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Sofie's Squeaks

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Cabana Crash!

July 5th 2009 4:42 pm
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We had our current Summer pictures taken a couple of weeks ago. The cabana was sitting on top of the desk and I relaxed in it for a bunch of shots until I decided I wanted to leap from the desk to a nearby cat condo. That's when the cabana went crashing to the floor and broke!

Dad offered to fix it but Mom and I decided we were done. I was the last one to get their photos taken anyway. It's still going to get fixed because we found it quite cozy in there and we need to play with the lanterns.

I don't consider the broken cabana a fault of mine. I think it was the Prop Gal's fault for not doing a better job of securing her props!



Feeding the Floor

June 6th 2009 8:19 pm
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Believe it or not, I am one of the messy eaters in the family. I like to bring my food out of the bowl and eat it off the floor.

Our "dining" room floor got scrubbed today before dinner, and by the time we finished eating there were bits of food all over the floor again.

Mom swept the floor and decided to pour some of the dry food from the big bag into the two plastic containers that are used for our daily feedings. She got clumsy and a bunch of food ended up on the floor!

So, see? She's the one that taught us that it was okay to put food on the floor.



Yin -Yang Face!

May 17th 2009 6:47 pm
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My friend, LITTLE BIT told me that my face reminds her mommy of the yin yang symbol. Wow, I never thought of my face that way before, but I'm going to have to agree.

Now I feel!



May 14th Birthdays!

May 13th 2009 6:42 pm
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The weather has been pretty nice around here, nice enough for some good rolling in the dirt!

Tomorrow is a big day for BRUNO, CARA, MARCELINO, and SOPHIE because it'll be their 1st Birthday!

They are another example of when foster kitties become permanent family members. Their mommy devotes her time not only to her own family but rescuing and fostering kitties as much as she possibly can!

Happy Birthday Bruno, Cara, Marcelino, and Sophie! I hope it doesn't rain on your parade!



It Rained on my Birthday Parade!

May 1st 2009 7:15 pm
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It rained today so I was really disappointed that I couldn't go outside and roll in the dirt!

Thank you to the following friends for brightening my gloomy day with your gifts, pawmails, group posts, treats, and diary comments. I am lucky to have such nice friends!

Ashlye and family
Beauty and family
Buddie and family
Camille Rose and family
Cleopatra Grace and family
Cocoa and family
Ebony and family
Friskie and family
Hazel Lucy
Hilda and family
Hondo and family
Kassidy and family
Kila and family
Lady Vivian
Little Bit and family
Pearlie and family
Rocky Ann
Samoa and family
Sunflower and family
Tinker and family
Toulouse and family

Thanks also to Catster HQ for the treats, vote of 5 paws, and birthday wishes!

Pinking out,


May 1st Birthday Shout-outs!

April 30th 2009 6:50 pm
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Mom just reminded Dad that it was my 5th birthday tomorrow. He looked at me and said,

"Sofie Little, do you feel any older?"

I squeaked,

"Give me some chicken and we'll talk!"

And, so he did. I told him I didn't feel any different except for the fact that I have to share chicken with yet another cat now!

I'm planning to have a quiet day at home tomorrow pretending I'm an only child, but I'm really happy to share a birthday with the following friends:

Happy 12th birthday to HAZEL LUCY (aka my Cousin Hazel Lucy)! I bet she can think of at least a dozen reasons to celebrate life!

Happy 17th birthday to CAMILLE ROSE! She gets to read Seventeen magazine now!

Happy 6th birthday to LITTLE BIT! Little Bit and her family are practically our neighbors!

Happy 8th birthday to KASHMERE! Kashmere is an angel now so she'll be celebrating her birthday at the bridge.

Happy birthday to all May 1st kitties!



All Dirty!

April 19th 2009 10:47 pm
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I got really dirty today when we went out in the backyard to play. The picture Mom added to my page was just before I rolled in the dirt, but she liked that picture the best because my tail was sticking up, which is a sign of happiness and confidence! By the time I was done I was a dusty brown color but I sure was happy!

Oh gosh, I just realized I'm going to be 5 years old on May 1st and I'm sure I haven't gained an ounce or an inch. I'll always be able to qualify for those Happy Meals and pay child admission wherever I go!



Protecting my Chicken!

March 15th 2009 5:25 pm
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I'm telling on Reebok, Enzo, Melody, and Pixie, because they're the ones that chase me around the house the most while I'm minding my own business. Sometimes if I run to a hiding spot, like under the big bed, dresser or couch, they'll continue to bug me.

If Mom or Dad are home they protect me because they know I'm just a delicate little thing. They tell me I should put those buggers in their place but I rarely do, except when it comes to...


Yep, I protect my chicken. I got some boiled fresh chicken today and any other cat who acted like they wanted to take it from under my nose got smacked and they backed off.

I need more chicken to boost my self-confidence!



Patty Cake!

February 24th 2009 8:19 pm
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Mom was looking for me this past weekend so she could take some new pictures. I was behind the couch and started to go the opposite direction until I was cornered by Pixie. We stopped and looked at each other and decided to stand up on our back legs and play Patty Cake!

We forgot the words to the song but we looked cute anyway.



He Must be Cold Inside!

January 24th 2009 5:28 pm
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The custom-made bed comforter hasn't been put on the bed since about six cats ago. First of all, Dad had always felt that Mom picked a fabric that was too heavy. Second, they thought we would ruin it, which I don't understand at all!

Well, I heard Dad say that he couldn't stand the cold anymore, even though we have heating in the house, so he went and put the heavy comforter on the bed in place of the other one. That was so exciting because we love when something different shows up around the house, though for the majority of us, that usually excludes humans.

We decided to check out this "new" comforter. Some of us dived under it and sharpened their claws on it right away, but I'm too dainty to do that stuff. It's got these little embroidered threads in it. You get the picture. I thought it was better for napping.

Mom is actually kinda glad Dad got cold.


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