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PorkChops! It's what's for dinner!

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Gotcha Day!

September 26th 2012 3:16 pm
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4 years ago I was adopted!! Wow, it seems like yesterday! Thank you to my friends who helped me celebrate today! Colleen was busy at the bridge as she baked a HUGE cake for everyone to share with me! I'm happy to see she remembered I have BIG BROTHERS who LOVE food 'cause it's always a concern that we'll run out of food here :)

Mom gave me some moist food but I didn't want it, instead I ate the treats she gave me.

Thanks for making my day special!


Dog bed=comfy

September 16th 2012 9:39 pm
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In our living room we have a big circular bed that is originally the dog's bed. Lately me and Hondo have been taking residence on his bed.

Spoiled dog has plenty of beds. In fact, he has his own ottoman with custom blanket, he is starting to feel at home on the sofa and love seat, and he takes up so much room on the bed!!! Often Boogie, Fido and Ethan sleep with mom but sometimes I want to visit her but can't 'cause the three black/white animals take up so much room!

I'm only 10.5 pounds so it's not like I take up a lot of space. It's not easy being the smallest in the family that's for sure.


Subway diet

August 25th 2012 10:26 pm
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So mom hasn't had an appetite as of late but when she does eat, she gets Subway. I loveeeeeeeeee that delectable lunch meat!! I'm a fairly picky eater but I do love me some turkey and ham!!!

Of course, the trio: Boogs, and the twins, jump onto the table and try and get first dibs. Thankfully mom will let me have some even though I'm not ill mannered and don't jump on the table. It pays to be a GOOD boy :)

Hondo likes Turkey but Fido isn't much into human food. He's more about laying on mom's chest, stepping on her clavichord and demanding lovies when she's trying to get some beauty rest.

Again, I, don't do such behavior... No sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-eeeeeeeeeeee! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Almost July 4

July 2nd 2012 7:07 pm
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A day where us cats, well... Hondo, Mittens and sometimes Fido hide under the bed as they don't like the BOOM BOOM noises the firecrackers make. They are illegal in our state of VA but that never seems to matter. I enjoy them as does Boogie and Tiskers. The dog doesn't seem to mind but mom makes sure he's inside by 9pm so he doesn't get scared.

Mom grew up in MN and they are illegal there but not in WI. But regardless if they're legal or not, it's never enforced it seems. Mom wishes it could as we don't need a wild fire like poor Denver!!!

What worries mom is that it's so dry here that a spark could start a fire!! We did get rain last night so hopefully that helps the 95 degree heat.

Dad is off work for the 4th, a rare occasion! Mom is happy 'cause she doesn't like fireworks. They bought the fixins' for Smores!! I can't have them due to the chocolate.

Lambie is going to begrudgingly stay at Sully's 'cause he'll be safe from the BOOMS. He won't be safe from Sully though :P


Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeee!!!

June 26th 2012 8:55 am
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WOW!! What a way to wake up!! 330 cats including me celebrate their Birthday today!! I'm 4 today! And with Ragdolls and Main Coons, it takes us 4 years to get our full coloring, and I'm officially an adult now! We mature slower which explains why I'm a brat :)

Thanks for the pawmails everyone and Birthday serenade from Buddie! Ok, while I listen to him sing, I'd like to thank the following kitties for making my page all spiffy:

-Sully for the huge crown (and no, Lambie says your kitchen isn't done=not coming)
-Smiley Cassanova for my Beach Ball *pops the ball* Ooops
-My in laws Tessa and family for the replacement Ball! *phew*
-Newman for the ice cream cone that Boogie is eyeing up!
-My biological daddy Monte for TWO cuppycakes
-My half sister who is oh so beautiful, Karisma and family for the Bday hat!
-My family for the heart'cause they know I'm so sweet, mwhahahahha!
-Big Harry, aka COTD today for the ice cream!
-Monster for the Shrimpie
-Teebo and family for the ladybuggie
-Oly and family for the beach ball
-Colleen for the humungous cake which has been eaten all day by my friends :)
-Elsa for the ice cream!
-littleboy and family for the yummy watermelon!

I don't understand why mom is going to PetSmart later to get the DOG more food since it's MY day... But I will be watching "21 Jump Street" later tonight with my family as it's out on DVD today!


Cat Protection Service

June 4th 2012 9:33 am
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I have to agree with catster member littleboy!! I might need to hire the CPS (Cat Protection Service).

The injustice being locked in the bathroom for 12 hours!!! Mom always does a head count but she's blaming dad for not replenishing the TP in the hall bath. I just snuck in :)

So yes, it was DAD'S FAULT!!! Yup yup!

At least I didn't set off the security alarm like catster member Monster (see comments in the last diary). OMC!!!

For now, I forgive this damaging experience, but next time the claws are coming out and I WILL BE TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR A NEW HOME!!!!


Up for adoption!!

June 2nd 2012 6:55 pm
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:( You will never believe what mommy did to me!!

So today she got up at 5am to show support for daddy's cycling race. She used the guest bathroom around midnight and noticed we were out of TP so she went and got some. She then shut the door and went to bed.

5 am she wakes up and by 6 am they're off to the race. Daddy got #12 out of #50 and then they went and got lunch and drove an hour back home. They got home around noon.

Mom was tired and went upstairs to take a nap and heard ME CRYING!! "MEOWWWWWWW, MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" She was looking for me and found me in the guest bathroom!!

I WAS STUCK IN THERE FOR 12 HOURS!! Please someone adopt me and give me a proper home!! HMPH!!! When she found me she was all, "Ooooooooo Porkers!! Who left you in here?!?!" I ran away from her! I WAS MAD!! A few minutes later I ran upstairs and used the box. Geeze mom!!

I'm up for adoption!! Contact ME not my mom for further instructions!!


Strolling with Lambie and CRANKY TISKI!!!!

May 5th 2012 5:25 pm
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First off, Tiski is... GROUNDED!! More on that in a bit.

So mom and dad have been busy planting two Crepe Mertyle trees and then mom made dinner while Dad mowed. They finally got a breather and decided to take me and Tiski strolling.

I always sit in the front with Lambie! ALWAYS! Tiski, the moment he joined me and Lambie was HISSING! GROWLING!!! So mom and dad tried strolling two blocks. Saw a neighbor and they were talking (mom's never met the wife) and she has 5 cats. But wouldn't you know it? Tiski was all CRANKY!!! Mom said he is GROUNDED!

It gets worse! The moment we got into our garage, dad shut it and let Tiski out. Tiski HISSED, GROWLED, SPAT at daddy! And then when he was inside he smacked Hondo, smacked Boogie!!!

Mom felt bad for me so I went with Fido after.

SHEESH!! Jealous of me and Lambie much?!?!


I'm going???

April 7th 2012 11:07 am
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So mom told me she had a weird dream and woke up and was thankful it was a dream! She had a dream I was wanting to live with the lady who bred me almost 4 years ago. Apparently mom was upset but "I" was just going to stay with her for a while. NO idea why, but I wanted to!

Mom said I shouldn't get ideas!

Mom said I'm STUCK with her and daddy no matter what "I" want!

Meanwhile not much is new here. I'm still picking on the big boys as I KNOW I'm alpha, even though the others say else wise. I still like to sit in the litter box just to gross mom out :) Yup, I'm a paw-full!!!


Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'!!!

March 12th 2012 7:03 pm
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So I've mentioned before that I have (in the past) sat in the litter box. The last time I did this was when I first came home and when we were moving and my parents had packed the robots away.

So now that we have 1 robot, 2 GIGANTIC regular boxes to accommodate Hondo's behavior, I use the GIGANTIC box.

Today I got busted... Busted for...

ROLLIN' IN THE LITTER BOX on my back!! Imagine it, me rollin' like I had flees or something all over me... ROLLIN'!!! ROLLIN'. Don't fret, the boxes were scooped clean but Grandpaw of ALL PEOPLE ratted me out!! Mom heard him say, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and mom was informed of said behavior!!!

I didn't want to leave but Grandpaw had to take me by my scruff and pull me out!! He's a party pooper!

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