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Pumkin gets a home!

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I've Been Loving On Meowmy

July 21st 2009 1:08 am
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for hours already. Effury time I jump off of her, well, I turn around and come right back!!! I can't help it!!! She is loving on me right back, and murmuring my name "Puppy" and "Pumkin" and "Baby Pooh" and rubbing my head, she can rub me and read her book at da same time!!! But most times she puts da book down to give me her complete attention. She tells me she thinks God sent her an angel!!! She says the day she found me is the best day of her life!!! She makes me so happy and I make her so happy. Love is a beautiful thing.


Meowmy can't sleep

July 17th 2009 1:25 am
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and when she finally started to drift off, I started giving her headbutts!!! I was purring loudly and kept circling around her in the bed. I headbonked her back, her head, her face, her arms........till she finally gave up on the idea of sleeping and jumped up!!! Yay!!! Now she can play wif me!!!


Good Morning Effuryone!!!

July 15th 2009 3:01 am
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I love all my furiends so much!!! And of course my meowmy and my girl Precious. And Jazzy and Isabelle. And furst on my list is the good Lord above who watches over all of us.

I am happy, happy, happy!!! I don't see what the big deal is wif Isabelle and the flying stuff. I am furry content to stay right here at home. I do like watching the birds, which we are all doing right now. Meowmy is throwing little pieces of bread out the window fur them. They are purrty cute!!! Isabelle of course has the best seat at the windowsill and she won't take her eyes off the birds fur a moment. If meowmy shook the treats bag right now I really believe Isabelle would ignore it!!! She is hypnotized by the birds!!!


My Girl Precious

July 12th 2009 3:38 am
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has a pawsome meowmy. Their furmily is going thru so much and her meowmy stands strong. If it's not one thing, it's another. Me and my furmily are purring furry hard fur Hooch to get better, and fur all the kitties and humans in Precious' furmily to be ok. I wish them a furry peaceful day today and hope they know so many people love and care about them.


Have A Great Day

July 10th 2009 2:25 am
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Hi there! I'm a happy camper as usual! I love my life and I love being loved. I purr all the time! I like to run around the house and play wif toys and play wif Jasmine and tease Isabelle. She gets so mad when I jump over her! And there she is wif her paw raised and she can't touch me cause I just went over her head!


Yes I'm Out Of Hiding!!!

July 8th 2009 9:17 am
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Kibbles asked was I still hiding! No, I came out from under the bed on the morning of the 5th, when all the BOOMS were over. I didn't like the fireworks one bit. Meowmy says last year on the 4th I was living on the street, and I must have had a ruff time. I did. I don't like all the loud stuff, it scares me. I am so glad we don't have a war going on here in New York or anywhere in the U.S. I feel so sorry fur the people who have to live where they have wars. It is just awful. I am a furry grateful kitty today.


I Am Furry Happy.....

July 5th 2009 2:42 am
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that the 4th of July is OVER!!! Around midnight it just exploded wif fireworks around here, it was mad scary!!! I am not afraid to admit it, I ran and hid fur cover under the bed! And I did not come out fur many hours!!! Till the coast was clear!!! My two sisfurs were braver than me!!! Meowmy put on the fan fur noise and the TV loud and closed windows but it didn't help, I still heard those BOOMS!!!

Thank you thank you thank you fur letting it be the next day!!!


Oooh Boy!!!

July 3rd 2009 5:48 am
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She's calling me puppycat effury minute. She keeps picking me up and kissing me. One time I rested my head on her shoulder and she thought it was the cutest thing efur!!! I hid under the bed and she kept calling puppycat till I came out. I can't nap in peace, now she's singing to me. Something about the Fourth of July and this lady sounds nothing like Mariah Carey!!! Meowmy I love you but you gotta gimme a break here.....


Have A Happy And Safe Holiday

July 2nd 2009 3:23 am
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As we approach the holiday week-end, I wanna wish all my Catster furiends and their furmilies a wonderful, happy, safe and healthy Fourth of July. And a special shout out to my girl Precious, who is going thru so much wif her furmily. I love you Precious and I always will. I am purring and purraying fur you and your furmily. Big time purrayers fur Hooch. I love you my furiend and I SO hope you will get better soon. And fur your human brofur Jim, and fur your meowmy who is dealing wif all of this wif remarkable grace.


We Are Messing Wif Meowmy's Plants

June 30th 2009 1:39 pm
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Meowmy says her plants are getting abused!!! She has caught me several times chewing on the ends of her great big spider plant. Caught in the act!!! But I can't help it, it's so much fun!!! And Jazzy, well, don't even think about putting a baby plant or a new cutting right near the windowsill, because she will pull it out and carry it in her mouf and mix it wif our toy pile. And if she sees meowmy watering the plants, well, as soon as meowmy leaves the room Jazzy sticks her paw in the muddy water!!! Now there is something new that happened to add to the list: This morning, meowmy found Isabelle rubbing her face back and forth in a plant! The leaves had white fur all over them!!!

Meowmy says at this rate they will never grow!!! Catgrass anyone?

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