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Life of a large deaf kitty

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a broken heart

March 20th 2012 1:47 am
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I's has a broken heart. My beautiful furgirl, Booboo, has left for the brodge.
Please stop by her page, and leave a few words of condolence for her pawrents. It would be appawciated!!

I loves you, forever
I will miss you, so much!
Until we are together again, Your faithful mancat,


Purrs needed despirately

March 18th 2012 5:50 am
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My Furgirl Booboo, is furry furry sick. If no change, my sweetie will be going to da bridge tomorrow. Please stop by her page, and leave a thought.

Booboo, yous gots to gets better. your momma needs you, especially so soon after Momma Ivey.
And I's needs you too.
Get well, my precious!!

Your loving mancat,




March 14th 2012 3:01 pm
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I came home monday nite. i's not talking to daddy...AT ALL!!! First, he sends me to da vet, and i's ion a cage forevers, Den, come home...he stabs me!!! every nite... he's stabs me!! I thought he's loves me... i's needs a new daddy pawlease



March 8th 2012 4:52 pm
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we tried something. the vet gave me a shot...half strength, instead of the pill. so far, so good. if it works, then every day, daddy will have to give me a shot. ( daddy, hope you gots health insurance. stick me, yous gonna needs it!!!)
paws crossed it continues, as it's been 6 hrs since the shot, and no throwing up.


back at the vet

March 5th 2012 2:38 pm
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I'm back at the vet. I eat..but throw it right back up. Vet is concerned, it may be a reaction to the only med for this disease. If it is, we'll try to lower dosage...and pray it's enough.
Purrs would be appreciated

A mopey Catfather



February 28th 2012 3:54 pm
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todays additions are...

Tiny Tot!! He sugguested I be catsters godfather, and got the ball rolling

Our angel member today is...Baltimore!!! We all love him and his family. (Mr D, yous best stay home!!)

Crew in training.....Blade!!

congrats to you all for being the newest members of the Catfather's crew


bad caster!!! and new members

February 26th 2012 3:57 pm
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Bad Catster. I's just created a group, The Catfather's Crew of Caring Kitties!!!. Then they had a server failure. It's disappeared. Dang. Bad Catster!!!

On a lighter note, I will name todays invitees

1st, today's Crewmember in Training is............


Our Angel Crewmember today is........

Willow, From the U.K and from The Drifter's furmily

Ans todays Crewmember is............

Simba from the U.K.




February 25th 2012 5:00 pm
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todays invitees are....

Angel Crewmember.... Marrakesh!! A sweet kitty, always there to give a kind word

Crew in training.....Fearless. She's a former feral, who knows the hard life. her pawrents feed the ferals

Todays crewmember is...MILO!!! from texas. One of my bestest buds!! His furmaly are special!!


more members

February 24th 2012 2:08 pm
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ok, a few more members.
1st....Da Tabbies o Trout Towne!!! Our great buds. always there whwn needed!!!

next, Gump!! This is one cool cat, He is there for all

then, a duo...Sleeper and Sanhaim!! @ better kitties you'd be hard pressed to find

Todays member in Training is.............Novi!!!

Finally, todays angel member is none other than Alex!!!She is from Finney's family,and the inspiration for IBD KITTIES


1st members

February 23rd 2012 2:26 pm
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ok, here are mys first members to da crew. (sorry, daddy don't know how to do the likks and such...daddy bees dumb sometimes)

First, a cat you all know and loves... our bud Zac!!! He's an all around good cat, and I's knows i's can count on hims

Next is Finney!! Lacey's furbro is a snuggler, who helps kitties, by helping his mom with their website,

Then there's River! Always educating people about FIV!!!

finally, Orange Ruffy. He's always around to purr for kitties in need

And the last 2

The first Crewmember in Training is......Snow!! He's Tink's lil brofur

And the first angel Crewmember is none other than Buddie Always Loved!! The founder of Buddies gang of wellwishers, who sends rosies to all the sick lil kitties

More members tomorrow!!

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