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A happy day

March 10th 2010 6:37 pm
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Woo hoo! I won I won I won!!!! I won Hazel Lucy's St. Patty's Day hat! I have never won anything. I am so excited! Purr purr purr! I cannot wait to model it. Actually, I wish I had it right now as our heat is not working, and I have been quite chilly all day. Hmmmm. I have an idea ...


A sad day; a happy day

March 10th 2010 6:32 pm
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I was very sorry to read that my new friend Nittany went to the Bridge today. **sigh** He spent his last bit of time here outside enjoying the warm sun on a mild, late winter day. I know his family will miss him terribly. I hope when he gets settled that he will send some updates from the Bridge.

The happy day part will be in another post. I just cannot combine the two.


All better

March 7th 2010 4:00 pm
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I did not leave any pancake like deposits in the litterbox on Friday or yesterday, so Mom has pronounced me 'recovered'. Rafiki took an extra day. Mom is glad it's been an uneventful weekend, and I am glad to not have medicine squirted down my throat!



March 4th 2010 3:19 pm
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I had to go back to the vet today. Mom is pretty sure I still have the loose stool problem. I say pretty sure because she has never really "seen" that it is me, but today she did "see" that Rafiki does! I thought I might be spared the return trip as a result, but no such luck. Momentarily she thought it might have been Rafiki all along, but then she remembered the buckets of water I was drinking, and the spot I left on the stairs. I didn't eat breakfast this morning, and I wouldn't play with the shoe lace that I have been liking so much lately.

So, I had to go on the car ride from hell wit Rafiki. He just will not shut up. I know it's bad, but that incessant howling made me even more nervous. Then I started to cry too!

At the vet office, Mom opened up our carriers once we were in the exam room. Rafiki had to get weighed first, and when he was done, he came and jammed his big ole butt into the tiny carrier with me instead of going into his big carrier! I could hardly breathe in there! He had his exam first. Then it was my turn. It was terrible, and I cannot speak of it. It made me growl big, loud un-Hershey-like growls. They did bloodwork and a rectal cytology. Need I say more?

Mom got the results this afternoon. Not very conclusive. No bad bacteria was found. My bloodwork is good. The vet said my glucose was slightly elevated, but that could be from my stressed state. It wasn't anywhere near the levels they see when cats come in with diabetes. My bunn(?) was slightly low, but the vet isn't ready to pursue anything there yet.

Mom reported that I was looking for some lunch when we returned, and that I did play with the shoe lace a bit. So now, tonight, Mom has to separate me and Rafiki, so she can determine whether one of us or both of us still has this problem tomorrow, and we will go from there. I just want to be better!


Still not back to my old self

March 3rd 2010 7:09 pm
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Mom took me to the vet yesterday. I have have loose stools. The doctor said everything looks okay and feels okay, but I lost a pound; maybe from the past few days though. He gave Mom the option of doing bloodwork or treating my symptoms and see what happens. Mom took the second option because she has to take Rafiki in tomorrow. I might have to go with him if I don't seem better.

I got one dose of yucky medicine last night and another this morning. I still have the loose stools tonight, but I'm supposed to take the medicine for five days. Mom thought I only vomited on Sunday, but she found some when she got home tonight. It wasn't from today though. It was on one of the cardboard scratchers and blended right in. It was Ben's crunchy food which I have taken a liking to, so that means it's either from last night or the night before maybe because I see it there is any left after Ben goes to bed. Mom is more concerned now because of the second vomiting episode.

Tonight I ate my dinner. Yesterday at the vet's, Mom bought the I/D food for sensitive tummies. I ate that tonight. Don't remember if I ate any for breakfast when she put it out. So far, dinner is still in my tummy. At least I still have an appetite. Mom is worried because the vet said it could be something like a thyroid problem. I had bloodwork done back in September, and it was all fine then. We are hoping it's just a stubborn stomach bug that will clear up soon.


Off to a lousy start

February 28th 2010 3:42 pm
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Mom came downstairs this morning to get our breakfast ready. AnnaDee and Rafiki went down, but Mom didn't see me. She went down to the basement and saw that someone had a touch of the runs. Then she realized she was standing in a puddle of bile. Then she found that someone had returned a snack onto the carpet in the other room. After cleaning up, she started looking for me. I was under her bed. She left me alone, and I followed her down to the kitchen. I had some water. I drank some more. I kept drinking and drinking and drinking. My chin was all wet and there was a big water drop hanging off of it. Mom was thinking about the vet. I could sense it. She consulted the boyfriend. Luckily, he told her to relax and keep an eye on me. After all, the emergency vet would be open all day and all night. I went down to our basement apartment and drank a ton more water. I could feel Mom tensing up. She tried to remain calm and left. When she came back. I was under the recliner. I love to be under the recliner, so she left me alone. A while later, I came out. I sat at the window. I didn't get sick. I played! I haven't really eaten, but Mom says that's okay for now. I think that whatever it was wasn't serious and is going away, so no trip to the emergency vet. Yay!


Mom let us run out of food!

February 24th 2010 4:27 pm
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As if it weren't bad enough that Mom got home really late last night leaving us to starve all day, this morning, she didn't have our regular food!!!! We eat Wellness canned, no-grain formulas. Instead, she puts in front of us Benjamin's stinky tuna food with a crumb of the Wellness on top. I looked at her with scorn. Just because Ben loves the cheap, stinky tuna food doesn't mean I do. I took a few bites. It was that or AnnaDee's weight management dry food. Geez! I really want Ben's prescription dry food. I like that pretty much and finish up any he leaves in his bowl at bed time. I can't wait to see what's for dinner, or maybe we won't get that again tonight either. Grrrrr.


More snow!

February 8th 2010 3:54 pm
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Mom is not happy. We are supposed to get more snow starting some time tomorrow. Ten to twenty more inches! This is not good. We are nervous. It's supposed to be windy this time, and we are afraid to lose power. We didn't have any trouble over the weekend. Mom's friend said all those little bundles of crappy wood have been snatched up. We're snug and warm right now. I hope it stays that way.


OMC the snow!

February 6th 2010 1:16 pm
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Wow, you should see the snow here! Mom's been shoveling since yesterday! She cracked the door open, so I got a good sniff of the cold air. Brrrr! I'm stayin' inside nice and warm!


Back to my old spot.

February 3rd 2010 4:13 pm
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Mom found me snoozing in my old spot today. I haven't been there for a while. Back when Rafiki decided he wanted to hang out with AnnaDee and I in our special basement apartment, he also decided he needed to take over our favorite spots. Kind of stupid because he can't be in all of them at once, but that's his business. Mine was on top of the laundry table. Mom doesn't like me there because it's in the dark. I don't understand the problem. She sleeps in the dark, so why can't I? I guess Rafiki finally got tired of chasing me away from there. Whatever. I have several spots now, so if he hogs one, I'll just move to another. Perhaps I can make him crazy ...

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