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Pumkin gets a home!

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Can't get in my favorite chair

May 2nd 2009 4:38 am
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I have a favorite chair, it's blue and meowmy threw a blue throw over it with cat faces all over it. It is really comfy and I like to lay there fur hours.

Well, guess what? Jasmine is in my chair! What is up with that? All of a sudden? I think she is in it because she knows I want to be in it! Normally she would lay in the cat bed which is opposite my favorite chair, or she would be on the windowsill or inside somewhere wif meowmy. Or on the bed or one of the other cat beds. Why is she in my favorite chair?

I'm telling you, I don't like this at all.


It's a calm and quiet morning

May 1st 2009 2:17 am
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Isabelle is acting purrty nice to me this morning. She is actually being lovable. Purring and rubbing, stuff like that. She hasn't smacked me once (yet!) I like when it's like this, or is it the calm before the storm?


I love Precious

April 30th 2009 4:42 am
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My fiancee Precious is soooo pawsome! She is furry purrty and furry soft and fluffy. She tells me she loves me all the time. Of course I always tell her also!!! She is so thoughtful and kind to effuryone. I am always thinking about her and wonder what she is doing at this furry moment. I love her a whole lot and feel furry blessed to know her.


It's ruff being the only boy

April 29th 2009 4:13 am
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Meowmy has been blaming me fur messing wif her plants and then yesterday she caught ISABELLE pulling at the plant she has just replanted! I was SO happy because I am tired of being blamed fur effurything. Meowmy needs to know it's not always me who does the bad stuff. True, I do my share but not effurything! I tell you, it's not easy being the only boy.


I've been a bad boy

April 28th 2009 6:30 am
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This happened last night. First, I pulled the baby spider plant out of the pot and threw it on the floor and scattered dirt everywhere. When meowmy found it she knew who the culprit was! I ran inside and I guess I acted guilty! She replanted it and this time she stuck it in the dirt real good, so it wouldn't be easy fur me to grab. A little while later I was playfighting with Jasmine Delilah and it kind of turned into a real fight and Jas was crying. Meowmy broke it up and I ran and hid under the bed, even though she didn't yell at me or anything. She just kept petting Jas, and when Isabelle came in the room and started to come under the bed, meowmy stopped her and she went back inside. I'm pretty sure Isabelle was coming to find me and smack me.

I'm sorry Jasmine and meowmy, I don't know what gets into me sometimes. Please furgive me.


My meowmy loves me

April 27th 2009 3:48 am
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She tells me effury single day, so many times I can't even count them. She shows me she loves me in the way she makes me feel like the most important and special cat in the world. When I come to her, she puts down whatever she is doing and gives me her full and undivided attention. The only time she got annoyed wif me was when I ate the babies off her spider plant, and she said "Oh, Pumkin!" But I could tell by her voice she was upset, and I've been trying not to eat her plants anymore.

I love my meowmy so much!!!


Yesterday was so wonderful

April 26th 2009 4:38 am
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Alot of cats wrote me and concatulated me, Buddy,Tanis, Hazel Lucy and others. I felt so special! Plus all the great gifts I already wrote about. What a day! Meowmy kept kissing me and telling me she is so purroud of me! I hope Precious is purroud of me too!

Precious' meowmy told my meowmy that maybe we can get married in the fall. I hope so, I know we are meant fur each other and we will be together furever. I love my Precious so so so much!!!


I keep getting gifts and p-mails!

April 25th 2009 7:32 am
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This DDP thing is so great! My beautiful Precious sent me a world, and Cocoa sent me a lovely tulip. I feel furry honored that Cocoa even thought of me today because she just lost her sisfur Kashmere in a sudden and awful way. Kashmere was 7 years old and was never sick a day in her life. My thoughts and purrayers are wif Kashmere's furmily. Her Momcat must be devastated. I am purring for her Momcat, I hear she is a really nice lady and she treats her furbabies like royalty. She is furry close wif Precious' meowmy.

Guess what? I got an e-card from Pumpkin and his furmily! It said "Congrats, you finally did it!" Meowmy said the card is furry special and she saved it on the computer. Pumpkin is my bestest furiend, and he is my sisfur Jasmine Delilah's husband. She never stops meowing about him, she is totally in love!!!

I want to thank Precious again fur her furever gift she sent me. She said "This is furever, just like our love." She's right about that! How on earth did I get so lucky? Last summer I was living on the street, and look at me now! I have a loving home, a meowmy who is crazy about me, 2 sisfurs to play (and fight) with, plenty of food and toys and beds to sleep in and blankies and treats AND the most beautiful cat in the world is my fiancee!!! I must have a guardian angel who led me to this place, because my life rocks!!! I am always happy!!! My meowmy has never ever heard me hiss! I'm even finicky about what I eat now! It feels so great to be so loved!!!


I'm a DDP today!!!

April 25th 2009 5:30 am
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This is my furst award ever!!! I am so excited! As soon as meowmy turned on the puter and found out she grabbed me and hugged me and kissed me hard! This is so great! Soc sent me a ribbon!!! I just know I'm getting extra treats today. Note to meowmy - I prefer the beef Greenies please!


I really love Precious

April 24th 2009 2:24 am
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My girlfuriend is the greatest and the sweetest efur. She is really something. No matter what, she always tells me she loves me. I am the luckiest cat on Catster and in the whole wide world.

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