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Life of a large deaf kitty

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Excuuuussssseeee ME???

October 11th 2011 2:43 pm
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What bees going on heres Catster??? Why a D O G be DOTD on CATSTER???? This bees for us cats, not the droolers!!! Please fix dis injustice. I speak on behalf of cats efurrywhere, when i's says CATS RULE!!!!


Sad Mews

October 7th 2011 6:28 pm
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I am sorry to have to let everyone know, but Zach and Zoe's doggie brother, Tux, left for the bridge at 6:20 this evening . Our purrs are with their family tonight,

Tux, Dogster ID 1169110

if you are only on catster,
Zach ID 1169986
Zoe ID 1169994

Please remember Tux tonight, and purr peaceful purrs for his family.

Rest easy, Sweet Tux


Big day comming

September 28th 2011 2:39 pm
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Sunday, Oct 16 is National Feral Cat Day!!! The catfather would ask that...if you can, set a little "something special" out for all our feral brothers and sisters. They need it, more than we do. We told daddy to cut our wet in half that day, and share with them.
Winters coming, sooner than you think. Please remember the ferals during the winter, as food is hard to come by!!
Thank you all for being the kind, generous kitties thay you are

Purrs, from The Catfather


Goodbye to a special furriend

September 20th 2011 1:45 am
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It is with a sad heart, that I must let efurry one know, that our dear old furriend, Balty, has made his journey to the bridge. He swas a very special guy. loved by all.Baltimore, you will be missed. Fly free, my friend.
Sad purrs,
The Catfather

Balty- #493721



September 12th 2011 4:23 pm
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We are having problems with our catster account. It says it can't send e mails to daddy. Tried another mail, but same thing. So until this can be fixed, ( on their end...not ours) This will be any of us last diary for a while, as we may not even be able to access catster. Just getting in to do this took almost an hour. We will be here...IF we can.. Catster, please fix!!! ( this is the ONLY site we are having this problem with)
So, friends, until we can get back on the site...



September 11th 2011 3:33 pm
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Tink is ok everyone!!! Just got a p mail from her. the town was evac'ed. They are home now, and ok!!! What great news!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!



September 8th 2011 5:14 pm
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Mother Nature...enough is enough, already!!! We have now entered historic rain in the mid-atlantis and NY. Port deposit in MD is being evacuated. The conowingo dam will have 50 flood gates open by tomorrow nite/sat morning. ( there were only 38 open during agnes) Harrisburg, Wilkes-barre, Binghampton all in SERIOUS trouble. We need purrs for all our furriends here. ( wees be fine, we're way up high. If we flood...Noah has come back). Haven't heard from Tink or Skylar, or anyone in this area!! Please let everyfur know if you're ok. They just closed I-95 in dc, Virginia side!
This is very serious, friends. Purrsc are badly needed.
Worried purrs from the Catfather


fly free, sweet friend

September 6th 2011 3:00 pm
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It is with a sad heart, the catfather must let you know of a sweet friend who has gone to the bridge. Allie Kat, #1023463, was hit by a vehicle on 9/1. Please stop by her page and offer good purrs. Allie, you will be missed.



September 3rd 2011 9:10 am
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Ok, wees haven't updated for a while. Daddy been busy. so heres it goes:
2 of the kits have homes, Snow and Novi will be gone iin the next 2 weeks. STILL looking for homes for Forrest, Sweetie and Spot!
Daddy's been working like crazy. He even has to work on labor day!!! Better be lots of treats after this is over!!
Everyfur is fine, Kringle is still crazy!! Gypsy hisses at the kits ,when she thinks noone is looking, daddy caught her playing with Sweetie! And Gypsy has been loving on Tigger!!
Irene cause us no damage, sept for daddy's cell. it got wet at work sat. nite, and now don't work. More monies out da door!!!
Lastly, we hope all have a safe holiday weekend,and stay safe. and purr for the gulf coast kitties, as Lee is giving them quite a bath!!!


A Moment

August 25th 2011 2:45 pm
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If I could have a moment of your time.
First, purrs are needed for all the east coast furs. Hurricane Irene's path has shifted...west. This is very bad mews from the carolinas to maine. Thw big cities WILL be hit, especially New York and Philly, almost head on. Boston, Baltimore and DC Will as of now be less than 100 miles from the eye. This could be a very bad weekend. Purrs of safety needed here, as they are calling this a 100 year hurricane for maryland thru mass.
Second, The kits are 8 weeks old. 3 homes still needed. Spot, Sweetie and Forrest G STILL need homes. Can some kind furs please step forward and help.
Lastly, purrs needed for Daddy. He will be working 8Pm-11Pm Saturday nite, then driving 60 miles home DURING Irene
Thank mew so much
Your friend, The Catfather

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