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Sofie's Squeaks

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I'm a Dream!

December 20th 2008 12:15 pm
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Mom heard Dad mumble something about "Pebbles and Sofie Little" last night while he was sleeping, so this morning she told him about it. He said that was probably because yesterday he scolded Pebbles for chasing me.

About the only time I like being close to the others is when we're outside in the backyard or during meals. I rub against them and they don't chase me during those times. Other than that, I scream really loud even when they "look" like they want to chase me, including that Pixie, who probably weighs more than I do now!

It's nice to be protected, even in a dream!



Rub-a-dub-dub, Sofie in the tub!

December 12th 2008 5:49 pm
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I was found sleeping in the tub! There was no water in it but there was a nice towel draped over the edge and into the tub that made it quite cozy.

No other cats bugged me because they weren't clever enough to go looking for me there. Yes, they bug me sometimes when I don't want to play their silly games.

Dad always makes a remark that he wishes I had a special friend in the house, but he doesn't need to worry too much because I'm really good at screaming and hitting when I need to!



Chicken Lips!

November 22nd 2008 7:08 pm
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I did a good job of meowing at Dad today from the cat tree every time he walked by. He finally understood that we were out of chicken, so he went to the grocery store to buy some and did all the grocery shopping while he was there. He's even cooking it for us right now. Nice Dad!

Dad said I had chicken lips and a bottomless chicken pit! I don't know about the chicken lips but my chicken pit is definitely bottomless.

Lately my name has been Sofie Chicken. That's what it sounds like when I'm upstairs and they're calling for me to come down for chicken.

Sofie! Chicken!


I'm a Shy Daredevil!

November 14th 2008 6:53 pm
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I'm a finalist in the World's Coolest Cat Show in the Daredevil category, along with my sister Pixie! We're really happy to see many of our friends as finalists, especially my good pal, "Harry Potter" Tinker, whose badge is on my page!

A friend sent me a pawmail when he saw my photo in the contest and made a comment that he was really surprised that I would do that, being the shy kitty I am. I may be shy but I know how to run, jump, and climb!

Thanks for the votes and good luck to all the finalists!



Hiding Spots!

October 19th 2008 2:59 pm
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Mom spent most of yesterday with Grandma and didn't get home until the early evening. Even though Dad told her he saw me at dinner time, Mom could not find me before she went to bed. She wasn't worried as to whether or not I had gotten outside but that I was okay.

All my usual hiding spots were checked and I heard my name being called but I decided to just ignore it! I wanted to see how long it would take them to find me. About 15 minutes later, Dad got smart and looked under the back of a recliner chair that they've never seen me go under and found me! I just batted my eyes at Mom when she came to see for herself.

I'm going to try for 30 minutes next time.



Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast!

October 4th 2008 3:37 pm
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It rained a little this morning and I had scrambled eggs for breakfast! It was cool that Dad dropped some on the floor while he was having breakfast so I wouldn't have to jump up on the chair and wait for some. I was hoping he'd drop some bacon on the floor but it never happened.

Why can't we have a smorgasbord, full of a variety of food? I could eat all I want and never gain an ounce!



Sit Up and Deliver!

September 3rd 2008 5:10 pm
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My Fall picture is probably only the second time that I ever sat up for a special occasion photo session. First, I am very camera-flash-sensitive, and if there's not enough light, our non-flash pictures don't come out very well.

It's rare that Mom will have trouble getting us to look up because there is a window behind her which intrigues us, but she used a toy to get me to look up this time and instead I sat up, for all of three seconds! Not only that, this is one of the few times she actually used the camera flash for our photos.

Today, I did so good for my Halloween photo and next to Joy, I finished very quickly, but don't think I sat up this time! Most of the time, it's all Mom's fault if we take a little longer because she doesn't have the camera adjusted right!



A Drawer of Surprise!

August 28th 2008 4:23 pm
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I was watching Mom empty out the Litter-Robots the other day from my perch in the guest bedroom. When she pulled out the waste drawer to the third one, she not only saw the usual stuff, she saw something colorful...a furry purple toy mouse!

I didn't do it. I know better than to do something tacky like bring a toy mouse with me to the litter box and then forget I left it in there. Who wants to do their business next to a mouse anyway? Eeeek!




July 12th 2008 4:27 pm
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I didn't get any hot dog today like I mentioned in my last diary entry, nor did I get to eat a sandwich. I *became* a sandwich last night!

Mom saw Riley on top of the sofa bed in the corner against the wall looking down towards the floor. She had a hunch and went to take a look and there I was, sandwiched between the side of the sofa and the wall! I looked up at mom with my pretty green eyes. Pixie would be the only other kitty who could fit in that narrow space.

Riley just batted his innocent eyes at Mom and got a quick lecture, even though there was no proof that he chased me into that spot. Mom started to help me get out but then I came out by myself, so I wasn't really trapped at all!

Mercy wrote that we're getting rid of that sofa bed next week. It's one of the places I take naps on but it'll be fine. I've got lots of other hidey-holes!



Hot Dog!

July 3rd 2008 1:08 pm
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We do have a couple of big giant dogs in our family, but they don't smell as good as the hot dog that Mom just ate!

For a small adult cat like me, I sure am food driven. I came out from under the couch in the living room just because I could smell the hot dog that Mom was eating and sat right next to her on the couch because I wanted some. I got a piece about 1/8" wide and that really wasn't enough for me but it's all I got.

So, while I just knew I was going to get a new sister, I've only seen her once when Mom brought her upstairs to meet me while I was lounging on a cat condo. I wasn't afraid and just wanted to smell the "area under her tail" and that was it. I've never been shy towards other cats, just people.

My Dad sure knows how to try to make people believe that it was Mom's idea to bring a new member into our family.


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