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April 23rd 2009 3:43 am
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I took a walk last Sunday afternoon and noted there were two vacant houses on the street behind my house (direction where I've seen Torbie Sue come sometimes).

One house had a ReMax for sale sign on the front lawn. They were holding open house for that one. The other one had the same for sale sign.

When I drove by last night, the sign was removed from the house that didn't have "open house" on Sunday. I believe this one sold.

I'm speculating Torbie Sue used to live in one of these houses. If I don't see her anymore, this may be true. Unless something sad happened to her. I pray that she's safe wherever she is.

I miss her and will always cherish her visits with me. She reminded me so much of my Jasmine Bibette who went to the Bridge on February 20, 2004. She was a "torbie" also. One of Jasmine's nicknames was "Torbie".

I'll update soon.




April 17th 2009 3:37 am
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It'll be a warm sunny weekend. I hope to see Torbie Sue.

I'm not sure where she is, and whether she and her owners have moved. Last year she disappeared for two months.

She's a mystery as much as she's beautiful!

I'll update later.



April 8th 2009 1:41 pm
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The last time I saw Torbie Sue was March 8th. It's been exactly one month.

I know the weather hasn't been the best. Then again, there have been some warm days, and still she hasn't stopped by for a visit.

I wonder if she's going to be gone for two months like last time. I hope not as I miss her so much.




April 4th 2009 5:28 pm
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I haven't seen Torbie Sue in quite some time. Of course, the weather's been too cold and/or rainy on the past few weekends.

Today was very windy, sunny and about 63 degrees. No Torbie Sue. I understand tomorrow's to be warmer. Maybe she'll drop by then.
I hope so. I really miss her.

Later. I'll keep everyone/everycat posted.


WARM DAY BUT . . . .

March 22nd 2009 4:12 pm
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It was warm enough this afternoon for Torbie Sue to show up. Nope. I didn't see her at all.

I suppose it's because the morning had a cold start so her real Mommy didn't let her out.

I usually can guess when the pretty cat shows up. This time I was wrong. I hope she isn't gone for a long time like before which was September 8th to some time in mid November.

I miss seeing her very much.

Anyway, I put up the background pic of the Clematis (sp ?). This lovely flower blooms in May or June (I can't remember exactly). It's the neighbor's plant and a few of its branches hang over the fence into my back yard.

That's about it for now. I'll keep everyone posted.

Other Mommy



March 19th 2009 6:59 pm
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Since the weather's been cold and/or rainyduring the past couple weekends, Torbie Sue didn't stop by.

It's supposed to warm up this Sunday. Maybe she'll stop by for a visit then. It would be great to see her again!




March 8th 2009 5:08 am
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Around 10;30 a.m. I saw Torbie Sue laying under the lounge chair. I nodded toward her and she looked at me without running away. I know Bail saw her too, as he was sitting on his foot stool in front of the glass portion of the kitchen door.

When she appeared, I was in the middle of making my breakfast and couldn't stop. When I finished, I looked toward the door, and she was gone.

Also, since I let Cammie Rose outside, there was some food in a dish on the porch. When I looked at the dish, it was empty. I believe Torbie Sue helped herself to that.

Anyway, it's going to be another warm one today. I hope she stops by so I can talk to her and give her a few treats.

I'll keep everyone posted on this pretty girl's adventures . . .

Ma-Ma; Mommy on the Side.



March 6th 2009 6:24 pm
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I haven't seen Torbie Sue as the weather was cold and snowy last weekend and the beginning of the week.

It's supposed to be near 70 degrees this weekend. I truly believe Torbie Sue will visit me.

I can't wait to see her!



February 21st 2009 5:56 pm
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Since is was sunny and a bit warmer than yesterday, I stopped by this morning.

Mommy on the side saw me (my tail and butt) going down the back steps (she told me this later), and that's why she came to the front door to greet me.

I responded by many meows which sounded like I was saying, "Ma- Ma" (translation Mama). She asked if I was hungry and I repeated "Ma-Ma" several times.

She said, "Okay", went into the house, and came back out with the food. She found me sitting in the middle of her back yard, and when she set the food down, I came running.

I wolfed down a whole can of Fancy Feast chicken gourmet along with a hearty helping of dry cat food, chicken flavor.

After I was done, I thanked her and stayed in the back yard while she picked up many fallen twigs and branches off the ground and put them off to the side of the yard in a big pile.

Mourning doves cooed and other birdies were twittering in the tree tops. I could feel that spring was on it's way even though it wasn't a spring-like day yet. The trees in the yard had small buds that had formed and would most assuredly pop open whenever the next warm day arrived.

After she was done picking up the sticks, she pet me some and said she had to get going to the store. I told her I'd stop by again soon . . .

Luv & Purrs & Ma's,

Torbie Sue

P.S. Everycat, enjoy my new St. Patrick's page. I know I didn't see it as I'm not allowed in the house. Ma-Ma (this is what I'll call her from now on instead of Mommy on the side), told me of my new page decor.



February 15th 2009 2:57 pm
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I decided to drop by today not only for some sunbathing, but FOOD, and dirt rolling!

My Mommy on the side found me asleep on her back porch early this afternoon. I had chosen the warmest and sunniest place there is in her back yard to chillax and catch some zzzzz's.

When she came around back, I jumped off the porch and meowed. She asked me if I was hungry and I nodded "yes". She placed some food before me and I wolfed it down. After that I gave her my usual headrubs to her legs.

I let her take a whole lot of pics too. I also rolled in the dirt and leaves and got pretty well covered. She tried her best to wipe the dirt off me.

I think some of the pics show me with a dirt-covered head! OMC!! Now I'm Torbie Sue Dirty Girl!

Anyway, I stopped by to see how everycat's Valentine's Day went. I hope all went well.

"till next warm day,


Torbie Sue

NOTE: Early this afternoon I was surprised to find Torbie Sue stretched out on my back porch asleep in a patch of sun. It's obvious that she's comfortable stopping here. I often wonder who owns her and where she comes from. I'm also under the impression that they don't feed her enough because she stops by for handouts.

Anyway, it's always a pleasure seeing the pretty girl. It brightens my day whenever she comes by to pay a visit.

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