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Life of a large deaf kitty

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a wish and a hope

June 3rd 2012 6:49 am
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This is National Adopt-A-Cat month here in the US. So if you are thinking of adding a friend, Please visit your local shelter. Lots of sweet friends there, just waiting to love you.

Please choose to adopt, as WAY too many of our brofurs and sisfurs are being killed in shelters every day. Makes this old cat's heart sad, to think about it.

So please, if you can, Find a new friend!!!

With love, from the Catfather


nots again

June 1st 2012 4:13 pm
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Tornadoes again. but bees US dis time!!! had 1 not a mile from here, 1 near mayhem's area, 1 near kibbles area. have reactivated check in in forums, so if you are from S C to Penna, please check in there


A Thought

May 26th 2012 6:47 am
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This weekend, while you bees having bbq, at the beach, or whatefur yous doing, Please take a moment, bow your heads, and give thanks. Give thanks for all who served, that allow us to do this. Give extra thanks to those who didn't come home, for they are the true heroes!!

The catfather and family salute all the fallen. You are the best!

All gave some
Some gave all

Have a great Memorial Day weekend


WTC??? and feeling better

May 19th 2012 3:29 pm
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First, i'd likes to thank all for purring for me. I am eating, and holding it down. Not out of woods yet, but we're just playing it by ear, and enjoying each day, as a gift.

Lastly...WTC??? This IS may, right??? so WTC is with a Tropical Storm Warning for the outer banks of N.C.?? Hurricane season not for 2 more weeks yet!!! Purrs to the furs there, that Alberto leaves them alone


Happy mothers day

May 13th 2012 6:15 am
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Just likes to takes a moment, and wishes everyone a Happy Mudders days!!! (That's Mothers day, for the catfather translating impaired). Hope all yous chillen bees nice to yous today!!
Yes Panda..even yous. Happy Mudders day. but please stip with da hissing, ok??

Enjoys your special day!!! Mudders are Special!!!


Sad Day

May 11th 2012 12:25 pm
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Today is a sad day. My goods Buddy, Simba, from the U.K. made his final journey today. I'm going to miss him.
Please everyfur, visit his page, and leave some words of condolence. His mom and dad are grieving, having just lost Ollie as well earlier this year.

Simba, you coulds get me going, like none other here. I will miss you deeply, my tripod mouse-pouched buddy. Rest easy, until you see your mom again



April 23rd 2012 1:56 pm
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My bud, Simba, from the U K is gravely ill. Heres what i just posted in forums
Update on Simba, and it's not good. These are quotes from his mom:
. he had to have oxygen at the vets and have his lungs drained asap. They drained a lot of blood stained fluid of his lungs and i mean a lot.
He was going to have an xray this morn but the vet didnt want to stress him out anymore. The next 24-48 hrs are critica
they have ruled out URI's. if fluid biulds up in the next 24-42hrs then there is nothing else that can be done. If he makes thru to thurs he will be having an xray to see what is going on but there is a strong chance that the cancer has returned.

Please purr for My little buddy, He's been through so much. And his Mom just lost Ollie a few months ago.

I feel so helpless, We Want to help!!!

Purring as hard as we can. little buddy. You have to pull through!!!


Thank you

April 12th 2012 3:00 pm
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What a surprise!! We are SOOOOOO blessed to have such GREAT friends!!! @ friends gifted us plus, so we won't lose the pages and subscriptions! Wees wants to thank yous soooo much. Wees thinks wees knoes who, and you are just sooooo great!!!
Happy day, everyfur!!.

(Starts dancing a jig, until gets run over by Kringle)


We will still be here

April 11th 2012 2:58 pm
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Just a heads up, our plus expires sunday, and we will not be renewing it. with me, and Sweetie, no $$ to do so, so our pages will going plain then. but we will still be here. Daddy is making sure we have downloasded everything b4 then, and are sending our excess zealies out to Buddie, to send to sick kitties.

Plus was fun, maybe in the future again, but not now.

Additionally, Daddy wants to thank everyone for purring for Sweetie. We HOPE they got it all, but only time will tell.

Loves ya all!!!


a houseguest

March 30th 2012 2:00 pm
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We are having a houseguest next week, for 4 days. Daddy. WHY??? Another cat here??? Please no. No room on bed now!!! What??? he'll be out here with us??? OH NO!!!! I's hiding, don't wants no strange cat here, with my toys, and my litterbox!!!
It's WHO???? Oh. Well, Spot and Sweetie won't mind. and maybe even cool Miss Panda's jets for a bit too.

The Mystery houseguest is..............


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