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Life of a large deaf kitty

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June 14th 2011 4:20 pm
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WTC is going on?? Where bees everyfur?? Seems like nofur bees arounds anymores!! I's did cleans myselfs, so i's no stink!!! Is everyfur runnin froms Kringle?? Don't blame yous!!! Dat cat bees INSANE!!! Into everything, and on efurry ones last nerve!!! ( Hees keeps messin with Panda and Gypsy, hees will learns de hard way!!!)
Well, guess i's just goes back to sleep


My date with Booboo

June 12th 2011 4:22 pm
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I brought my lovely Booboo here to Baltimore. We took in a ballgame at Oriole park, toured the inner harbor, visited the USF Consellation, and ate dinner at the world famous Phillips Restaurant! We had the most delicious crab cakes you can imagine!!
Later in the evening, we took a cruise on the Lady Baltimore, sipped champain, and watched the sun set over the Chesapeake, looking lovingly in each others eyes. We watched the fireworks from the top of the world trade center!!! ( They wouldn't let us in the aquarium!!! Wonders why??? Oh we're cats!!!MOL)
I took my Booboo back to the airport, and watched as her plane took off for Texas, with tears in my eyes.
It was the mostest enchanting day of mys life!!!
I just loves my Booboo!!!


Ideas needed

June 2nd 2011 4:05 pm
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I's wants to take mys Booboo someplace furry special dis month!! ( No wize cracks, Simba!!) Gots to be refined, like hers, and furry nice. Any suggestions??? ( Mees needs to does somethin for her!! She bees soooo sweet!!)
Updates on the rest of de furmily!!
Tigger doing good, drivin daddy nuts with this constant lovebugs deal!!! MOL!
Gypsy seems to has accepted Panda, No more Hissin!!
Squeaker just bees hisself, loves when hes wants to, but allways GOTS to bees on de bed when daddy bees asleeps!!
Kringle even nuttier!!! ( Mees didn't thinks it was possibles!!!) Dat cat accidentily turned on de shark cleaner!!! Ran like a real shark was after hims!!! Daddy almost spit his beer, laughin so hards!!
Panda seems likes she may bees pickin a spot!! Has been in a box daddy put in de bathroon, rearranging de blanket in it!!
Well, dats all for nows!!! The Catfather loves his furriends, and wishes everyfur de best!!! Especially mys Booboo!!!


Who's de wizeguy!!!

May 30th 2011 3:22 pm
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Who's de wizeguy dat thinks it be August???? Let mees gets my paws on dem!!! We're all plopped in front of the a/c!!! Hit 101 today!!! Even too hot for Panda to hiss!!! MOL!! The onlys fur don't mind it bees Kringle!!! ( Told yous dat cat ain't right!!!) Went straight from March to August!!! Dang!!! Tomorrow supposed to bees at least as hot, with a heat index of 105 or higher!!! I's ain't givin up mys spot by de a/c!!!
Hot purrs, Blizzard!!


Round ???

May 26th 2011 2:09 pm
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Here wees goes again!!! More tornado watches and warnings, up from Ga thru NY!!! Looks like it's the Appalacain mountains turn tonite!!! Purring for all furrs in Eastern KY, Western NC, north Ga, WVa, Central and northern Pa, ( Tink), central and upstate NY, Vermont and New Hampshire ( Finney/ Lacey ). Bees safe all furrs in this ares especially, and all other areas in general!! Mothe nature, we could use a break, ya knows!!!


She said YES!!!

May 25th 2011 1:54 pm
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De Catfather bees on cloud nine!!! Mys lovely Booboo said YES!! Wees bees an item now!! Yous will sees us togeather at de pawties and gets togeathers!!! Isn't she the sweetest thing!!! And a BIG thank you to big harry for the pic!!!
On a sadder note, The Catfather is sorry to says that his pal, Indy, went to da bridge todays at only 2 years old. Many purrs to Indy's mom, Kitty Pryde and furmaly, in there sad times.
Lastly, I's just wanted to continues to ask for purrs for the tornado devistated areas! An Admin of Christain Dogs and Cats ( CDAC) lost everything. Thankfully, her and her furbabies survived. Extra purrs to them.
Everyfur pawlease bees safe, and enjoy the day!!
Purrs from The Catfather


Purrs and a request

May 23rd 2011 2:40 pm
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First things first. The Catfather wishes all furrs and non furrs bees safe, and sends powerful purrs to those ina de affected areas, specially Joplin, Missouri!! ( Sooo sad..25-30 % of the city is GONE!!!) I's woulds like toos request that all able bodied furrs purray for those affected, and offer help ifn yous can! ( With the economy, the Catfather understands times are rough, and purrs may be all some can give, but rest assured, that is enough!!)
Now, ons a more personal matters, I's would like to takes this time, and asks the lovely Booboo ifn she would like to be de Catfather's girlfriend!!! ( De Catfather is goods at lots of stuff, but romantic writins ain't a one of dem!!) Booboo, yous is a bootiful lady, ands i's would bees honored ifn yous would be my girlfriend!!
As Tig would say...Hopeful purrs. The Catfather



May 21st 2011 8:52 am
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Everyfur stand up and salute our service men and womens!! Todays be Armed Forces Day, so lets show our troops,pas and present how much wer apwaciate them!! ( The Cafather and Crw sit at attentions and salutes!!)
On a more personal note, I's beginning to thinks the Catfather must bees an UGLY kitty!! Seems evewryfur Gaga's over other furrs, buts noones over de Catfather!!Zach's practricaly gots himself a harem!!! And I's not even goods enough to bees one of Samoa's dreamboats!!! Maybees I's need plastik snurgery???
Purrs, te Catfather



May 18th 2011 1:35 pm
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We're back, and badder than ever!!! Brand spankin new e-machines, athlonII Duo processor....and windows 7!!!!!! NO MORE VISTA!!!! We'll be on and off for a couple of hours while daddy re-loads some stuff off old discs.
De Catfather bees BACK!!!!!


Thank mew, and bears with us!!!

May 14th 2011 1:26 pm
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Thank mew all for the prezzies, well wishes and gifts for Squeaker yesterday, and us both todays!! Daddy's confuser is running soooooooooo slow now, dat it's very hard to do too much of anything. We thank yous all, and will sends personal thank yous when we get back up to speed!!! ) These problems are goings to turns dis white kitty intos a GRAY kitty!!! HISSSSS) Hope everyfur has a GREAT weekend!!! Wees do loves EACH and EVERY one of yous!!!
Many gracious Catfather purrs and blessings to you all, Blizzard

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