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Hershey's Hiding Place

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Terror in the Basement

May 26th 2009 6:23 pm
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I should have written this yesterday, but Mommy pooped out early last night and couldn't help me. She should have been pooped after terrorizing me in the basement.

It was late afternoon and AnnaDee and I were hanging out upstairs when Mom decided to get out that hateful vacuum. I took off to the basement. Mom said "Hershey don't go down there because that's where I'm going to clean. You're just going to have to turn around and come back up." I was long gone under the furnace. She came down with the vacuum and started on the carpeted portion. Then she started on the vinyl floor making her way towards the laundry area and my favorite hiding place. I tensed; I was paralyzed; what to do? Stay? Run? Then it came round the corner right at me! She switched over to use the hose, and it made this terrible high pitched noise of rushing air. I bolted, terrorized, but there was nowhere to go! The monster was right in front of me. The dehumidifier blocked my escape to the left. The hot water heater blanket, not on the water heater, was blocking my escape to the right. I didn't even think - right up the exposed stud on the back of the wall I went! Then I took a flying leap into the middle of the room and flew up the stairs and then to the second floor and under the dresser. Mommy came after me very slowly and apologized profusely. She knew I was there; I looked at her reproachfully. She said she really thought I would have turned and gone back upstairs as soon as she turned it on or at least when she started on the vinyl floor, never would have done that had she really thought I was still there. I decided I'd forgive her. She looked sincere. She sounded sincere. She left me alone to calm down, and I went and hid under the bed for a while. I think I'd rather go to the vet then face that monster again.



May 20th 2009 6:39 pm
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It's been quite a few days since we've been on Catster and very sporadically at that. Mommy's schedule is such a drag! Seems she never gets home on time anymore. Not sure I even remember what 'on time' is. On top of that, she has been doing training to become an interview volunteer for the Siamese rescue. She used to be a transporter but doesn't have any time anymore on the weekends. She's been on the phone for several evenings for the training. Then she will start talking to people about Meezers. I think she should just talk TO Meezers. Like me. Yeah, Mom, talk to me. You are never here anymore. Tonight, I talked to her. I talked, and talked and talked. She knows I mean business! I told her no more phone calls; no more paying bills; no more picking up around the house. Just sit with me and rub my belly!


May 10th 2009 7:43 pm
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Tonight I was horrified to read that my dear friend Kay: has been terribly ill over the past few days. Not only that, but her sisfur died of feline leukemia the other day as well! I didn't even know it! We have been away from the computer the past few days. I didn't see that she had posted anything when I looked at the 'friends' activity' box, plus I know she hasn't been able to have much Catster time either. She posts in the mornings; I get online in the evenings.

Well, I feel just awful, and I wrote to her right away! I will be purring and purring for my dear friend. Maybe you can visit her page and purr some for her too.


Poor Mommy

May 10th 2009 6:50 pm
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Mommy hasn't felt good this weekend. She didn't feel good on Friday evening and was awake the whole night. I kept her company, but it didn't seem to help. Then she was up early this morning. I went looking for her when she didn't come back to bed. I scratched and scratched at the bathroom door. Finally it opened, and I found her on the floor. My eyes were big and round as I stuck my head in there. I am afraid of the bathroom. All that water running and stuff. But I was worried about Mommy and there was no water running, so I went inside. All of me. My whole self was inside the bathroom! I mewed at Mommy. She pet me and said she didn't feel good. I mewed some more, and she pet me. I got too scared though, so I left. When Mommy finally went back to bed, I went with her, and I purred and purred and rubbed against her while she pet me. Then she fell asleep. I think I made her feel better!



April 27th 2009 7:40 pm
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Mommy took us out on the deck again tonight. Yeah! I was having a fine time and then the neighbor came out with their big, evil Rotweiler dog named Lucky. She came over to her edge of the deck closest to me, and I was reclining on the mat in front of the door. We stared at each other for a minute or two. Annadee ran inside, but I stayed put. Mommy couldn't believe it. However, when the neighbor started coming over too, that's when I took off. They went inside shortly afterwards, but I wouldn't come back out. Rats.


Special Thank You

April 23rd 2009 7:04 pm
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I and my family want to thank our dear friend Arnold P. for helping us remain Plus members. We have so enjoyed our first active year here on Catster and have made many wonderful friends. Of course, you won't all disappear if we're not Plus members, but we so enjoy giving little gifties to our friends for special occasions and holidays and just for fun. We hope we can return the favor soon or pass along a RAK to someone else. Thank you Arnold!


No plus

April 22nd 2009 6:29 pm
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Boo hoo. It's time to renew our Catster Plus membership, but Mom says we can't right now. Back to plain pages and no zealies. I hope our friends won't think we don't love them.



April 19th 2009 7:36 pm
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Yesterday we finally had a beautiful spring day. Not only did we have the windows open, but Mommy took us outside on the deck. I had to go around and sniff every inch and see what was different since I had been out there last. The sun was nice and warm on my fur. Once in awhile, I slight breeze blew. I sniffed and sniffed. Ah, spring!



March 8th 2009 9:03 pm
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Ah spring! What a fabulous warm weekend we had! The heat was off, and the windows were open. My nose was working overtime. I did nothing except sit at an open window. Ahh. Sadly, it was just a teaser because the temps will be cooling off again.

Today Mom tortured us with the vacuum cleaner. She got a new one; the old one has been broken for a few weeks. She vacuumed like there was no tomorrow. Every room, every square inch. I like broken vacuum cleaners better.


Who's behind the curtain?

March 4th 2009 6:47 pm
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I was snoozing happily this afternoon on the recliner when suddenly there was a bird outside the window making all kinds of noise. I jumped up and ran to the window. Annadee jumped up and ran to the window. Now, here's the problem: even though the bench at the window is, per Mom, plenty large enough for three kitties to sit on and look out the window, none of us like to share it. So Annadee was too late 'cause I got there first. So she opted to sit on the table next to the window, but the curtain was in the way. Mom helped her out by pulling the curtain around her and covering her up, so she could see out the window but not me. Of course, being a cat, since I couldn't see her behind the curtain, it was as if she did not exist. All of a sudden, I noticed something. Something sticking out from behind the curtain. I tentatively reached out with my paw, slowly, slowly with my toes outstretched. I touched it! "Grrrrrrrr" it said. Annadee. It was Annadee's tail! Luckily, she could not see me, and I escaped the usual bop on the head.

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