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Miko's Meowings

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Upstairs Kitty

September 8th 2010 1:33 pm
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Since Mom and Dad brought those DOGS into our house I have become an upstairs kitty. I refuse to come downstairs when the dogs are not locked in the kitchen.

Mom and Dad put the dogs in the kitchen when they are not at home and at night when everyone is sleeping. This is where they stay so they can not chew on things when nobody is watching. My dog brothers are still puppies and they have chewed a lot of things they are not supposed to like the walls, door frames and the kitchen cabinets.

I do come downstairs to sleep with Mom and Dad at night. Mom puts the dogs to bed about an hour before her and Dad go to bed and then I come down to get petted and go to sleep. The past few nights I have even come down to the landing to watch the dogs while they are out.

Mom is hoping that I will eventually come downstairs when the dogs are out but she doesn't think that will happen until they grow up a little and stop being puppies. I think she is right. I am the biggest cat in the family, as big as the dogs, but I am a scaredy cat. I hide whenever the doorbell rings or when Mom and Dad bring someone into the house.

My life upstairs is okay since I have two rooms to myself, a very big cat tree to lounge on, my own litter box, and plenty of food and water, and NO DOGS. The dogs are not allowed to come upstairs. My sister Maui stays with me for the most part. Sometimes she leaves to go downstairs, even when my dog brothers are out, but she always comes back. Mom and Dad come to visit me periodically and love on me so I am not left without attention.

Loving Purrs,
Miko the Upstairs Kitty


Tagged by my sisfur Mimu

July 28th 2010 8:31 pm
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I've been tagged by my sisfur Mimu!!! She has invited the whole family to play since she thought it was so fun to let our furiends know more about us.

Thanks fur tagging me Mimu >^..^<

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?
No. For the most part I like to sleep between Dad's legs at night and I get up when he does. Every once in a while I get up during the night and stoll around the house but I try to stay very quiet.

2. Do you ever tear up things?
Sometimes. I like to tear the tails off my mousies and I tear up my sisfur Maui's little paper balls. MOL

3. What is your favorite treat?
Pounce Crunchy Treats in any flavor but Turkey is definitely my favorite. Mom feeds us a small handful each just before bedtime.

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?
I am Siamese so I can fetch but I haven't done that since I was a kitten. It is more fun to let Mom do the fetching.

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?
Yes. I spent my first 6 months living with an older lady. When Dad went to fix her cable he commented on how much I looked like his cat Mea. The lady asked if he wanted me. Mom came to meet me and I came home to my forever home. Mom and Dad think the lady was afraid of me tripping her because I like to walk around your legs when you are walking.

To all my friends who are reading this and want to play the tag game: YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! >^..^<

Copy & paste this entry into your diary. Delete my answers and Tag furriends names and add yours. Be sure to mention or thank the furriend who Tagged you!

Loving Purrs,


Update on Mom

June 21st 2010 8:11 am
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Thank you furiends for all the purrs for my Mom!!!

Mom was sprung from the hospital on Thursday. Dad brought her home and she will spend another week here with us before she will be able to return to work. The doctor said that Mom had a very bad sinus infection and the start of pneumonia. He gave her all kinds of yucky pills to take and told her to get plenty of rest. She goes back to visit him on Tuesday.

Mom is feeling a little better but says she is still weak and just needs rest now. My brother and sisters and I have all been helping her to rest. We have all been taking turns hanging out with her in bed and on the couch. She says that she didn't even have this many nurses watching over her when she was in the hospital. MOL

Going to check on Mom now.

Loving Purrs,


Dogs! Who Needs Them.

May 18th 2010 3:14 pm
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As most of you already know, I have two new dog brothers. They are 6 month old dachshunds named Kaiser and Jaeger. Well I have to say who needs them. Those yippee little brothers (and yes they are smaller than me) run all over the place trying to play with me. They chase me and try to jump on me when they are allowed out where us cats are.

What EVER possessed my Mom and Dad to get dogs? I don't want to play with dogs. I have already tried explaining this to Jaeger when he tried to come under the bed where I was hiding. I swatted at him and caught him right on the end of the nose with my claws out. He yelped and ran away like a good dog but then he came right back. I guess being a puppy he requires more training.

Mom says we will all become friends but I am not so sure about that. I hide whenever those boys are around.

Headed back into hiding for now.

Loving Purrs,


We Have Two New Brothers....

April 1st 2010 9:40 am
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We have two new brothers and they are D-O-G-S.

When Mom and Dad left for work yesterday everything was normal at my house. When Dad came home he brought two dachshuns with him. Then Mom came in with all kinds of bags and boxes. There were dog beds, dog dishes, dog toys, and a gate that stops us from going into our kitchen. Everything was crazy until about 10 pm when it finally settled down and the dogs had a chance to settle in.

We have all been taking turns sitting at the gate and staring at those dogs. Mom wonders if we are trying to tell them that it is our house and we don't want any Dog Brothers. Really it doesn't bother me. They are only half my size and I still have claws. MOL

Our new brothers have been named Kaiser and Jaegar. Mom is working on their pages now and hopes to have them done by Monday.

Loving Purrs,


Sad News...

January 21st 2010 1:00 pm
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Dear Friends,

We are sorry to tell you of the sad sad news of not being able to adopt Frankie. He was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia on Tuesday and mom can't put the five of us at risk of Feleuk. This was devastating news for both of our families.

We have been waiting to tell our friends until Frankie's mom was able to update his diary. This morning she posted the following:

Sad News but with a Some What Happy Ending
Dated: January 21, 2010

Hi My Dear Catsters:

I'm sorry I haven't written in the last couple of days but Mom has just been sick to her stomach, devastated and her heart was broken into a million pieces. She had taken me to the vet on Monday to get a Feleuk test and then to get vaccinated. The first test came back positive so Dr. Peggy ran another test and had it sent out to make sure it wasn't a false positive. Dr. Peggy called my Mom Tuesday afternoon and told her the sad news. I had Feline Leukemia, though it is not contagious to humans it can be to other cats. Mom called Miko's Mom right away and gave her the sad news, it was so devastating to both families and Mom completely understood that Miko's Mom did not want to put her family in any contact with Feleuk. Mom has been fostering me in her spare bedroom trying to find a foster/permanent home with no other kitties. I'm a healthy guy from the exam that Dr. Peggy gave me and she told Mom I can live another five to seven years.

Mom had called her friend Bonnie that helps out feeding the ferals (Mom has been doing it seven days a week for over a year) to see if maybe she could help find me a home. Bonnie called this morning and told Mom her next door neighbor Vicky is willing to foster Frankie until she leaves at the end of May (she's a "snowbird" and lives here in the winter and goes back to Idaho in the summer). She has no other animals and can give me the quiet enviorment and loving until Mom can find me a "forever home" to call my own. Mom has just been so worried the last two nights and knows the bad breaks that I've had in my life. It started out sad but has a somewhat happy ending. Mom also didn't give up on me.

I again want to sincerely thank Gleek, who got the ball rolling in my adoption and to Miko, his Mom and family for taking the first step in wanting to take me in as their own. You all will forever be my hero's and angels here on earth. Words right now cannot express my sincere gratitude and love.

Also, just because a cat has or is diagnonsed with Feline Leukemia does not mean in any terms a "death sentence" as it was only a few years ago. We can live long and healthy lives and can even live with other cats that have Feleuk. Please don't panic if your cat is diagnonsed with the disease, read up on all the information you can find(they have loads on the intenet) and ask questions to your vet.
Thank you so much my furfriends and Mom will keep in contact with my foster Mom on a weekly basis and continue to write in my diary.
********************************************************** ****************

We are so happy that Frankie has found a temporary home and we will try very hard to help his mom to find him a "forever home" of his very own. Please purr for Frankie to find his "forever home".

Love and Purrs,
Miko and Family


Adopting Frankie

January 15th 2010 12:23 pm
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Yesterday mom was reading our furiends diary entries to us. One of these was Gleek's Diary titled "Frankie!" . Gleek's entry was about an abandoned kitty named Frankie who needed a forever home. Well, Frankie lives very close to us and we are furiends with the kitties whose mom has been taking care of him.

Mom really wanted to help find Frankie a forever home. Dad had told mom when Maui came to live with us that we were at our limit. Mom just couldn't let Frankie live outside behind a hotel when we have a big house that he could live in, so she decided that she had to work on dad. She e-mailed him a link to Frankie's Catster page and titled the e-mail with a question mark. When she talked to dad later he said that he knew she was going to pester him all weekend until she wore him down. You see dad always gives in to my mom because he loves her. By 10:30 pm mom was e-mailing our kitty furiends to see if Frankie was still adoptable. Mom asked them to have their mom give her a call so they could talk about Frankie. You see dad had given in and it didn''t even take a whole day. hehe

This morning mom got the call and the two of them talked about how Frankie would be picked up, taken to the vet for FIV testing, and then fostered for a few days. If all goes well, Frankie should be coming to live with us sometime around next weekend. He will have the upstairs to himself for a week or two until we all get adjusted to each other. Mom and dad will take turns sleeping with him at night so he can get used to them too.

We can't wait to meet Frankie. I will try to keep all my furiends posted on what is going on with the adoption.

Love and Purrs,


Seasons Greetings!

December 24th 2009 3:05 pm
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Seasons Greatings, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate I wish you the best filled with the joy of friends and family.

We are going to celebrate a quite Christmas here. All of Mom and Dad's families live in other states so pressies were shipped out weeks ago. Mom and Dad will call them on Christmas day. Mom is sick so she said we will just be relaxing for Christmas and opening a few pressies we have under the tree.

We are relaxing now while waiting for Dad to arrive home from work. I am going to go nap so I can dream of Santa Claws and his eight tiny reindeer. May you have a safe and happy holiday.

Love and Purrs,


Feeling My Oats?

October 20th 2009 11:05 am
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My Mom and Dad have been so busy lately that Mom just hasn't had the time to help 5 of us write diary entries. She said she has finally got a breather (whatever that is) from helping Dad with his photography business and will try to get our diaries updated.

They have been preparing for an upcoming Greyhound Pets of America Annual Picnic that is going to be next Saturday. Dad is going to be a vendor. He will be taking photos of the puppies and their families which he will be selling along with 200 prints that he and Mom just got finished matting.

Mom said that after next weekend she will finally have a chance to relax for a weekend before starting any new projects. Sounds like we will be having a little more time with Mom and Dad.

My family and I have all been well. Mom says that I am feeling my oats (What does she mean by that?). Normally I am the shy big guy but lately I have taken to swatting my little sisters whenever they get to close. Just one swat for good measure. I have also decided that the little paper balls my sister Maui likes to carry around are fun for me to play with to. I like to shred them into little tiny pieces when nobody is looking. *hehehe* I think my sister has too many of those things anyways. I'm sure she won't miss one or two.

Must let the rest of the family have their turns. Talk to you all soon.

Love and Purrs,


Back to Normal

August 30th 2009 7:24 pm
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Things are almost back to normal around my house. Mom and Dad are finally back from vacation. Dad has already returned to work and Mom goes back tomorrow.

It is really nice to have them back. This means that I do not have to hide behind the couch everytime my kittysitter comes in to feed us. I don't like strangers in my house. Even though the kittysitter is Mom's ex-huband and visits every now and then I won't come out when he is here.

I was a good boy and didn't hide when my Mimi was here visiting. She was very nice. She petted me and told me what a beautiful kitty I am. I really like my Mimi. She can come and visit me any time she wants as long as she doesn't take Mom and Dad away over night. Mimi said she is coming back in April and I can't wait.

I made Mom promise that the next time she and Dad take time off from work it will be a staycation. I don't like those vacation things. I get really lonely without my Mom and Dad to sleep with me.

Love and Purrs,

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