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Pumkin gets a home!

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Hi My Furiends

October 9th 2009 6:03 am
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Effurything is just fine here. Meowmy is happy because da doctor says not to worry, what was in her mouf they thinks was a fibroma, nothing more. She will find out fur sure in 2 weeks but they said they highly doubt it is da big scary C word. So we is all furry happy.

No new bugs fur Isabelle to eat!!! She sure is crazy and she eats like a lawnmower!!! (hehehe, like I know anything about a lawnmower!!!)Just da offer night meowmy heard me and she thought Jazzy running back and forth thru da house and surprise surprise, it was me and Isabelle!!! I guess I've worn her down and she doesn't smack me all da time anymore either (Isabelle - meowmy NEFUR hits me!) Isabelle used to smack me effury time I passed her, which was often because she parks herself right by da food bowls!!! But like I said, she has weally eased up on dat. Maybe she even likes me? A wittle?

I love bof my sisfurs. I am a momma's boy and I am a good boy and I love my meowmy so, so much. I sleep wif her effury night.


Blue News

October 7th 2009 3:38 am
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Meowmy heard from Keefe, Serena's son, yesterday. He paid the light bill, so there is no rush on getting Blue. But we are gonna take him. Meowmy has to get him a (blue!) collar and he needs his own carrier. We will probably stock up on a little more food but meowmy thinks there is enuff for 4 of us for a month. Meowmy buys our food once a month, treats and litter too. Meowmy has to get a procedure done today at da doctor (surgically remove a lump in her mouth.) She is kinda scared and just prays it is benign. But I guess you just gotta take whatever life throws your way! And deal wif it da best you can!

I will let effuryone know when we do get Blue here.


News Flash!

October 5th 2009 10:20 am
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We just spoke to Keefe about Blue. Meowmy said in no way will she let him go to a shelter, but Keefe said to hold on, that Serena's sister Lorraina called and there are a few possibilities of homes for Blue. Meowmy said that is just great BUT she stressed in no way can he go to a shelter, that he will live here if he can't find another home. It seems Keefe and his girl and child (my goddaughter Jeziah) will be moving from Serena's apartment soon as the Con Ed (lights and gas) are getting shut off on the 10th. So my meowmy stressed yet again! "Blue cannot go to a shelter, in that case bring him here." She called from Frances' house and Frances said yes she did get her point across!!!

So I betcha dollars to donuts we get a new brofur on da 10th!!!! Meowmy says she is afraid he will fight wif me. The lady forgets I lived on da streets and can surely take care of myself!!!! This wittle Blue is not even a year old yet, I will make hamburger out of him!!!! (just kidding) But meowmy worries I am so laid back and always rolling over belly up and purring weal loud, but that's cause I AM A HAPPY BOY!!!! Meowmy needs to know I will love my brofur till he becomes nice and less wild. Frances says in 2 days or so a new kitty blends in. Hmmmm.......

Will keep all our furiends posted.


Meowmy Is Upset

October 5th 2009 2:44 am
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She doesn't know what to do about Blue. He is one of Serena's cats, who Serena's son Keefe has been taking care of. He sent her a message through Serena's sister that he will bring the cat over whenever my meowmy wants.

The problem is dat we can't afford another cat, unless we switch to a cheaper food. And meowmy says we have a nice harmony going on here, whatefur dat means!!! The truth is meowmy weally doesn't WANT another kitty, but if it's a choice between da shelter, then she will take in poor wittle Blue. As meowmy is writing dis she realizes dat Blue is living where he probably isn't wanted, and that is too sad fur words. See, I am FURRY FURRY loved and so are my sisfurs. Anything less than complete parental love is just too sad.

So are we getting a brofur? Meowmy has one last option, her furiend Cornelia is coming by tomorrow and we are hoping she has someone responsible who might want Blue.

Another option is meowmy buy a great big bag of cat food and give it to Keefe, because wif Blue he is taking care of 3 cats that Serena left, Rockie and Cotton and Blue. Blue will be 1 year old on Ocotober 15th.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom fur meowmy?


Guess what?

October 2nd 2009 9:14 am
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I have been going and napping in my Snuggle Sack effury day!!! Meowmy thinks I don't know she tiptoes out and gets the neighbors to come in and see how cute I look in there. My meowmy absolutely adores me and says I am the bestest thing that efur happened to her and the day she brought me home was the bestest day of her life!!!! When she sleeps I find her hand and I stick my head underneath it, I also lie on her back. I snuggle wif meowmy whenefur I get da chance. See, I adore her, too!!!


It's Bof My Sisters Birfdays Today

September 24th 2009 11:00 pm
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Yah, it's gonna be a crazy Friday, TWO in one!!! Meowmy is getting effurything weady for dem, special prezzies and all dat.

And yesterday Momcat sent us our outfits for Isabelle and Smokey's wedding. Halloween is da purrfect day for dem cause they are bof creepy (hehehe dat's a joke I swear it!)

I am going back to daydreaming of Precious now.


I've Been Sleeping Wif Meowmy

September 13th 2009 2:40 am
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On da pillow right next to her. Effury so often I circle around her head and give her bonks, if she rubs me I may crawl up on her back and lay down. If she stays quiet I go back to da pillow and get in a circle and sleep. But I keep watch over her to make sure she is all right. Once she is awake fur the day I go under the bed and catch some zzz's. So I am in charge of watching my meowmy.


Trying To Cheer Meowmy Up

September 5th 2009 7:12 am
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She feels sad because her furiend is sick in da hospital and doesn't seem to be getting any better. She can't breathe. My meowmy goes to see her effury day and tries to keep it together but I can feel her sadness. I bonk her head all da time and I rub against her to let her know I'm here fur her.


I'm In Twouble

September 1st 2009 3:11 am
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A little while ago I got caught jumping on Isabelle. Isabelle got weally upset and she jumped up as if to smack me but meowmy came and broke it up. I also got caught doing this a few days ago. So now meowmy is angry wif me and she says she always blames Isabelle fur picking on me but now she knows it is ME sometimes doing the picking on. Dang! I had it made in da shade when Isabelle got blamed fur effurything! Anyway, meowmy says I'm on "time out" whatefur that means.

I'm a wittle sad cause meowmy isn't rubbing my head. I think I'll go over to her and headbonk her and purr weal loud.

5 minutes later:

It worked like a charm!!! Meowmy can't resist me!!! MOL!!!!!


Happy Birfday!!!

August 30th 2009 10:19 pm
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OMC I just wrote this and I lost it by accident!!! So here we go again!

It is my brofur-in-law Pumpkin's 2nd birfday today. Yay Pumpkin!!! He is just a pawsome cat, his Momcat found him in a dumpster when he was 2 days old. He almost didn't make it a few times, but Momcat nursed him back to health. Now he is so healthy and big and beautiful and happy. He is married to my sisfur Jasmine Delilah since February 14, 2009, and they love each other furry much. He is a wonderful kitty. Just goes to show you nefur know what treasure you might find in da garbage!!! And Pumpkin is quite a treasure!!!

It is also the beautiful Karma Kitty's birfday. Happy Birfday to Karma Kitty and many, many more. She is also a pawsome cat from a wonderful furmily and we love her.

And it is ALSO Lilly's 7th birfday and her brofur Rupert's birfday!!! So many birfdays my head is spinning around my tail!!! Pumpkin's Momcat arranged a group called Party Corner! where there will be pawties fur all these kitties. There is a cake fur Pumpkin at 2 pm Catster time and 5 pm EST time. I love cake!!!

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