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Sunday Times

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Happy Birthday, Murphy!

April 30th 2009 5:43 am
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Woohoo! Another birthday in our furmily!

My pawsome big sisfur *Murphy* turns four today. If you get a chance, could you stop by and wish her a happy birthday? We'd really appurrciate it.

I'm so excited to be celebrating a birthday again! But I still can't help but I get a birthday?


Strolling Is For the Dogs!

April 9th 2009 8:43 am
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Ick. I don't like that big pink box that my mommy rolls my fursibs up and down the street in.

She tried to put me in that thing and I meowed "NOOOOOOOO!!!" and ran like the wind. I'm not getting in that big box on wheels!

Are my fursibs crazy? Don't they realize cats + moving "vehicle"...NOT friends!

I hope everyone has a pawsome Easter! It's my first one, and I can't wait to wrestle this Easter Bunny character!


I Like Things Closed

March 3rd 2009 11:47 am
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The other night, Percy was curled up in a suitcase. The lid was open and it was sitting on a chair. I jumped up on the table (no, not the food table, hee hee) and closed the suitcase lid. Then I got on the lid and curled up. Percy still had plenty of air since it wasn't sealed shut and wasn't closed evenly, so I don't know why he decided a little while later he wanted out. I thought it was pretty cool! I mean...BUNK BEDS!

Then he was in the closet curled up asleep, and I closed the closet door on him.

I don't know what's up with him leaving doors and lids and stuff open all the time. Good thing I'm around to close everything!

Hope everycat has a pawsome day annoying your siblings!


I've Been Tagged!

February 16th 2009 4:41 pm
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My friend Abner tagged me about a million years ago to list seven facts about myself, and I'm just now finally doing it!

Here goes.

1. I have a majorly bushy tail. The humans can't figure out why I don't tip over backwards since it looks like it weighs more than I do.

2. I wasn't a big fan of the stroller my first time out.

3. I won't eat. try to get food when Sawyer's around.

4. I do like cream.

5. And if my mommy hand feeds me...I know, I know!...then I'll eat.

6. I was named Sunday when the humans thought I was a girl.

7. I love to watch TV, especially baseball!


Finally there's sound!

February 10th 2009 1:50 pm
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Woohoo! My secretary has tried many times to load the video of me saying meowlo! But the sound never would play!

She's cleaning off her computer at the cat food money place and found the vid there and just uploaded it again...and it works!

Now you can hear what I sounded like when I was a baby!


Did Somebody Say Toys?

February 2nd 2009 5:40 am
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Thank you for being the best big sisfur anybody could ask for, and thanks for having a birthday! Coz that means we get to play all day long!!! Woohoo!

Everyone, please come to Tessa's party *HERE!*


Something to swing on!

January 19th 2009 9:46 am
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Woohoo! Mommy just put up new sheers on the living room windows!

New toy for me!!!


What's a Zit?

January 8th 2009 12:28 pm
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Ick. Yesterday I had to go to the V-E-T. I'd rather play than eat, and my mommy was worried something's up with my mouth. Percy's had something wrong with his chin, too.

So off we went. And poof. Out came those icky awful needle things. I got a shot. *pouts*

Percy and me both have kitty acne. We don't eat or drink out of plastic, so Mommy and the V-E-T have no idea how we got it.

I just know it couldn't pawsibly be any of the 8 jillion household things I think are toys.

Oh! And I weighed eight pounds!


Happy New Year!

January 4th 2009 11:00 am
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My mommy and human sister have informed me what my New Year's resolution should be. For some weird reason, they think I need to stop sticking my head in my mommy's cups of tea.

(Well, actually, not so much my human sister, who kind of gets a kick out of seeing me doing it and then struggles with warning my mommy not to drink any more of it).

Anyway, apparently I got into some with caffeine the other night, because I ran back and forth across the couch and end tables until like...3 am!

I was just having fun! I don't know what the big deal was!

And dang, have you kitties tried tea? That stuff rocks!


My First Christmas

December 25th 2008 1:09 pm
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OMC! I love Christmas! Christmas is pawsome! Can we do it every day?

It was my first one, and there was so much paper to play with. So many boxes to lie on and so many new clothes to shed on. Oh wow! It was just so much fun! I made tunnels and tunnels and more tunnels out of all the paper!

And we got a big stockingfull of toys from this dude named Santa Paws! He is the coolest!

OK, I think I'm finally ready to be still for five seconds and take a nap. But before I do, I want to say Merry Christmas, everyone! Thank you for the cards, gifties and Rosettes. I hope your Christmas has been as exciting and pawsome as mine!!!

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