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We are Manny and Mo

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From Klancy

December 10th 2008 10:51 am
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Hi Evfurry Cat!

It's me, Klancy. Well, I have some good and some bad news today.
The bad news is we found out I have some major birth defects and may need surgery. My back leg bones are fused together so I cannot run walk and jump like other cats. My foot is connected to my knee with no chance to bend or flex it. I don't mind. My mommy loves me and I get around okay. Besides, she would carry me everywhere if I had trouble.

Now, the good news is I picked up ANOTHER job! I will also be visiting the elders in the Alzheimer home up the street. So thats two places I can go every week to spread my love and good cheer. What lucky people!

I think Kozmo might do well as a therapy cat too, but mom says we have to wait as he is too silly to do serious work yet! MOL

Love to all,

Tiny Tim.... er I mean Klancy!


Dr. Klancy, Therapy Cat!

December 2nd 2008 4:52 pm
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The House Of K's Announces that Klancy has passed his first test as a therapy cat!

Klancy went to visit the seniors today in the assisted living place across the street. He was a big hit. Mr smooth, played with the old folks and never once complained. He hated to come home.

Mum took him to a big parlor and shut the doors, so he could run around and play. He circled the room and then let everyone pet him. He even jumped up on the piano and played a tune. (well, we're not really sure what it was)

He had a blast and sat on mums lap on the ride home. Then he jumped to the back window of the car and said, No, Mum, I want to stay longer.

But he's in now and chilling wif his bros!


WWF Introduces the Flying Fighting Felines Tag Team

November 18th 2008 8:25 pm
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That's right! We are the newest addition to the World Wrestling Federation. The Flying Fighting Felines.

Mom says we remind her of the Bushmen, an old Australian tag team. Well at least Kozmo does.

Kozmo is now going under the stage name of Gaydolf Kitler because of his mustach and Klancy is Dark Knight.

So we wrestle on the rug and while Kozmo gets pinned down by Kramer, Klancy lauches himself from the sofa to a full body slam on Kozmo. HEY Wrong guy. You're supposed to be helping me.

At night we practice our training skills by running up and down the stairs a few times and by running up and down mommy a few times.

Kramer just says "yeesh!"
Mommy is not amused and dad has just given up.



November 15th 2008 1:19 pm
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Whatever does mom mean? We think we are lovely cats, but she is not amused that someone climbed all the way to the top of the kitchen cabinets and knocked over her antique teapot. And someone got into the fireplace and tracked soot all over the house. And someone else got out on the balcony and jumped to the balcony below. And someone else climbed up the wall and ate one of moms hats which were pinned up high. And someone else knocked over all her doll boxes.

Well WE didn't do it!


We are "Special" Cats

November 11th 2008 6:03 pm
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Mom has just found out we have a birth defect called horned paws. It does not seem to deter us, but our paws have claws growing out of the pads of our feet. She read up on it, and it must be genetic since we both have them. Klancy has a large one on one paw that looks and grows just like a claw. Kozmo's are smaller and harder to see.

Mom says Kozmo is a silly boy. His face makes her smile and she can't typeetyyyyyyyyyyyy (see) without him helping. Yes, that was actually Kozmo.

Klancy is a limp kitty. Whenever you pick him up he just relazes and falls asleep in that position.

What funny boys.



October 7th 2008 5:47 am
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Well, this thing they call the daddy came home last night and we are NOT impressed. He doesn't play, he doesn't feed us and he kicked us off his head when we climbed up on there in bed.

Threw our entire routine off.

Mom kept telling us daddy was coming home and we kept asking "whats a daddy"? So this big guy shows up and plunks himself down in Kramer's recliner, pops a can of something and starts to snore!

How uncouth! We checked him out, did our usual cat scan and he did pick us up and give us a little cuddle, but nothing like mom and nothing like we deserve!

He was VERY rude when we attacked his feet in bed last night. Pushed us OFF OUR BED!

Well, mom is at work, and he is home alone, so lets see what happens to him today!


Mo here again.... I must be the family reporter

October 6th 2008 8:29 am
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You know, when mom first met us, she had a pretty good idea of our personalities. She thought I would be a little debbil and Manny would be laid back and calm.

Well, I am a little bit of a debbil, but I am not brave. I like to sit back and check things out and then make my move. I love my big brother Kramer and I love my mommy. Sleeping with (on) my mommy is the best thing on earth. But again, I wait til Manny gets there first and then join in.

On the other hand, Manny IS so calm that he practically melts in your hands, but he HAS NO FEAR. He has been caught in the fridge, the dishwasher, the washing machine, he jumps up on the counters. Someday he'll get burned. Yesterday h snuck out on the balcony and mom caught him walking the railing, three stories up. He only weighs four and a half pounds.

So yesterday mom's friend came to help paint the bathroom. A nice rusty brown, she calls it. What do I know, I'm colorblind! And Manny was right in there trying to help. He stuck his paw IN the paint can and then ran. Mom went flying after him. There were brown paw prints, all over the hardwood in the living room, up the stairs, in one bedroom, in the hall, into the other bedroom and under the bed.

Mom finally caught him and soaped him down. He was like a paintbrush, You wash, more paint comes out. Mom was not amused.

But because I was so good, I got a little cheese as a treat. Manny might starve to death.

So picture what dad will say when he comes home tonight and sees their new "printed" bedroom carpet!



Mean Mommy

October 2nd 2008 6:31 am
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She's mean, we tell you. MEAN!

Number One - We STILL don't have names. Are we Manny and Mo? Are we Lenny and George? Are we Clancy and Clemenza?
Or still No No and Stop Don't?

AND she had the nerve to take us out to the V-*-* to have our nails done. Not your garden variety snip and trim. She made us get those fancy Lee Press on nails for cats! Now when we try to jump on the arm of the chair there is this pathetic moment, when we look terrified as we realize we're not gripping anything, then we slowly slide back to the floor. AND SHE LAUGHS AT US!

We'll get her!

Well, maybe. She still is awful warm and we love to sleep with her. The other night Mo fell asleep in the crock of her arm and stayed there all night. He was upside down, belly and snoring. Then he had a dream and his little body wriggled all over the place.

Last night we both slept on top of her, so she couldn't move. It was nice and comfy. We started off in her arm and we both purred together. Then funny--- we both fell into deep sleep. (Kitty REM) and stopped purring at the same time and began to snore.

Kramer still isn't too happy with us. Mom locks us out of the bathroom so he can have special time in the tub without us bothering him.

Manny and Mo


Manny's in the Doghouse!

September 23rd 2008 8:20 am
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(Written by Mo)

I may be silly, but I'm not stoopid. Even I know we DONT BITE THE MOMMA!

Manny was a real pest last night. Mom was doing that thing she does with a needle and thread and Manny just wouldn't give up. She was sitting and he'd jump up and try to grab it from her. She'd say, NO NO STOP DONT, BAD KITTY and put him on the floor. Then he'd jump up and try it all over again. What does he think? If he gets put on the floor and hops right back up, she'll think it's a different kitty and let him have it. Dummy!

Then mommy had chicken for supper. Now we all like chicken, but I know when to stand back and wait for a treat. El Piggo Manno, hops up in her face sticks his mouth IN her mouth and BITES HER!

Let's just say there was no chicken for that chicken picken little pig!




September 18th 2008 7:19 am
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Dad is away and won't be home for a few weeks. Silly man didn't know he had new babies!

Well, mom finally told him and he said " !@#(*& ^#@^ ^~_@*%^@#%%~@_#^~" Or something like that.

Then the next day he called and said he had a dream about cuddly black cats. Mom said that was US! So dad says we can stay, but he may change our names. We'll have to see about that. (we were staying anyway! MOL)

Mom has been sick so we stayed right by her side and helped her with everything she had to do.

She talks funny when we help her. "Don't help me. Get out of there, leave that alone. Get out of the fireplace, OUCH. NO NO! Bad kitty!"

So we must be abig help to her.

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