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NO NO NO No more baby sisters!!!!

April 29th 2009 6:05 pm
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Now I know that Mom and Dad have really lost it. They got it into their heads that they want to round out the family with a Ragdoll kitten. Mommy just got off the phone with a breeder in PA who has just the bicolor girl that she wants. What about me? Do I get a vote? I don't want another sister to share my toys and my favorite nap spots with. Mommy was writing a check to send him a deposit and I did my best to stop her. I grabbed the pen over and over, trying to mess up what she was writing. I even bit that pen hard but she just kept writing. She said that this breeder is a Vet so we are really lucky to get this kitten. Gosh can you imagine having to live with a Vet??? It's bad enough getting stuck in a carrier and hauled off to visit the Vet. But at least we have a warning. Mom puts you in the car and you know you're doomed. But to live with a Vet? Poor kitties must never know when that nasty thermometer might get stuck up their butt. Mommy says the kitten's name will be Maggie. And she said we had better be nice because when Maggie grows up she will be bigger than any of us. Yikes! She was just born on April 19th (Allie's birthday) so we don't get to meet her until June or July. Gives me plenty of time to hide the toys under the stove. MOL


Trouble, Trouble....I'm looking for Trouble

March 23rd 2009 6:00 pm
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I've been spending my days looking for new ways to get into trouble. Just now I was sitting at the top of the cat tree eyeballing the top of the wardrobe closet and deciding if it was worth the leap. Nope! Mommy saw me and told me "don't even think about it" Too late Mom, clearly I WAS already thinking about it. She came home today to find all of the drawers of the tall dresser pushed open again. I was up inside the back searching for a place to take a nap but all of the stupid drawers were full of clothes again. Doesn't she know that it's rude to fill those drawers up when I need hiding places? Mommy just wishes she could have seen the dog's face when those drawers were opening up all by themselves. His bed is right in front so the bottom ones probably pushed right into him. I want to give our pal Oscar J a high five for learning to clear all the socks out of his Mommy's drawer which he described in his diary today. As soon as he can teach me how to do that with jeans and sweatshirts, I'll be a happy girl. Mommy is really seeing all of the fun she was missing while I was spending so many months not feeling well. She is pretty sure she would have killed me by now if I had not been sick. Or else I would have found a way to get myself hurt so badly that I would have wound up at the vet anyway. In fact, my illness that still might come back is the only reason she is being so patient with me now. They say that Himalayans came from breeding a Siamese with a Persian. She thinks my Siamese genes are in overdrive and I don't know anything at all about being a Persian. Those silly Persian sisters of mine don't know how to have fun at all. Napping is not an extreme sport.


I'm Doing MUCH better these days

March 16th 2009 8:04 am
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We went to see Dr. Berzon last week and he wants to see me in another month and sedate me so he can take a look and see if I am growing any more nasty polyps in my nose. He told Mommy that we won't be all done watching for at least a year. Mommy was a little concerned because I have been so lazy and quiet. She wasn't sure if it was normal (because the other adult kitties act that way all of the time) or if I was not feeling well. Turns out that it must have been all of the medication. I took my last dose of steroids and antibiotics last Tuesday and by the weekend I was a perfectly normal pain in the butt kitten. Every time somebody needed to use the bathroom, they had to remove me from my favorite napping spot in the sink. On Sunday, I made a gigantic leap from the cat tree to the top of the wardrobe closet where Mom keeps her coats. CRASH! But she was so happy that I felt like doing something crazy that she didn't even get mad. She just put me back on the floor so I climbed back up and did it again. This time she just left me there to figure out my own way down. I hope she didn't need that lamp that used to be on the dresser next to the wardrobe. MOL


Mommy's million dollar baby

February 25th 2009 6:14 pm
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Well, I'm home safe and sound. The doctor took a good look at me. I yowled a little when he stuck his scope in my right ear but he looked really good all the way down both ears and there was nothing going on in there. Phew! So he made me stay with him for the day so he could take a look under my palate and up my nose under "light sedation". Turns out I was growing another polyp in my left eustachian tube. So he took that out and I'm a little sore but I should be ok unless I decide to grow some more. Nobody knows why this is happening because polyps are rare in kittens. I have 2 kinds of yucky medicine for a week and Mommy has to take me back March 10th so he can poke at me again. Right now I am a little loopy. Been staring at mommy all night long but I don't really want anything. I just like looking at her and knowing that I am home. But I even purred for Dr. Berzon when he came to say goodbye so everybody says I am just a very nice kitty. Everybody loves me at the hospital. That stupid kitten Blaze has some kind of cooties in her butt (Giardia) so now we ALL have to take medicine. Even Max the dog. I don't have to start mine for a week until I heal from today's surgery but that just means I have that yucky stuff to deal with to when my own is done. Mommy says it's chicken flavored. We will have to see about that. Well, Mommy says it has been a stressful day. We are all going to bed early. Purrs to everybody and thanks for caring about me!


Looks like I'm not all better after all

February 24th 2009 7:22 am
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My breathing is all snorty again and Mommy says my breath smells like I have another infection. My doctor is making a special appointment for me tomorrow morning so he can see me right away. He told Mommy not to feed me or give me water in the morning in case he has to keep me there. Mommy is not as scared as before because now she knows how wonderful Dr. Berzon really is. But he thinks that my problem is someplace else, maybe in my other ear since he already took care of my right ear. I may need to have an MRI and that costs lots of money. Mommy is calling me her million dollar kitty. But I am trying to help her with her work so I can earn my share of the money. I have been putting my paws on her laptop all morning and helping her work on people's insurance. I don't know how she gets by on the days she goes in to the office without me there to help her. But I'm not quite done needing the purrs so keep thinking good thoughts for me.


I got my stitches out and no more cone on my head!!!

February 12th 2009 6:11 am
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I went to see my doctor on Tuesday and he took out my stitches. Mom held my head and they both said what a good girl I was. I didn't cry or even move. The doctor was very pleased with my recovery and was kind of surprised that I never had any problems with my eyes or face drooping. Guess he doesn't know just how good he really is at this. MOL I just have to go back in one month so he can make sure everything is perfect and then I should be all done with riding in the car for a while. Yay!! I love my carrier. We each have our own with a special blanket to tell them apart but we all love to play and nap in whichever one Mom leaves out. But I just don't like it when Mom locks me in it and I don't care for riding in the car. I talk to Mom while she drives just so she knows I am worried about where we are going and what is in store for me there. But I feel really good and I am back to beating up Blaze and helping Mom brush her teeth and waking her up for cuddles at 4:30 am. Purr, purr, purr. Just being myself!


Feeling better every day

February 3rd 2009 11:35 am
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I feel really good today! While I was waiting for Mommy to get my medicine and breakfast ready, I took off my e collar to help get ready. Mom's not sure how I did it but she thinks maybe one of my sisters untied the ribbon for me. But I got to keep it off all day because I promised not to scratch at my stitches. I was just napping most of the day so I didn't get into any trouble. But this afternoon I have been running around playing with a ball and chasing after my sister Blaze. Mommy wanted to tell me to calm down so I wouldn't get hurt but she was just so happy to see me playing that she didn't have the heart to stop me. Oh no!! I just got caught scratching. Here she comes with the cone!!! I have to run and hide now!!!!


I'm getting lots of attention

February 1st 2009 5:01 am
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Mommy cuddles me and feeds me and scratches my itches for me. She even made me a new cone out of soft foam so that it's not so hard to wear it all of the time. She couldn't find one at the store so she bought a regular one to trace and some craft foam and made it herself. I can have 6 different colors because she had to buy a whole package. It is squishy so I can reach the food and water when I want a snack but it covers my boo boo so I can't scratch it with my back feet. I get to take it off at mealtimes though so I can eat better but then I start scratching at that itchy boo boo on my neck and Mommy puts it back on. A nice kitty said to try infant socks on my back feet so Mommy is going to try that while she is still home to look after me. She is a little worried about going to work tomorrow but I guess I am getting a private room for the day again. It's going to be so lonely. I keep feeling like I REALLY need to groom myself. It's almost like an obsession because I even lick inside the cone because I can't reach my fur. Mommy hopes that it's just because my boo boo itches and that I will stop this when I get better. My sisfurs are trying to help. Bailey even washes my ears sometimes for me. I just wish I could get into the litterbox. I have to use this new one with no cover and there's just not enough privacy. I've been trying really hard to get into the covered ones. Bang Bang Bop. Either I can't get in or else Mommy has to help me get back out but I am determined to have my way. Phooey! Eight more days till the stitches come out and I can have my life back.


Day two and feeling pretty good

January 30th 2009 5:35 am
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Mommy gave me this medicine last night for the pain and I rolled right off the pillow onto the comforter. Plop! That's some GOOD stuff! But I only get to take that two more times unless I feel really bad and then Mommy will have to ask for more. Last night, me and Bailey and Max got to sleep with Mom but everybody else got kicked out. We had a good rest and then this morning Mommy took off the cone so I could have my breakfast and wash my face. I ate and drank water really well. But now the dreaded cone is back. I have to stay in the room where Mommy works with just Max because the little brat Blaze was being too rough. I am having a hard time figuring out why Mommy put litter in this plastic box. It looks like a potty but ours have covers on them so I am not too sure about this. So I roll around in the litter instead. And then I scoop some up in my cone. But last night, I went pee pee in it too. So I am just really confused. But my eyes are fine and no facial paralysis so Mom is hopeful that the worst is over. Muppet's Mom warned my Mommy that some of her problems came after a few days so Mommy is keeping a close watch for any bad signs. I wish Muppet could have had my doctor though. He was awesome and SOOOO nice to me and Mommy. Maybe things would have gotten better for her quicker if she could have had him to take care of her. Too bad she lives so far away. We are very happy that Muppet is better now and so grateful to have her Mom's advice. Well, it's time for my nap now. ZZZZZZZZZZZ


I'm home but I'm a cone head

January 29th 2009 9:29 am
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Mommy called this morning to see how I was doing and they said I was ready to go home!! Yay!! The other kitties told me Mommy jumped around in the kitchen yelling like a maniac. "My baby is coming home!!" Half of my head is shaved and there's a big boo boo under my neck. I have to wear this silly cone. (see embarrasing photos on my page) When I got home, Mommy put me in my special private room and I ran around smashing the cone into everything. Then I tried to jump on the desk so she put me on her lap instead and I just purred and purred. I am soooooo happy to see Mommy. There's this box that sort of looks like a potty but it has no cover so I thought I was just supposed to lay down in it instead. But Mommy said I wasn't supposed to do that. Mommy has to give me pain medicine twice a day and Clavamox too. And they told her to put warm washcloths on the boo boo every few hours to help it drain. The boo boo makes Mommy gag but she will do what she needs to to help me get well. I feel pretty good but Mommy says that's just the pain meds talking. Mommy's boss was very nice and said she can work at home tomorrow too so she can take care of me. I was not supposed to come home until Saturday so Mommy is grateful to have such a nice boss.

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