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Pumkin gets a home!

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Yay! She finally changed our pictures!!!

May 13th 2009 3:04 am
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Not all, but some of them, the lead ones included! I am one furry happy cat today! Now all my furiends can see my favorite chair and favorite cat blankie!!! Precious wrote me and said she saw the pics and liked them! She blushed when I asked her if she saw the one of me looking at her picture! I love that girl of mine!


Note to Meowmy

May 12th 2009 4:23 am
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Pwease can you change our pictures soon? We are getting just a wittle tired of seeing the same old pictures. All you have to do is take them off the camera and put them in the poota. We would all weally appreciate it. Love ya meom!


My sisfur seems to be getting better

May 11th 2009 5:04 am
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Now Jazzy seems to be better, and I have to worry about Smokey! His Momcat found blood last night and he threw up, so he is off to the vet today. I am purring fur Smokey to be all right. My other sis, Isabelle Love, is going crazy wif worry. She and Smokey are "an item", whatefur that means!!!

As fur me, meowmy says I am her sunshine! She says I am so gorgeous and healthy and big and handsome! She better stop before it goes to my head! She says Precious and I make a lovely couple!!!


Purring fur my sisfur

May 9th 2009 2:54 am
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I wish Jazzy would get better already so we could play. Yesterday I smacked the red and yellow ball around by myself fur a while. It's not the same when you play by yourself. I like having someone to play wif, besides meowmy that is!!! So I am purring weally, weally hard fur my sisfur to be all better.


Jasmine Delilah seems to be feeling a little better

May 8th 2009 2:11 am
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She is eating and she purrs when meowmy rubs her. She is not hiding anymore. I want her to get all better and play wif me again.

Guess what? My darling fiancee Precious comes from an outstanding furmily! Both Cassidy and Hooch are DDP's today!!! I know her meowmy is feeling purroud!!! They are truly a great bunch of furs and humans.

I am also furry happy that Pumpkin and crew are back in action. Yay!!! All of us and especially meowmy are furry close to that furmily. We love them!!!


Worries, worries

May 7th 2009 3:05 am
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Meowmy is worried about Jas so she is taking her to the vet this morning. She has been waiting on her hand and foot(paw) and I tried to eat from Jas special bowl up front and meom picked me up and carried me to the regular food area! She did the same thing when Isabelle tried it! The only good thing to come of this is that Isabelle has not been messing wif me. I hope Jazzy will be ok and get all better so she can play wif me again.


We are all upset over Jasmine Delilah

May 6th 2009 2:21 am
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She has decided to camp out under the bed indefinitely. I went and visited her a couple of times but she won't come out. When meowmy talks to her she just looks at her wif her big beautiful eyes but won't come out. Now meowmy's eyes are leaky cause she is worried that something's wrong wif Jazzy. I hope not.


It's always a lovely day fur me!

May 5th 2009 3:17 am
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My sisfur Isabelle complains about the weather and the fact not many birds are out the past couple of mornings. She gets weally ornery when there are no birds to watch. Not me. Don't get me wrong, I just LOVE the birds and I make funny noises when I watch them. But I stay happy no matter what, probably because I love my life, I love my girl Precious, I love my sisfur Jasmine Delilah AND my (sometimes mean to me) sisfur Isabelle Love, I love my best furiends Pumpkin, Tanis, Soc and Hooch and Monster Marvin and Paul and so many others, and I love love LOVE my meowmy!!!


I have been having alot of fun!

May 4th 2009 3:52 am
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Playing, playing, playing! Jasmine Delilah is my playmate and we run back and forth thru the house and chase each other and slap each other and bite each other, and one of us goes under the bed and tries to hide and the other one jumps and slaps and then the chase is on! And my other sisfur Ms. Isabelle Love is staying out of MY business and not slapping me effury time I run past her! Ever since I fought her back the other day she has left me alone. Sometimes you just have to fight back!


Guess what?

May 3rd 2009 3:16 am
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My fiancee Precious' sisfur Sunflower is COTD!!! What a pawsome furmily they are!!! They were one of meowmy's furst furiends on Catster and still are. Their meowmy is super nice and they are a furmily of a whole lot of furs. And doggies, too. We love them.

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