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Hershey's Hiding Place

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Mommy's home.

September 27th 2009 6:49 am
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Mommy got home from vacation yesterday. Yeah! I was lonely. Me and AnnaDee hung out in our basement apartment, so there was no chance of the pet sitters letting us out and into the path of the evil Benjamin. We had two pet sitters - one in the first half of the week, and one the second half. I knew the first one, so I came out a little. I didn't know the second one, so I wouldn't come out at all. I don't like being lonely. I got lots of pets and kissies and brushing from Mommy, and I purred and purred and kneaded the air. I wanted to sleep with Mommy too, but Rafiki was a real pain last night. He wouldn't go to sleep, so AnnaDee and I couldn't get in bed. Luckily it is Sunday, so Mommy will be home all day, and we can continue to catch up on lost time.


Something's going on.

September 18th 2009 7:32 pm
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Something's going on, and I don't like, not one bit! Strangers came to the house tonight. I could hear them upstairs. Then they came downstairs with Mommy. They didn't come the normal way though, they went outside and came in the back door. I hid. Mommy didn't say anything after they left, but I know it can't be good.


A nippy day.

September 3rd 2009 6:09 pm
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You might think from the title that it is cold here. You are wrong. We are having the most beautiful weather. Combine that with a day off for Mommy today, and you have the perfect day to go out on the deck. That is what we did. I love to go out on the deck, and one of my favorite things is the catnip plant. Mom rustles the leaves around to make it smell really fragrant. Mmmmmm. I go over and bite leaves off and eat them and roll around. Then I veg. The purrfect day!


No computer!

August 23rd 2009 3:03 pm
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We cannot connect to the Internet. Mommy writes this from a friend's house. Hope to be back by the end of the week.


Long weekend

August 9th 2009 6:42 pm
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It has been a long weekend in the worst way. I spent the whole time, at least the day time, under the recliner. Mom and her friend were downstairs making all kinds of noise, burning things, setting off the smoke alarm, banging and sawing and splashing water around. I tell you, I almost cannot wait for her to go back to work!

She says they are done now. I sure hope so. It was scary. Not to mention she almost forgot our dinners today! Mom is crazy and losing sight of what is really important - us kitties!



June 19th 2009 6:01 pm
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I've been away from Catster forever! Well, maybe not that long, but it sure feels that way. Mommy hasn't had any time. This week was the worst yet! She was really late from work every night except for tonight, and she promised we could try to catch up some. I have been missing all my friends! I was so happy she was home at her normal time. We played, and I had a good time. And, miraculously, she has tomorrow off! Yeah!


Birthday Weekend

June 7th 2009 8:26 am
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Although yesterday was my and Annadee's birthday, seems we're not celebrating till today. Mommy was working yesterday, and she's cat sitting, and her friend came over in the evening per usual. Well, at least I got a toy, and we kitties had a catnip party. I got some new sparkle balls. I love those things, and there was only one that we could find in the house. Today is beautiful, and I can't wait to go out on the deck. Mom owes me lots of belly rubs too!

Many thanks to my friends for rosies and birthday greetings. My dear friend Kay sent me a festive party hat which I wore while eating my shrimp treat from Frankie and a steak from Hooch. (Hooch, your page will not load again today, so I cannot pmail you.)

I don't feel any older, and Mom says that's good. Meezers are known for their longevity she says, but her angel kittys didn't get those genes. I plan to be around for a long time. Happy birthday to me and many more!


Tomorrow is my birthday!

June 5th 2009 6:53 pm
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Tomorrow is my birthday, and I will be 10! Mommy is sad when she says this, and I don't know why. I am looking forward to it! I know I will get special treats and maybe a new toy. I wish Mommy would be home, but she has to work. We are both disappointed about that. I think the sun will even be coming out for my special day. It has been raining all week! I even growled at the rain the other night. It snuck up on me while I was sitting at the window, and I did not like that one bit! But this weekend the sun will be back, and I am looking forward to some deck time on Sunday.


Terror in the Basement

May 26th 2009 6:23 pm
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I should have written this yesterday, but Mommy pooped out early last night and couldn't help me. She should have been pooped after terrorizing me in the basement.

It was late afternoon and AnnaDee and I were hanging out upstairs when Mom decided to get out that hateful vacuum. I took off to the basement. Mom said "Hershey don't go down there because that's where I'm going to clean. You're just going to have to turn around and come back up." I was long gone under the furnace. She came down with the vacuum and started on the carpeted portion. Then she started on the vinyl floor making her way towards the laundry area and my favorite hiding place. I tensed; I was paralyzed; what to do? Stay? Run? Then it came round the corner right at me! She switched over to use the hose, and it made this terrible high pitched noise of rushing air. I bolted, terrorized, but there was nowhere to go! The monster was right in front of me. The dehumidifier blocked my escape to the left. The hot water heater blanket, not on the water heater, was blocking my escape to the right. I didn't even think - right up the exposed stud on the back of the wall I went! Then I took a flying leap into the middle of the room and flew up the stairs and then to the second floor and under the dresser. Mommy came after me very slowly and apologized profusely. She knew I was there; I looked at her reproachfully. She said she really thought I would have turned and gone back upstairs as soon as she turned it on or at least when she started on the vinyl floor, never would have done that had she really thought I was still there. I decided I'd forgive her. She looked sincere. She sounded sincere. She left me alone to calm down, and I went and hid under the bed for a while. I think I'd rather go to the vet then face that monster again.



May 20th 2009 6:39 pm
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It's been quite a few days since we've been on Catster and very sporadically at that. Mommy's schedule is such a drag! Seems she never gets home on time anymore. Not sure I even remember what 'on time' is. On top of that, she has been doing training to become an interview volunteer for the Siamese rescue. She used to be a transporter but doesn't have any time anymore on the weekends. She's been on the phone for several evenings for the training. Then she will start talking to people about Meezers. I think she should just talk TO Meezers. Like me. Yeah, Mom, talk to me. You are never here anymore. Tonight, I talked to her. I talked, and talked and talked. She knows I mean business! I told her no more phone calls; no more paying bills; no more picking up around the house. Just sit with me and rub my belly!

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