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Life of a large deaf kitty

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catfather's crew

February 22nd 2012 3:37 pm
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OK, After carefuls thought, I's knows I's getting old. So. i"s has decided to name the official Catfather Crew. There will be regular crew, in training and angel crew. The duties are to help mees looks out for all da kitties.

Today, I's will name da Catfather in training. Every day after, I's will name a new member of da crew.

OK, da catfather in training, who will take my place when the time comes, is from my family...7 months old, and 13 lbs already!!!

It's Spot, my look alike!!!

Tomorrow, i will name the 3 leaders of the crew!!

Purred from da Catfather


Help needed asap. catster in need

February 18th 2012 5:32 pm
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Please go to Art Blakey's diary, they need our help, despirately ching_to_the_beat_of_my_own_drum/765994

I know i can count on catsters to help!!
God bless all of you, and hug your humans tonite!



February 16th 2012 4:05 pm
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another poem from FeLV talk

“I Am Always With Her”

And God Asked the Feline Spirit,
Are you Ready to Come Home?
Oh Yes, Quite So, Replied the Precious Soul,
“And As a Cat, You Know I Am Most Able To
Decide Anything For Myself…Are You Coming Then? Asked God.
Soon, Replied the Whiskered Angel, For You See, I Must Come Slowly,
For My Human Friend is Troubled and Sad and She Needs Me Quite Certainly…

Doesn’t She Understand, Asked God, “That You Will Never Leave Her”
That Your Souls Are Intertwined For All Eternity…
That Nothing Is Created or Destroyed!
It Just Is…Forever and Ever…

Eventually She Will Understand, Replied the Glorious Cat
For I Will Whisper Into Her Heart That I Am Always With Her!
“I Just Am, Forever and Ever”


Sad Mews

February 10th 2012 12:48 pm
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I have some sad mews everyfur.
Guido's brofur, Yolo, will be going to the bridge tomorrow. He has FIP

If you could go to his page, and leave a few king words, i know it will be appawciated

Yolo, you will be missed by every life you touched, and will never be forgotten, my friend.

{urred from a very sad Cafathr



January 31st 2012 1:26 pm
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I am home...finally. Everycat has been checking me out, and seems happy i'm back, except for you know who. (Panda, give the hissing and growling a break....PAWLEASE!!!)
I want to thank all my great furriends, who purred for me, and wrote comments, left gifties, and sent daddy messages. Is good to be loved!!

On another paw, this has made mees realize, dat i's getting OLD!!!
So, i'll be on da lookout, throughout catsterland, to select my successor as Catfather. This kitty will be tough, but loving, with a big heart. One who cares about EVERY cat here, and anywhere, to carry on my work, when my time comes (hopefully not for many years...but, i will be 16 this year)

So, if you feel eyes watching you, it may be me, seeing if yous has what it takes to be da next Catfather!!!


update 2

January 29th 2012 7:22 am
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Ok, Blizz has a disease, which i cannot pronounce, and will not even try to spell. It is specific to angoras and angora mixes. is very treatable, and he is on new meds now. he ATE this a pig, according to the vet!! and so vomiting. If the same happens tomorrow, he will come home on tuesday.
Thank you for your purrayers and POTP. It really does work!!
From a very relieved Daddycat



January 28th 2012 3:10 pm
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Blizz is still at the vet. he is now awake, and off the iv, we've ruled out FIP, Liver failure, Pancreatitis, and most cancer. now leaning towards either a rare disease, specific to angoras, or something genetic.
He drank a little, ate a few bites of kibble, didn't touch the wet though.
He threw a fever late last night, and they added antibiotics, and as of 5:30 eastern, the fever has broken.
We believe, if we can get him to eat....AND not throw up, he may be able to beat whatever this is. They are sending blood to a lab in dc, for analysys.
Thank you for your purrs, POTP WORKS WONDERS!!!

a very grateful daddy


bad mews

January 27th 2012 3:47 pm
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I am at the vet. Haven't eaten all day, throwing up, won't drink. and having trouble using the box. Am very lethargic too, and hiding alot. Daddy and the vet are worried. This does not look good, my friends. Bloodwork will be back tonorrow, but will be staying at the vets. He thinks, there is a very good possibility of liver failure, or even the dreaded FIP. I need some purrs, my furriends.
Bless you all

From Daddy.
I can't deal with losing Blizz, so soon after Tigger. I'm praying for the best, but i really don't know. I already miss my big guy, the bed will feel empty tonite. Come on, bud. Get better, please



January 5th 2012 3:59 pm
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Heys, miss Victoria... Gat a life, and leaves us alone, or i's gives Kringle beans, and sends him 1st class to you for an hour!!!


A Favor

January 2nd 2012 2:07 pm
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Well, seems likes dat ole Winter has finally shown his ole face.
Please, remembers da less fortunate of us...da ferals. They will bees havin a hard time finding food, and stayin warm. So if yous has Ferals where yous lives, and either has spare food, or some yous won't eat, Tells your human to give it to da ferals, pawlease.
Also, if yous has an old box, old tote...throw some olds clothing dat yous human was going to toss in dat box, ands set it out for dem. I know they will really appawciate it. Don't has to be fancy, or nothin, a box is better than nothing at all. least it's out of snow and wind.
Bless yous all. and thanks
As always,
Purrs from da Catfather

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