mom realized a couple of months ago, after playing the breed game that she was being stupid. I'm a traditional Balinese!

Mom, you're not going to decide I'm a Sphinx or Peterbald next week, right?

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