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Pumkin gets a home!

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Happy Sunday Effuryone

August 30th 2009 2:06 am
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Meowmy couldn't believe it, da furst thing we saw when we came here dis morning is Riley is COTD!!!! That little cutie must be spinning his wheels!!!And Hooch is DDP!!! We all love it when we know the kitties who get honors, and when we don't that's how we make new furiends!!! Meowmy especially loves Catster cause she met some wonderful kitty mommies here, and her best furiend Pumpkin's Momcat!!! Meowmy has a furiend furry sick in da hospital right now and Pumpkin's Momcat has been right there fur her to vent and be sad wif. So today I wanna thank Catster fur the wonderful furiendships it inspires.



August 28th 2009 9:50 am
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I thinks the Diary Gal has a crush on Kibbles!!! hehehe It couldn't happen to a nicer kitty!!! Way to go, Kibbles!!!! Keep up da good work and keep on writing dat diary!!!! I weally enjoy reading my furiends diaries.

And Sonny, well, what can I say about the Icon that hasn't alweady been said? He's one of dose cats dat da ladies love and the men love to hang wif, he's a man's man. And the pawrents all gush over him. Effuryone loves Sonny cause he has a heart of pure gold.


We Are One Of The Winners!!!

August 26th 2009 12:55 am
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From da Furminator contest!!! We already have one but ya nefur know.....! It's good to have a spare. Meowmy is so excited, she can't believe we won!!! Pumpkin, Sonny, Tanis and some of our other furiends won also!!! We are furry happy fur each and effury winner.

Meowmy says it feels good to win sumthing!!! Now maybe da lottery.......!!!


Hi Effuryone!!!

August 25th 2009 3:09 am
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Just wanted to say hello to all my furiends and my lovely fiancee Precious!!! Well, da weather has eased up a bit since yesterday and it's not so steamy and thick, like meowmy said you could cut it wif a knife!!! It is better and easier to breathe and I am happy bout that. I worries bout da old folks and da little ones and da cats and dogs wif a while lotta fur. So dis weather is better fur effuryone. Yay!!! Meowmy likes da winter!!! I know fur sure when I lived on da street I didn't much like da cold weather, or da weal hot, or da rain or da snow. I am so happy I live indoors wif a wonderful furmily. Lemme go give meowmy a headbonk.


Da Stars Are Shining So Bright Here!!!

August 22nd 2009 1:37 am
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I tell you, I nefur seen anything like it!!! It is so beautiful! Even more beautiful is Precious who is wrapped up tight in my paws right now. She is scared that Grammy is gonna tell cat tales, but I told her I will protect her!!! Boy oh boy dat Cheese is a riot!!! Jazzy still insists on calling him Cheesecake even though he's a boy. Presley is such a flirt! She's got a gweat personality and is so much fun, dances up a storm. Yeah you can tell she's Sonny's sisfur!!! I am having a wonderful time, I called meowmy to tell her effuryone is fine and not to worry but she will anyway!!! BTW, Hooch is here and he is feeling fantastic!!!


I'm Stayin' Cool

August 20th 2009 5:05 am
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Man oh man dis heat wave just won't let up! I got my spot on da wooden chair right in front of da fan, well, meowmy puts da fan dere so it blows right on me. So I stays cool.

Meowmy says she too hot for da pooter, too. She like da AC, I like da fan. Diff'rent strokes. At night when it gets dark it is STILL hot!!! Maybe around midnight it is a little better, but then it gets steamy again. So we all gotta sleep wif da AC and da fan on. Like I said, da fan is fur me. My meowmy is crazy 'bout me.


Oh Boy!!! I'm DOTD Today!!!

August 18th 2009 2:32 am
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Meowmy is so purroud of me!!! Bof my sisfurs have gotten it but nefur me, well, I guess it's my turn!!! I sure hope Precious notices!!! Thank you Catster fur bringing me joy today. What wif this heat wave we are having here in NY it feels good to be happy about sumthing!!!

I can't wait fur the week-end, we are all going to Kibbles fur a big sleepover!!! It's gonna be great!!!


So Hot, So Furry Hot

August 15th 2009 5:14 pm
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I haven't written much cause da heat is making my secretary (meowmy) all hazy and lazy and she doesn't spend much time on da pooter. Hello to all my furiends and to my true love Precious. Please know dat even if I don't write I be thinking of all of you.I am going to lay right in front of da fan meowmy puts dere just fur me. She has da AC on but Isabelle goes in da kitchen to bird watch. Jazzy likes da AC best, she gets right in front of it!But I like da fan blowing my fur and keeping me cool.


I Got In Trouble

August 13th 2009 1:54 am
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I think da heat is getting to me cause meowmy says I'm not acting like myself. A couple of hours ago I was trying to swat Isabelle, I was sitting on a chair and she was underneath it. Well, when she walked away I jumped on her fur no reason at all!!! We were bof hissing and meowmy broke it up. This is so unlike me!!! I think the heat is making me crazy!!!Meowmy said she was disappointed in me and that hurt worse than anything!!! I'm sorry meowmy, I just lost my head fur a minute!!! I better go apologize to Isabelle Love.


New Kitty In Town

August 8th 2009 11:46 am
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The cat named Chia that lived in the garage across the street hasn't been seen in days. But yesterday a little kitty appeared over there, it looks like a tiny Chia so maybe it's one of her babies. The guys who work at the garage said it was ok to leave food and water there fur her. When meowmy checked back later, she didn't see baby Chia but some of the food was definitely missing from the plate! The poor baby must have been starving!!!

My meowmy told me her dream is to win the lottery and then she would open a house for all the cats who have no furefur homes and she would pay (worthy) people to take care of feeding and grooming and playing with them, and of course litter box duty. No cat would efur be turned away.

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