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From a Red Head's Point Of View

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Zensational Time In The WHINE Country

January 6th 2009 8:39 am
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My olde furt self has arrived in the Napa Valley (GUIDO the Italian Kitty sent me in his Italian limo the "BuCATi Car") where I'm going to rest up my weary paws with my good special furiend Wilson J Scooter who has a great place in the famous WHINE Country (land of Cabercat Savignon and Chardonocat & Meowlot wines). Wilson is the purrfect host, greeting me with a kitty hug and a warm fireplace as he is helping me recover from my quasi kitty engagement that broke faster than a cheap toy!

My spirits are lifted already, and Wilson has all his toys out for us to play with - we Olde Furts just don't lounge around! And his Cwismus tree is something for the cat's eye. A week of this fine furiendship and zensational activities should get my red tabbie self back on track.

Wilson could be the PURRveyor of the nicest B&B in the WHINE Country cuz he's got kitty class and knows how to roll out the welcome blanket.


Jinxed and Jilted - Happy MEW Year? It Might Be!

January 3rd 2009 6:18 pm
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Oh my gosh my golly - my red tabbie self cannot believe that I've been ditched and deserted on the 3rd day of this MEW year, by my fiance Tigger in Nahbrasskah cuz his family is bidding adieu to we Catsters. That's grounds for deevorce but we're not married yet (thank my paws!) so it's just a little feline glitch of the meowment.

Well purhaps the water in their hood is not filtered or the nip is not legal, but all I can tell you is that this Diva Kitty is going to be out and about - like gone with the wind and out of the engagement and headed to the CatEYEfurnyah WHINE country to be with my long time furiend Wilson J Scooter who is the all time fantastikitty . Besides, Wilson lives near the vineyards which is great for mousing and aerobicat activities and outdoor zen cat stuff. At this non meowvalous moment, I need to get my kitty head back to norm-a-cat and the beeYOUtiful vineyards that Wilson manages will be PURRfect for my therapeuticat visit.

So I won't frown about my wedding gown, I may just wear it to the next ahPURRah opening in my PURReyevat box at the Symphony Hall - and my dashing escort of the eve, Wilson, will undoubtacatically wear tails!

So goodbye , au revoire, adios, ciao and by by Nahbrasskah AND hello Napa! Woo hoo - nothing is going to slow my red tabbie self down this year!

Wilson - get the beaujolais boudoire ready honey cuz I'm heading north to Napa!

Purrs Galore


VOTE For My FUNNY FACE before December 1st

November 26th 2008 8:17 am
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My mature meowster self is in the feline finals of the Catster World's Coolest contest and I would adoracat your vote: VOTE HERE FOR MY FUNNY FACE for Best in Show!

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