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Oh no!

April 7th 2008 1:07 pm
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Mommy's computer is going to die! It makes terrible loud ticking noises then locks up! What will I do? She will only be able to get on Catster at lunch time at work. Oh boo hoo!!!!!!!!!!



April 6th 2008 11:10 am
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I've been tagged by my friend Kay (633143) but this is with a twist!
Answer the questions as best as you can, and then tag four of your feline friends, either by message or rosette. Have fun!

Name four jobs that you've had.

1. Finder of the best hidey-holes.
2. Mommy

Four places you have lived.

1. North Carolina as a stray
2. Locust Dale, VA at the Siamese Cat Rescue Center
3 Here in my furever home in Columbia, MD

Four places where you have been.

1. Ellicott City (vet)
2. down the road to the vet in Columbia
3. Ben's room (before he lived in it)

Name four places you'd rather be.
1. Wherever Ben isn't
2. Outside on the deck in the sun with the door cracked open in case I get scared and have to run back inside
3. Under the furnace
4. Atop the cat tree

I tag the
following 4 friends:
1. Mousse (753713
2. Feller (713983)
3. Jake (759780)
4. Max (749486


April 4th 2008 8:02 pm
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It's been pretty dull around here lately. Mom's been trying to get more pictures of us. She's been working on our pages. Benjamin broke the treat jar tonite. Mommy was not pleased. Actually, the jar was okay, but the lid was not. It cracked all the way in half and the little knob on top broke. She glued it together, but it's just not the same. Tomorrow is her Saturday off. Yeah! More time for us. She's making a Meezer Express run, but that's okay.

The weather has been crap-E. Crappy. Clouds and rain for days. Clouds and rain for the weekend. When will I ever get to go back out on the deck?


Catster Plus!

April 2nd 2008 1:53 pm
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Yipee!!!! Mommy has made us Catster Plus members. Now I can have a totally unique page. I am so very excited! Now I just have to wait till Mom figures out how to do all that fun stuff. Hope she learns fast.

This morning Mommy scared Annadee with the vacuum cleaner. We all hate it except for Benjamin. Anyway, Annadee would not come downstairs with me when Mom got up. See, we both hang out down there while Mom gets ready for work, so that Benjamin can come out for awhile before mommy leaves for work. Annadee went back upstairs under the bed and wouldn't come out. So mommy turned on the vacuum. That did it. Annadee tore downstairs so fast and hid behind the washer and dryer. Poor Mommy felt bad, but she can't take a chance on Benjamin coming after us. He is evil!

Mommy had the camera out again tonite, so there might be some new pix of me on my page soon.


April Fool's!

April 1st 2008 10:36 am
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Happy April Fool's Day! I have played a joke on my friend Kay (http://www.catster.com/cats/633143). We are new friends actually, and she just accepted my friend request. So for my April Fool's joke, I wrote back and said I changed my mind and didn't want to be friends anymore! Well, luckily Kay is a good sport and laughed at my joke. I wonder if Mommy will try to play a joke on us...?

Otherwise, it is a dreary day here. I think this is Mother Nature's joke. What happened to spring???? I'm going to go take a nap in the cat tree cubby and wait for the sun to come out ...


Weekend Update

March 30th 2008 5:21 pm
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The weekend's almost over. It went by quickly too especially after yesterday's excitement. I think Annadee was jealous because she tried to bop me on the head last night, but Mommy saw her lifting her paw. She stopped, but then she started in the middle of the night, so I had to chase her up the stairs and under mommy's bed.

Today is laundry day, but I forgot. I made myself comfortable on the clean clothes in the laundry room, and mommy caught me. She knows I do that, but I don't like to let her catch me. She doesn't do anything though. She just says 'Hershey' disapprovingly then throws the clothes in the dryer on fluff to get the fur off.

Oh and I let mommy's friend pet me. Just a quick pet on my back. I walked past real quickly, so there wasn't time for more. Can't let 'em think I really let him do that!


Daily Diary Pick cont.

March 29th 2008 2:42 pm
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Wow! I am so excited to be a DDP! When I read my mail this morning, I couldn't believe it! I didn't know what to do! I got all nervous and had to go hide under the recliner. Mommy had to work today, so she couldn't celebrate too much till she got home when she gave me lots of lovin' and the very special We Pity the Kitties cat treats - the only 'treat' I eat. Thanks Catster for making today an extra special day for me!


Daily Diary Pick!!!!

March 29th 2008 8:47 am
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Hello Kitties! Hershey's Mom here. Hershey's letting me make this entry for him. He is so overwhelmed to be a DDP, that he went to hide under the recliner and let the whole thing soak in. He was purring and kneading and chewing my hair. When he comes out of his hiding place, he'll be making his own entry, but he wants to thank every kitty for reading his diary and making it a Daily Diary Pick!!! Thanks Catster!


Play time

March 26th 2008 11:07 am
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Last night was a lot of fun. Mommy played with me a lot. I had been lounging all evening when Mommy asked me if I wanted to play. Well, of course I wanted to play! If you saw a contented, sleepy looking, lounging cat, wouldn't you think he wanted to play? So play we did! I chased the crocheted, snakey, wand toy. I leapt; I twisted in the air; I somersaulted. I scared myself, ran away and came back for more. Then Annadee joined in, she scared herself and ran to hide inside the cardboard box.

I'm patiently waiting to play the travelling brusselball game. I hope Mommy doesn't screw up; she could never figure out how to play the regular game. Then she told me that Benjamin was playing shallotball. He found a big shallot on the kitchen counter, knocked it to the floor and started chasing it all around. I don't think it will be as popular as brusselball. It is a lovely red-violet color, but it's too stinky, and it'll make your eyes burn.


weekend update

March 24th 2008 11:35 am
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Not much has been going on lately. It was a good weekend though - mommy did not have to work on Saturday. That means she had more time for us. We got extra play time and lovin', and we get brushed every day now that Spring is here.

Benjamin wasn't feeling good Friday night. Mommy put him to bed and then she went to bed and about fifteen minutes later, he scared us all by crying out really loudly. Mom knew what was the matter. When Benny came to live with us, he had intestinal issues. It got cleared up after he started eating high protein food, but every once in a long while, he'll have an episode of the runs for seemingly no particular reason. When this happens, he hollers when he's in the litter box. It scares Mom, and she feels bad. She went into his room, and sure enough, something had upset his equilibrium. She cleaned up his box and gave him some lovin', and we all went back to bed. He's been fine since.

Yesterday though, he found one of my hiding places! He found the cubby hole in the organ! That's where I first went to hide when I came here. You go through the foot pedal hole. Mom saw Ben's backside sticking out and was afraid he'd get stuck. He's fat. She grabbed his tail to startle him, but he kept going. All the way in he went. Luckily he didn't get stuck and got back out.

Miss Annadee is feisty as ever, and Rafiki is noisy as ever. Nothing new there.

I think I will finally get to play brusselball, traveling brusselball that is. We'll see how it goes, and I'll report back.

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