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PorkChops! It's what's for dinner!

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C'mon Unkie Nikko!!

December 18th 2009 12:19 pm
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My Unkie Nikko is very ill right now :( He might have a UTI or crystals as he was crying while trying to your-in-ate!!! Please send him purrrs and I'm keeping my Unkies in my thoughts!

Very thankful Nurse Pansy was kind and sent us some zealies 'casue I was able to send *UNKIE NIKKO* big purrrs!!


I'm a DDP!

December 15th 2009 5:37 am
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Wow, so often my evil brothers are DDP but today, I am da man!!! And I share it with Sampson who's family seems to be on a roll with DDP's!

Thank you Tate for my snowman :) Please friends, save your rosettes. We feel bad that we have ZERO gifities to send out until our stash comes in on Boogie's bday, December 23!!! We really wish Catster would give cats with multiples in their family more zealies... 30 doesn't cut it... I think Boogie eats them or something :)



Lambie got Shrunked!!

December 10th 2009 5:15 pm
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OMC! Meowmy, Sully shrunk my Lambie!! And and and... He multiplied into 2!! One for me and one for Tiski!!! *gasp*

MOL!!! Nahhhh, Sully and family were kind enough and surprised me and Tiski with 2 catnip lambies!

I KNOW RIGHT?!?! LAMBIES stuffed with NIP!! OMC!! They are super cute!!! I know the word "Shrunked" isn't a word, but I said it is, so there! *sticks tongue out*

Can you believe this?!?! Pansy finally got a Pony and me and Tiski got NIP LAMBIES! I've never seen such a thing!! Oh I gotta take a photo shoot with Lambie Nippers 'cause it's so cool! Thanks guys!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee


New type of Rabies Vacc!

December 8th 2009 5:41 am
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So I had my vet tech appointment today as I was due for my Rabies shot (in 2 weeks I get the Fvrcp). Anyway this new rabies vaccination, "Purevax" is more gentle on the system and is new. It is only a 1 year vaccination vs. the 3 year Rabies. I don't know if it's more as I don't recall the price of the old vaccinations, but this was $29.50. So ask your vet about it :)

Boogie said his pal Orca had a bad reaction during his last rabies shot as it left a big lump (round) near the needle injection site. We've also heard that some cats react bad. None of us have, but we thought we'd try it as our Vet spoke highly of it!

I'm still under 11 pounds though... DANGIT!


It's NOT funny!

December 6th 2009 6:25 pm
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Mom is in the computer room and she is laughing... I told her, "It's NOT funny!"

I decided to pick on Mittens (seriously he's 9 pounds heavier than me and I don't care!) and I was boxing with him and I stood on my buttocks, and lifted both of my arms, and started to swing!

My ears were ALL FLAT and what does Mittens do? He just stares at me and then decides to take a nap!

IT IS NOT FUNNY!!!! I wanna box and he's too fat and lazy!!! So I swung again and Mittens got up and LEFT!!!!


First Snow!

December 5th 2009 7:18 am
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MEOW!!! SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! And it's still coming! Normally in No. VA it doesn't snow until LATE December, or usually, January. But it's snowing! I've been staring out the window for a while now. Everyone was really, but they got bored.

I don't remember it last year. Granted I was a kitten but now I'm a big boy. Mom is snuggling with Tiski and Boogie with a nice comforter over her. She's freezing even though our heat is at 75. Nice and toasty but mom gets cold (and hot) easily.

She keeps eying up my fur...


Blast that Sully!

December 1st 2009 6:38 pm
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Mr. Sullivan, aka Lambie snatcher, is at it again... Sure, I "LENT" him my Lambie sometime ago. I admit, I almost forgot about that as he hasn't been tormenting me as much.

But alas, I see he updated his Catster page and has my Lambie HARD AT WORK doing his dirty work! I do not believe my Lambie wants to go outside in the cold Canadian weather while distributing gifts to all the GOOD kitties. I think I might take my lambie back!

Interesting too is that my Lambie seems to have multiplied! I am wondering if Sully cloned my Lambie??? If so, surely that's an EVIL act from an EVIL cat who doesn't deserve anything for Catmas?? I might have to have a meow with a few cats about this...


Happy Gobble Gobble!

November 26th 2009 12:39 am
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I'm so thankful that the main protein dish during Turkeyday isn't PorkChops but rather, Turkey's!!! :)

I'm thankful that I know where my daddy Monte is at all times!

I'm thankful that I have an awesome furever home, brothers to pick on, my LAMBIE!!! MINE!!! And friends to meow with :)



November 18th 2009 5:11 pm
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*whimpers* Earlier today I had what Colleen says is a "Kling-on" on my bum. Mind you, the other day I had to have a mini bath 'cause it left a streak on my white fur under my tail... That wasn't fun but it was better than what happened today!

AGAIN I got a icky kling-on, but it wouldn't budge... It wouldn't wipe off with water or wipes... Mom was going to try and cut it out while dad held me but it was TOO close to my skin :(

So she had to gently *glares at mom* pull it off my bum area. I let out a small whimper and mom felt SO bad. SHE SHOULD! It hurt! My pantaloons are trimmed back there. It's NOT easy having LONG hair back there.. Funny how only me and Mittens fall victim to this...




November 17th 2009 8:51 pm
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I just read Harry's diary and he tagged me! He's my handsome brother in law :)

I'm supposed to list 5 things I'm thankful for and then tag 5 friends. OK

1. I'm thankful I have pawsome parents and siblings!

2. I'm thankful that my pawrents don't force moist on me 'cause I really don' t like it...

3. I'm thankful that my daddy Monte has a furever home and that we both can keep in contact :)

4. I'm thankful that Grandpaw will be living with us next year as I miss him along with meowmy!

5. I'm thankful for all my friends on Catster!!!

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