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Hershey's Hiding Place

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May 8th 2008 7:02 am
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Last night got a little crazy. Mommy came downstairs with her after dinner tea to hang out with me and Annadee. She was petting me and giving me lots of love when I got up and started to walk past her. See, we were all sitting on the floor. Well, my tail caught on her mug and knocked over the hot tea onto the rug, and it narrowly missed myself! OMC, mommy jumped up to go find some rags to soak it up, but that scared me, and I ran into the other room. Mommy ran back there too and so did Annadee who had 'fluffy tail'. Mom ran back to soak up the tea, but then I came out of my hiding place, and Annadee and I scared each other and got into a big fight. Mommy jumped up again yelling and ran back to find us. I was under the furnace and Annadee was behind the washer and dryer. We had been screaming loudly, and Mommy thought Benjamin had some how gotten in it was that bad! Then Benjamin came to the door and started scratching and meowing when he heard all the commotion! Mommy was very upset. We have never gotten into a spat like that. Mommy finished cleaning up the mess and waited for us to come back out. She petted us for a while and made sure we were calm. Then she went to the gym worrying the whole time that we'd get into it again. When she came home she checked on us; we were napping. Everything is back to normal. Well, as normal as it gets in our house anyway!


Evening update

May 6th 2008 6:11 pm
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So Mommy came downstairs with her tea this evening per usual. Annadee was hogging her, stretching out all along her leg and all. So I sat down by her feet and stretched out real long like I do when I want pets. And Annadee bonks me on the head! What was her problem? I didn't even touch her! Well, Mommy told her that wasn't very nice, and Annadee left in a huff. Then, I heard a strange noise outside, so I ran to the window. Guess who had to come check it out too? Right - Annadee. Well, there is plenty of room on the window seat, and she comes and makes her self comfortable. Did I bonk her on the head? No. Did I say anything to her? No. No because I am a sweet, easy going kitty. She's lucky that way.

Mommy left then to go to the gym. She says she has to go, or she'll turn into a cow. Weird. Will all humans turn into cows if they don't go to the gym? I wonder ...

Anyway, she said when she returned, I could go back to the Brusselball Spa. I went for the first time Friday night and had a good time. Well, I was too late. Rats! We'll try again tomorrow. Mommy said she'll go earlier to the gym, so I can get on the computer earlier. I hope so. Right now, it's time for naps.


Cranky Cat

May 4th 2008 6:39 pm
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Mommy says I am a cranky cat today. Even though it was a beautiful day, I have spent most of it hiding. I came out for a bit and walked past Mommy who was sitting on the floor. She put her arms around me and hugged me and kissed me and wouldn't let me go easily, so I complained. "Hershey!" she said "I have never heard you complain before!" Then, she started singing to me, and I growled my low, low growl I use when I am scared or am unsure of something. She said "Hershey, I can't believe you growled at me! You hurt my feelings." Well, she hurt my ears! And now I'm going back under the recliner ...


Weird Dreams

April 29th 2008 1:01 pm
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No, it's not me that had weird dreams, it's Mommy. Last night she caught up on the sleep she lost the night before. She told us she dreamed that Annadee had buried carrots in her litter box!!!!! MOL! Whole carrots! We couldn't stop laughing ...



April 29th 2008 8:23 am
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So, as is often my habit, I was up early staring at Benjamin. I am very interested in Benjamin; I don't know why he doesn't like me. He started shaking his door which woke Mommy up. She looked out and saw me and called me. I wouldn't come. She was not happy at being woken up, so she got out of bed to come after me. "Hershey, leave Benjamin alone" she whispered. She picked me up to take me to bed with her, but as she walked back to the bedroom, her foot hit a toy which made a noise, which scared me to death, so I jumped out of her arms and into the wall in head first which made another loud noise! I was so scared I took off for the basement. Mommy wanted to make sure I was okay, but I was long gone under the furnace. I don't know why I got so scared. It was so quiet early in the morning. I just wasn't expecting to hear anything at all as Mommy carried me with her across the carpet. Banging my head into the wall didn't help either! I came back up though when Mommy got up for work, and she gave me hugs and kisses and made sure my little face was okay. I love Mommy!


Rainy days and Mondays

April 28th 2008 6:37 pm
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Ah well, the weekend is over. Mommy left us this morning for work. Outside, it poured all day. I stayed atop the cat tree.

Benjamin was naughty last night. He would not go to sleep. He shook his door, and pawed at the carpet and scratched the door and meowed until 1:00am. Mommy was not happy. We don't know what was wrong with him. First Mommy thought someone was tormenting him. She looked by his door, but no one was there. I am usually the one, but last night, i had decided to sleep in bed with Mommy. Even after he finally settled down, Mommy could not sleep.

Soon there should be a few new pictures. She's after us again with the camera.


Scary Photo

April 24th 2008 8:50 am
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Mom posted a scary photo of me today. I told her 'don't use that one!', but she did. She said "Hershey, if you would just let me take a picture of your 'sweetie' face, I would love to post a picture like that. Mom loves the face I make when I come to greet her. I hate that darn camera though, and as soon as I see it, my eyes get real big, and my ears swivel out to the sides. Worse yet, she has been trying to get more video of me. She almost got me and Annadee starting to mix it up, but we keep those confrontations short and sweet. Mom was too slow to catch us!


I can't remember ...

April 23rd 2008 9:31 am
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I've been wanting to write about something, but I can't remember what it is. I guess I am getting old.

Things have been kind of quiet. The weather is finally getting nicer. I am enjoying sniffing the fresh air at the windows. I was feeling rather frisky last night after a sluggish night before that. The computer came home last night. Yeah! I hope Mom will fire it up tonite, so I can play on Catster again. She's been writing my entries for me at work for the past two weeks or so. Then I tormented Ben some after Mom went to bed. I sat right in front of his door, so he could see me. He started meowing and scratching at the rug and shaking the door. Mommy got up and moved me to her bed three times, but I kept going back out there. She finally realized she had taken up my favorite sleeping spot outside the door to her room with the laundry basket! Once she gave me my spot back, everything was fine.

In the mean time, I'll keep trying to remember to write about what I forgot.


April 21st 2008 11:53 am
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Ah well, the weekend is over. Mommy did not work Saturday. The weather was be-u-ti-ful. Mom finally got the downstairs window open, and she found a screen to put in it. Yeah! Now we can sit there and sniff the air.

There were lots of woodpeckers about in the woods behind the house. Silly mommy thought she saw a skunk, but it was a pileated woodpecker. How do you confuse those two? She said it was because he was on the ground, and his red head was hidden by a plant. Right. I will have to teach mommy some things.

The computer is coming back! Maybe even tonite!


Where's my lovin'?

April 18th 2008 11:26 am
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Per usual, I was patiently waiting for mom to come home from work. She came home, fed us dinner, but then announced she was leaving. Just for an hour she said. I was sad. I was waiting all day for mommy! Finally, she came home and sat down with us. I went over expecting my pets. She leaned over to scratch behind my ears. I purred. Then she said "Hershey, why do you always sit just out of arms reach? If you want pets, come over here!" I head butted her foot. Still, she resisted. I layed down and rolled over looking really cute. Still, she resisted. I rolled over again bringing me a bit closer. Yet still she resisted. One more roll a little closer. Purrs. Finally, she said "Oh Hershey you are a stinker! Here I come." I won!

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