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July 25th 2008 6:31 pm
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Well, this has certainly been a very exciting week here at our house. Benjamin was a DDP earlier this week, and I am today! Thanks so very much to Catster! I also have the pleasure of sharing the honor with the lovely and fashionable Patchez.

Thanks to my friends Kay, Lucy and Patchez and her family for the rosies and to all my friends who sent concats!

Mommy doled out lots of love and a nice long brushing. She says we better not get full of ourselves now. Never. Well, Benjamin might, but not me.

Thanks to all of you kitties who read the diary of a scaredy Siamese kitty.


Is Annadee mellowing?

July 23rd 2008 5:08 pm
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I don't know if I've mentioned it here in my diary before, but my sisfur Annadee can really have a cattitude sometimes. I'll go up to her to say hello, and she bops me on the head. She picks fights with Rafiki too. So these days, I'm not getting bopped on the head so often. I've been going up to say hello, putting my nose up to hers, and she just kind of backs away instead of whacking me. Then, I was sitting at the basement window on the bench, and she decided to join me. She sat next to me. Not touching or anything, but still. Mom's woken up in the middle of the night to find us sleeping next to each other on the bed. Still not touching but closer than we've been before. Mommy says Annadee must be loosening up as she gets older. It's about time!



July 22nd 2008 11:03 am
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I have been tagged by the lovely Clawdette which reminded me that I did not play the tag game when I was tagged by my dear friend Kay. So here we go:

Game 1 from Kay - 5 things I like to do in summer:

1. Hang out in the basement where it's cool.
2. Go out on the deck where it's warm.
3. Sit at the open windows and sniff the air and watch the birdies.
4. Sit at the front door and watch for the chipmunk.
5. Chew on the catnip plant that mommy has growing on the deck.

Game 2 from Clawdette - 6 things I don't like:

1. Benjamin
2. loud and/or unexpected noises
3. especially the vacuum cleaner
4. being picked up
5. human food
6. cat treats

Well, now I guess I must tag 11 friends, and in fact, I have already done that. Problem is, I forgot to list them here in my diary and post it. So am posting it now, but I cannot remember who all I tagged because I misplaced my list. I am so absent-minded sometimes! So, when I find it, I will tell you whom I tagged in case you didn't get my personal message.


My friend is back!

July 20th 2008 7:46 pm
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Last summer, I had friends that came to visit me at the basement door. They were small and furry and had masks sort of like me. They were the Racoon family. A mommy and four babies. They would come up to the door and look inside, and I would go up to the door and look outside. We watched them for the two or three weeks before they finally wen't on they're way. We looked to see if we would have another family this year at the same time - right around the summer solstice, but we didn't see any more little friends. That is, until tonite. Mommy came downstairs and looked out the door and saw two little furry ears. She got closer and saw the baby racoon. She went up to the door and looked out and saw another baby and the momy. I went up to the door too, and they pressed their noses to the glass, and I pressed my nose to their noses. Mommy wished she had the camera. Then they scratched at the door while I sniffed around the bottom. I like 'em pretty much. They are pretty big already. These guys are quieter than last year's bunch. They don't scratch very loudly at the door, so I guess that's why we missed them. I will be waiting for them at the door now and will wish them well because they will soon be on their way.


Long day

July 18th 2008 1:17 pm
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Yesterday was a long day. Mommy went to work and didn't come home till late. We were starving! Mommy gave us our dinner, Annadee and I, and we went down to our apartment. This is our usual after work routine, but when bed time came, we didn't get to come up and sleep with Mommy. I was confused. It was bad enough that I had to miss the Brusselball Tournament! She said she had to leave Benjamin out because he was in his apartment all day. Well, we better be back to our regular schedule tonight!


New toy

July 16th 2008 6:33 pm
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Mommy gave Annadee and I a new toy this evening - straws. I had never seen a straw before and didn't know what to do. Of course, I gave it a sniff. Then she showed us that we were supposed to play with it. So, I gave it a bite and a few taps with my paw. I couldn't quite grab it in my mouth, and I couldn't quite grab it with my paws. Plus, it has an 'elbow' in it which make a strange noise when you bend it there. How intriguing! I couldn't help myself. So I was swatting and biting and pouncing and leaping, and the straw was going everywhere, and I even scared myself again. New toys are fun. Mommy should have had her camera ...


July 14th 2008 7:54 pm
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I have to get back to my diary; been away too long. Summer's been pretty slow, but Mommy's been kind of busy. Annadee is treating me nicer these days. She let me go up to her and touch noses and didn't bop me on the head. Last night I slept in the bed with Mommy and right next to Annadee. Rafiki was running around like crazy this morning. He does that after he uses the litter box. But then he wanted to play roughly and jumped on top of me and started biting my neck! Well, I don't play those games, so I took off under the furnace. Luckily, he's way too big to fit under there! Mommy was concerned, but thirty minutes later she found him giving my ears a good lickin'. I like that pretty much. We have a new food routine here. More wet food; less dry. Not sure I like that, but we'll see how it goes.


July 7th 2008 1:27 pm
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I have not been good about writing lately. We got overwhelmed a bit with some sadness on Catster a week or so ago. Sometimes the sad news comes too fast and furiously. Then we took a break over the July 4th holiday. Mommy was home a lot so that was good. Someone nearby was setting off fireworks all day on the 4th. I growled at the noise. I don't like it. Mommy actually went to see the town's fireworks, but I hid under the furnace. I especially wanted attention last night, so when it was time to go to bed, I followed Mommy all around. I walked in between her legs and almost made her fall. She said 'Hershey, what is up with you?'. I just wanted to make sure that she knew I needed lovin'!



June 17th 2008 1:26 pm
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I am a DDP again! Wow! I can't believe it and neither can Mommy. Thanks so much to Catster! Lucy sent me a beautiful butterfly and the family of Patchez , Kujo, Hooch, Precious, Prince, Princess, Mojo, Clawdia, Heaven's Sweet Angel, Callista aka Baby G , Cassidy, Sunflower, Clawdette and Fire (Always in my heart) sent me a blue rosette! Thanks so much to all of those kitties for thinking of me. It's nice to know someone is reading my diary even if it's not all that exciting most days. Mommy gave me lots of kisses and pets and snuggles, but the whole ordeal has tired me out, and I just want to snooze! I didn't even eat my treat!



June 16th 2008 10:36 am
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I got no Catster time at all this weekend! Mommy was too busy especially on Sunday when she was gone most of the day. I did not like that at all. When she came home, it was time for bed, and guess what? I was the first one in it! I was laying on the bed waiting for Mommy so I could get my overdue snuggles. Mommy came and layed down next to me at the foot of the bed and pet me until she fell asleep. I stayed with her all night - rather unusual for me, but I missed her!

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