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Hershey's Hiding Place

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Paws crossed

February 6th 2009 6:53 pm
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We all have our paws crossed here for Mommy. She has an interview tomorrow. So far, she's 0 for 2 and not feeling very confident. I wish I could go with her, but I'll just have to sit at home and wait ...


Brusselball Blues

February 3rd 2009 6:41 pm
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Ah, today was a sad day. Our week with the traveling brusselball was over. We had to pack it up and send it out. I hated to see that box go with all the toys in it. And the brusselball, the one and only brusselball, tucked back into it's special box again. Boo hoo hoo!!! It started out last March you know. It seems like we waited forever and then once it got here, the week just flew by! Good bye little brusselball and have a safe trip; I hope to see you again some day!


Exciting Day

January 27th 2009 6:41 pm
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Yesterday was the most exciting day we have had for a long time. The long awaited traveling brusselball finally arrived. We were beside ourselves with excitement waiting for Mommy to bring the box back from the post office.

Mommy set the box down for us to check out, but I ran away from it. She helped open it, and found the brusselball. It has lots of good smells on it. The box is full of good stuff. We looked at all the postcards - one from every stop the brusselball has made. What fun!
We get to keep one toy from inside the box, and I selected a teeny glitter ball. I just love those things, and most especially those teeny ones! We've got a week to play with it, then it's on to it's next stop. Mommy took some pix of us with it, so hopefully we can post them soon.


Trying to catch up

December 28th 2008 7:53 pm
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We are cheating and are all making the same diary entry. We do hope all are friends are enjoying the holidays and thank everyone for our rosies! We each got a new mousie for Christmas, but Mom got a Breezy Singer bluebird, so we are most interested in that! Today it was nearly 70 degrees, so the windows were open a bit. We all enjoyed sniffing the air. Mommy is sick of sitting at the computer all day searching for jobs and filling out aps. It is an especially painful process because we only have dial-up. Hopefully Mom will find a job soon, so she can spend more time on important things like helping us on Catster! We are trying to keep up with our friends diary entries as best as we can. Miss you friends!


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26th 2008 6:04 pm
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Tonight we're all putting the same message in our diary entries. We are having terrible connection problems, so we don't even know if all of ours will get posted. We wanted to send Thanksgiving rosies, but we'll be lucky to get even this one diary entry posted.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our wonderful Catster friends! Eat much, laugh often and stay safe!


Messed Up Morning

November 5th 2008 9:39 am
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Mom got up at her normal time this morning, but instead of serving up breakfast first thing, she went straight into the shower. She came downstairs afterwards and followed pretty much her normal routine, but she never gave us our breakfast in our 'apartment' in the basement which means she also didn't let Benjamin out. I meowed at her a lot, but she just said breakfast would be a little later. What was that about? I like my routine. What was going on? I decided to settle down in the dining room while Mom watched t.v. All of a sudden a big van pulled up in front of our house. I growled and jumped up. Then a man got out and walked straight toward our door. Yikes! I growled some more and took off to my hiding place under the furnace! I thought I was safe there, but then I heard the foot steps coming down the stairs. I became one with the corner of the wall. The foot steps came right at me. Then someone started doing things to the furnace and making noise, and I got so scared that I took off! Out from under there I ran, but the floor is vinyl, so my feet were slipping all over, and I couldn't get a grip, and I thought I was going to die of fright! As I took off up the stairs, I heard Mommy tell me to relax. Relax?! She starts off the day by upsetting my equilibrium, has some stranger coming after me and banging on the furnace, and I am supposed to relax? Well, he is gone now, and I got my breakfast, but I don't need any more mornings like that!


I ate treats!

October 24th 2008 5:56 pm
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Yes, I did! I finallyate some treats! You may not think that is remarkable, but it is. I never ate treats except for the 'We Pity the Kitties' cat treats, and they are expensive, so I didn't get them often. Everyday, Mommy gives Annadee and Rafiki the Pounce catnip flavored treats. I often come over to see what's good, so she always gives me some. I never eat them. I turn up my nose. Mommy says 'don't say I didn't offer'. Well, yesterday she offered, and I ate them! She couldn't believe it, so she gave me some more. I ate them too. She gave me some late in the evening. Yep, I ate 'em. Today I ate more. Mommy seems to think this is great; said something about bribing me. Whatever. I have to expand my horizons.



October 5th 2008 6:29 pm
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I have been tagged by that most distinguished Meezer, Emporer Frankie Sinatracat! I have to tell seven things about myself and then tag seven other kitties either by pawmail or rosette. Here goes:

1. I love to be brushed!
2. I like to sleep on the laundry table and fur up Mom's clean clothes.
3. I am learning to like to sleep up closer to Mommy.
4. The only treats I will eat are the 'We Pity the Kitties' cat treats.
5. I like to chew on Mommy's hair.
6. I have just learned about 'knitting'.
7. I like to walk so close to Mommy that she trips over me.

I am tagging the following seven kitties:

1. Kay
2. Sir Ian
3. Stan
4. Merlin
6. Bugsy
7. Sashay


I'm back!

September 23rd 2008 10:41 am
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I feel like I've been gone forever! I wish I could play on Catster when Mommy goes away. I missed Mommy, but she said she is proud of me - I came out and let the pet sitter brush me each morning.

Okay, time to go see what everyone has been up to.


Tagged again, again!

August 28th 2008 12:51 pm
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Last week was a busy week for tag! I have been tagged again by the handsome meezer MauMau. The game is to answer these five questions, then tag five other kitties.

1) What is your favorite Olympic Sport?
The last time I said the gymnastics floor exercise, but I think it is really rhythmic gymnastics. I do the same things but with my cat toys.

2) What do you prefer Summer or Winter?
Summer! Last winter the heating bills went up so the temperature went down. I did not like that!

3)What is the quirkiest thing you do?
Chew Mom's hair when I'm really happy.

4) Do you have a crush on any other kitties?
I am not telling!

5) What is your favorite rosette or zealie and why?
The mousie - I love to chase mousies!

I am tagging the following five kitties:
Bushy Tail
Clawdia, Heaven's Sweet Angel
Jingle Bell Mrs. Harley Man

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