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Hershey's Hiding Place

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June 1st 2008 7:30 pm
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I have been tagged by Ole Blue Eyes himself, Frankie A. Sinatracat.

Okay, here goes, seven things about my Meezer self:

1. I am the only one in my family who has black nose leather.
2. Mommy's boyfriend calls me Coco Lopez.
3. I do not like people food.
4. I love to be brushed.
5. I do not have a kink at the end of my tail.
6. I like eskimo kissies from Mommy.
7. When I use the litter box, I only put the business end in it.

I am tagging the following kitties, and I do hope they will play:

Lillers (788483)
Gizzy (759752)
Coco (789892)
Sybil (754231)
Milagro (597120)
Bella (768908)


The Vet!

June 1st 2008 8:23 am
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I am only now recovering from my vet visit on Friday. I couldn't even bring myself to write in my diary! It was my annual exam (and Annadee's too), and we needed our rabies and distemper shots. But when we got there, Mommy started asking about my teeth! "No", I said, "my teeth are fine!". The vet forced my mouth open. She said she was underwhelmed! As I breathed a sigh of relief, Mommy pushed the issue! She was saying my gum line seemed red and my pet insurance was only covering it till the end of July. So, the vet said let me finish the exam, and I'll look again. So after being poked and prodded some more and getting 'shot' twice, she had to force my mouth open and look again. Still undecided, she said, let me do Annadee's exam, and I'll look again. Again?! MOL!! Annadee has an ear infection (and some little blue cysts in her ear!), got 'shot' twice and got to go back in her carrier. She had her dental last August. But then they had to molest me again and look in my mouth! Now the vet decides that she will have the dental technician take a look, so they pick me up and take me out of the room away from mommy and have someone else looking in my mouth! Ugh! Finally, I come back to mommy and get to go in my carrier! The vet tells mommy that if she wants to have my teeth cleaned, then they will also be able to get a better look at my gums and clean off any plaque that's up under there. Then, she should then continue with a prevenative treatment to make all the trouble worthwhile. Evil Mommy agrees, and now they have to drag me out of my carrier AGAIN and suck my blood. How much can a kitty take I ask you??? Well, finally they brought me back to Mommy with an apology (to Mommy mind you, not to me) that they had trouble finding a vein. I went in the carrier and became one with the back of it. Finally, we were on our way home. I said nothing. Mommy took us back in the house, and I immediately went to the basement. Mommy popped open a special treat of Tiki Cat and brought it down stairs. I had tried to take a few bites of dry food in the mean time, but I was so upset, that I got sick, and Mommy found it when she came downstairs. Then she found me: ears like an airplane, eyes half shut. She was scared. She called the vet. They said it wasn't the vaccines, but that I was quite displeased about the whole affair. If I were to get any worse, I might have to go back to the vet. Well, I was not going to be doing that. Mommy left me alone for a half hour, but I still had airplane ears and half closed eyes, but no more sickness. She came back in another half hour. No change. She tried catnip. She put it by my paws, I moved; I snuffled the nip; I ate the nip. She decided I must be okay if I were still interested in catnip. She went to the gym and the grocery store and came back in an hour and a half. Ears were up, eyes were open, Hershey was in his recliner. Mommy was relieved.


Kay's Kitten Friends and misc.

May 29th 2008 11:35 am
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My good friend Kay was invaded by a family of kittens and their mommy. Check out the video on her page and the story in her diary: One of the kittens is a future Hershey look alike. So cute!

It's been a pretty quiet week, beautiful weather, but now Mommy has totally disrupted my equilibrium: she said I have to go to the vet tomorrow! No. I am hiding. I am not coming out. I hate it. Annadee has to go too, and she doesn't like it either. It's for our annual check up, but it seems like that year goes by awfully fast when it comes to that. Oh I dread it!



May 25th 2008 3:03 pm
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Finally, warmer weather is here as well as sunshine, and they all coincide with Mommy's days off which means I got to go outside! I love to go out on the deck, but you know I get scared so easily that I often want to go right back inside. Mommy used to let me in and out but finally decided to just prop the door open. Now, I can run inside if something scares me but come right back out again. Last year our neighbors built a deck onto their townhouse, and it comes right up against ours just about. I want to go over there. They have some nice looking deck furniture. Mommy says I can't though, and Benjamin got in trouble last night because he did. I tried to relax out there, but Mommy just kept following me around with the camera. I posted one of the pictures on my page. I am rather handsome aren't I?

On another note, Mommy bought us some Tiki Cat. We keep seeing it mentioned here on Catster. When she bought our food the other day, she saw the store was now carrying it. She says it's expensive though, so we only get it as a treat. We got our first treat yesterday. I snarfed it right up! Yummy! Annadee turned her nose up at it! She is crazy! That's okay, more for me!


Looking forward to the weekend!

May 23rd 2008 10:17 am
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Yesterday was a terribly long day! Mommy had to work all day and then go to a work-related meeting after that without any chance of coming home first. Annadee and I were downstairs all day. Benjamin was out all day. None of us were happy! By the time she got home, it was time to go to bed. We all got some snuggles, but then it was time for bed. She has to do this once in a while to get continuing ed credits to keep up her certification. Luckily, it's not too often! But the good news is that she is home for the holiday weekend. Yeah! Normally she would work tomorrow, but she is off and on Monday too! Plus it is finally supposed to be nice weather here, and I think we will finally get to go outside! MOL!


Boo Hoo!

May 19th 2008 1:12 pm
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Oh, I am so sad! We just made a friend today with a sweet Geezer Meezer, Bugsy #683472. He wasn't feeling well I read in his diary this morning, and within hours, he went to the Bridge! Oh!



May 18th 2008 7:44 pm
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Mommy is feeling blue this weekend. A kitty friend of ours is dying of cancer. I think Benjamin wrote about it today. She hasn't slept well, and this morning Annadee and I started fighting. Mommy was in a deep sleep (finally) and woke to our screaming and growling. She just started yelling and hollering because she didn't realize what was going on. Well, I got so scared I took off and hid. Mommy felt bad, but she couldn't help it. I came back out though.

Tonite, Mommy read some sad news about another friend of ours on Catster too. Plus, tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of the day she lost her friend Crystal and on the 25th, it will be four years for her dear friend Zachary.

I try to comfort her though. I give her head butts and purr for her. I let her hug me and kiss me. She likes to do that, and I like it too. I hope she'll be feeling better soon.


Eskimo Kisses

May 15th 2008 8:27 pm
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I was relaxing on my recliner tonight, instead of hiding under it, when Mommy came to give me some snuggles. She pet me and kissed me, and I love that. I reached out with my paws and started kneading her shoulder. Then she did something strange: she rubbed the tip of her nose on my nose! It was strange, but I let her keep doing it. She said "Hershey, I didn't know you liked eskimo kisses". I didn't know I liked them either, but I guess I do. Then she said "Most cats would never let me do that." Well, that's exactly why I do - I am not like most cats!


Laser Pointer

May 14th 2008 10:28 am
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I've never been one to play with the laser pointer, but it's been getting my attention this past week. Annadee is always chasing it around like crazy. Mom has given up trying to play with me with it. However, the other night, she had it out for Annadee when she noticed me crouching and my eyes all wide with dilated pupils. It started moving real slow, and I attacked it. Again, and again, I chased it, and I know I killed it, but it keeps coming back! I was better off before I started after this thing. It's going to make me crazy! MOL! If you want to see poor me chasing that thing in vain, there are two videos on my page.



May 12th 2008 10:06 am
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The weekend is over already. It always goes so fast especially if Mommy has to work on Saturday. On Saturday night, Mommy's friend came over and brought the Furminator! He left it with us for a whole week. Mommy has been terrorizing us with it. Well, I should say everyone but me. I love being brushed, so I think the Furminator is okay. We'll see how I feel after a week. Annadee is the one who really needs it; she gave Mommy a hard time, but Mommy finally won. Benjamin won't stay still, so Mommy has to Furminate him while he walks around. She hasn't gotten around to Rafiki yet. The fur really flies with that thing. Mommy has to keep the regular brush on hand to remove all the fur that comes out.

The weather has been lousy, and we kitties are getting cranky. The windows got closed yesterday because Mommy couldn't take the cool temps any more. Even if we sit at the window, there's nothing to see except pouring rain and wind. The wind scares me anyway, so I go and sit in the laundry room where it's dark and quiet (unless Mom's doing laundry). Then I pick on Annadee, and Rafiki and Ben get into it too. It's time for a change in the weather!

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