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Pumkin gets a home!

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Good Morning Furiends!!!

August 6th 2009 2:12 am
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Well, it feels as though da summer is flying by!!! Maybe it's me but I feel like it just started, and before ya know it it's gonna be gone!!! Meowmy says da older you get da quicker time seems to fly by. Maybe she's right.

I feel so sad when I see kitties wif no homes, sometimes I see one or two from the window. We have a park around the corner from our apartment and a bunch of cats live there. I know because I have seen people leave them dishes of food. One of these people is our neighbor Frances. Another is a lady named JoAnn who works in da hospital a couple of blocks away. Anyway, lately there have hardly been any kitties, only 2, eating da food they leave. We heard, and I don't know if it's true, that somebody has been poisoning da cats in da park. A lady who does cat rescues in da neighborhood even accused da parking lot attendant, but he said no way, he may not be crazy about da stray cats but he would never do something like that. Meowmy says you shouldn't accuse unless you know fur sure what you are talking about.

Anyway, I just want to say I am furry sad about da missing cats. Luckily nobody has seen any bodies. Meowmy is hoping they moved to another spot.


Da House Was Nice and Quiet

August 4th 2009 2:38 am
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wif da gurls gone fur da day. I had alot of alone time wif meowmy, and stayed on my chair wif my personal fan dat meowmy put there just fur me blowing my fur in da breeze. I had treats (TWICE!!!) and a little bit of honey turkey fur lunch!!!

But by da time they got back, all windblown and giddy wif delight, I realized I had weally missed my sisfurs and I couldn't wait to hear all about their adventure.

I told meowmy next time I wanna go!!! And can Isabelle take me to see my Precious and cheer up Hooch? Meowmy said she will talk to their meowmy and let me know.


It's So Hot and Sticky!!!

August 2nd 2009 12:51 am
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If I sit by a open window in da kitchen I can feel it!!! I would rather stay on my chair wif da fan dat meowmy put there just fur me blowing my fur in da breeze. The rest of da house feels like an ice cube. Speaking of ice cubes, I wish Jazzy would stop taking them outta da water dish. I am the only one who uses da water dish and I would like my water furry cold if dat's alright wif her!!! Her and Isabelle uses da faucet and meowmy puts da ice cubes in da dish to make my water super cold. But Jazzy sticks her big fat paw in and takes em out to play wif em!!!


Yesterday Was A Scorcher!

August 1st 2009 4:04 am
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Meowmy left the AC on full blast when she was gone fur hours, and several times throughout da day she wiped us all down wif cool water on a washcloth. She also leaves the fan on by one of my favorite nap chairs because she knows I like to lay there in da breeze. Finally in da nighttime the rain came crashing down and cooled things off!!! Effuryone was happy and we all had a good nights sleep.


It Is Sooooooo Hot!!!

July 31st 2009 1:29 am
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And sticky!!! Jazzy and Isabelle like to lay near the AC but I prefer a fan blowing on me. I lie down on a nice chair wif the breeze from da fan blowing thru my fur. It feels nice. But boy this weather is fur da birds!!!


Happy Birfday Lillix!!!

July 29th 2009 1:59 am
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Lillix is one years old today!!! I wish her a wonderpurr day and many, many more birfdays!!!

BTW, when all this crap wif Isabelle and da groomer happened yesterday and then Jazzy hissed at her, know what I did? I crawled into da carrier and took a little nappie!!! Imma good boy!!!


The Monster Ate My Toy!!!

July 27th 2009 3:58 am
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I couldn't believe what happened yesterday, meowmy had that horrible monster out and she was cleaning the rug. After she finished I noticed my green sparkly big soft ball was missing!!! I looked here and I looked there green sparkly big soft ball!!! Well, I started head bonking meowmy and she finally figured out what I was trying to tell her, and guess what? The stoopid monster had ate my green sparkly big soft ball!!! She got it out but now it has a big long string hanging out of it, so meowmy teased me wif it and left it hanging on the doorknob. Isabelle sometimes used it as a pillow and she is not gonna be happy when she finds out what happened, but meowmy is afraid to leave it on da floor, she is afraid one of use will get our necks wrapped up in the string which is hanging offa da ball.

Please purr fur my sweet girl Precious' furmily, they are going thru so much and they need the power of all of our paws.


Today Is A Special Day Fur Me

July 25th 2009 4:49 am
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Today makes exactly 1 year that I am here in my furefur home!!! Last year on this furry day my meowmy (♥) took me home to live wif her and Jazzy and Isabelle Love. She rocked my world and I have nefur been happier. When I was living on da streets I nefur imagined I would have a life so full of love and happiness and feeling good. I mean, this lady WEALLY WEALLY loves me! ME!!! She goes out of her way to make me happy, and if I don't like a certain food or a particular treat she will give me something else till she finds one I like. She plays wif me and rubs and hugs and kisses and sings to me and loves me so much!!! I realize I am furry fortunate to have been taken off da streets into a loving home. I wish effury cat without a loving home, effury single one in da world, would get rescued and showered wif love. I am a furry happy camper!!!


My Darling Precious

July 24th 2009 12:46 am
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She is so worried about her brofur Hooch. And her human brofur Jim. Her meowmy is a rock, always there fur effuryone. Precious, we are purring really hard fur Hooch to be able to come home. I told her in a p-mail to give her meowmy extra kisses fur me.


Meowmy Trimmed My Nails

July 22nd 2009 12:21 am
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She says I'm the easiest one to do because I hardly move around!!! I am so purroud of myself!!! Then she put out a new scratchy thingy (it's made of cardboard and I am the one who uses it) AND some catnip!!! Well, my sisfur Jazzy LOVES nip so she hogged effurything including MY scratchy thing. I just stood there and watched her rubbing her face on the cardboard over and over. She's really kinda nuts.

Isabelle ignored the whole thing.

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