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Sad week

January 29th 2010 11:10 am
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This has been such a terribly sad week or two for me on Catster. So many sick friends. And now I read about L'il Bear Boo Boo, She's only two and diagnosed with CRF. Her mommy is distraught. Please purr for both of them.


The Happy Act

January 21st 2010 8:22 pm
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I was just doing my dialy click at the and noticed an ad to sign a petition for the Happy Act. The Happy Act would allow for certain tax deductions for pet medical care, so folks can continue to keep and care for their pets during these bad economic times. Mom signed it. I'd put the link here, but I'm not sure how. Maybe you can surf over there and check it out too.



January 19th 2010 4:44 pm
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Life is really boring these days. Winter is so dreary. All I do is sleep. I haven't felt much like playing. I'll play a little, but then poop out. Is it spring yet?


Barred from the basement

January 19th 2010 4:41 pm
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We have been barred from the basement, literally. At least at night time, we have. That's the special Meezer hangout. The other day, Mom's friend put up a bar so that if someone breaks in in the basement, they can't get upstairs. We can still go in there during the day, but if Mom leaves, the bar goes down. At night, we have to stay upstairs with Mom.

Seems someone in our court was held up at gun point a week or two ago, and then Mom heard that there was a break in (but it was someone who had a key). In any case, Mom is really scared. We thought we lived in a safe neighborhood, but i guess no place is completely safe. Grrrrrr.


Good riddance 2009

January 4th 2010 3:33 pm
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Hope everyone celebrated a good New Year's holiday. Mom was especially happy to see 2009 go. I guess I am too for Mom's sake. Nothing really changed for me, but when Mom is happy, I am happy, and when Mom is stressed, I can feel it even if she doesn't say anything.

The holidays were good in general. We enjoyed a white Christmas before the rains came and washed it way the next day. We got toys from some of our special friends here on Catster. Mom didn't get us anything but made some small donations to animal rescues instead. That's good. I remember being in rescue and any little treat or comfort is welcome.

It's gotten terribly cold and windy here for the start of 2010. I am staying warm and thinking happy thoughts for the new year.


Can't get online.

December 22nd 2009 12:51 pm
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Just a quick note to our friends: we can't get online again from home. Hope to get it sorted out soon.


Still standing

December 14th 2009 6:30 pm
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The Christmas tree is still standing. It has ornaments on it now. Mom seems pretty pleased. AnnaDee and Rafiki fight over it. She likes to sit under it, but he doesn't like her sitting there. He goes over and howls at her. Then she comes out from underneath and rears up on her back legs with her front legs spread wide. Rafiki rears up on his legs and then she bites him on the chest because she can't reach any higher. Then the wrestling begins. They are crazy! I just watch.


Checking In

November 30th 2009 6:39 pm
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So, the holiday weekend is over. We didn't have much of one here. Mommy had Thanksgiving off, but she always has Thursday's off anyway. She did some cooking but took the food to her friend's house for dinner. She did bring turkey back, but I turned my nose up at it.

Saturday, she brought a big box out of the basement closet and pulled tree branches out of it. It wasn't real tree branches but fake ones. She put them in a stand and voila - a tree. We all sat around and looked at it. How peculiar, a tree in the house. On Sunday, she had long stringy things which she wrapped around the tree. When she was done, they lit up and started blinking. We all sat around and watched. Mom says if we leave the tree alone, she will put more stuff on it. This certainly is interesting. I will report back on what happens.


November 16th 2009 4:44 pm
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I have been getting braver lately and following Mom into the bathroom in the morning when she goes to take a shower. Everybody else goes in there, so I decided I should maybe go in there too. As soon as she reaches to turn on the water though, I am gone!

This morning when Mom went to get her shower, I was already in the bathroom waiting for her - she found me sitting on the toilet lid!


Back from the vet.

October 14th 2009 4:50 pm
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Mom dragged me and AnnaDee off to the vet yesterday. I haven't even been sneezing! She said I needed to go because I was over due for my annual exam. So, off we went. I meowed my low moaning meow the whole way. They weighed me. I gained weight. Mommy is pleased. Mom let me hide in the carrier, but then AnnaDee, big scaredy cat, had to come in my carrier and sit on me. Geez. Normally, she doesn't want to be anywhere near me. Then they lifted the top off the carrier (how'd they do that?!) and took me out again. They poked an prodded and gave me a shot. But worse than that, Mommy made them do bloodwork! I couldn't believe it! She said since I am getting older, she doesn't want to wait for any symptoms to show up. So then I had to get stuck! Finally, it was over. They pronounced me in good health. Then, it was AnnaDee's turn - ha! She got poked an prodded more than me. That's what she gets for sitting on me.

I thought the worst was over until it was time to leave. We went back out to the waiting room and Mom put my carrier on top of AnnaDee's. She didn't set me down straight and when she turned away, I went tumbling over. Geez, I need a seat belt and some airbags in there. I hope we're not doing any more vet trips any time soon. Once a year is more than enough!

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