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From a Red Head's Point Of View

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My Old Self Won An Award TODAY! Oh My Oh My Oh My!!!

July 2nd 2009 7:30 am
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This ol' gal is about to paw dial the 911 for an oxygen delivery as I am gasping with joy over being honored today as "Cat of The Week" by my cool 2,400 purrfectly loving furiends at

Well this is an honor - my very first purrize in almost 14 years, see it's never ever too late for a surprise and good thing I woke up from my morning catnap so I didn't sleep all week and miss the fun! Yeah - thank you for this great 4th of July week honor! I'm sparkling like diamonds in the sky and my mature meowster paws are off the ground and airborne! Pinch my paws ... am I dreaming??


Mews and News From The Mature Meowster

June 9th 2009 6:50 am
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My red tabby self is 13 and a 1/2 years young and I suppose if I was a human they'd take my driver's license from me and start mashing up the bland foods. But I'm a red haired female tabby cat and despite my congestive heart situation, I'm eating what I want, hissing at the yungun Boyz and move hourly to follow the sun (oh, do I hear a vintage Beatles tune here)!?

Life is great here in San Franfuncisco and I'm not old - I'm simply a mature meowster with a lot of experience under my red tabby tummy on how to run the house efficiently. Sometimes they listen to me and most of the time they don't. Oh well, at my age I'm not going to have a hiss fit attack as it's better to kick back and enjoy.

Life is sweet! Gotta go and catnap. After all my paws have been typing for 10 minutes now and that's enough, back to a glorious sun ray and a dreamy catnap for a couple hours!


My Golden Self Welcomes U To The Golden Gate City by The- Bay

June 3rd 2009 5:48 pm
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I may be an Olde Furt but I'm a Pawty Gal and this FurEyeDay June 5th you can pawty too here in San Franfuncisco! It's Meatball Madness Day in The City By The Bay.

And who but my dear furiend Wilson J Scooter and my son Guido the Italian Kitty can organize tossing the Meatballs off the Golden Gate Bridge, or bungee bouncing meatballs from atop our famous pointy Pyramid! And we'll ride the famous cable cars too (loaded with the famous Meatballs) and consume piles of Dungenese Crabs at the famous feline furiendly Fisherman's Wharf. We may even plant a meatball orchard in a park!

A special day like this needs a Grand Meow Marshall , and it's my good furiend Dusty the DogCat. Flying in from his estate in San Diego, Dusty will lead all of us from a pink Catolac Converteebull that Toulouse is shipping out from PencilVaneYah.


City Kitty Goes Camping & Lives To Tell About It

May 25th 2009 9:28 am
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Oh my oh my oh my - my Olde Furt pals talked my almost 14 years young self into going on a camping trip this weekend - and being the City Kitty that I am (Diva doesn't sound propurr!) I took along my blow up air mattress, my battery operated blender for meowgaritas in the woods, and boxes of Rice A Roni not because it's my local San Franfuncisco treat but because the box instrucshuns say "just add water and fire". Hey furs, we cooked on a campfire! The mature meowster boyz caught trouts and imagine the aroma of Rice a Roni and trout cooking over the campfire. Also brought along Mypod and turned on Cable Car bell ringing as the Rice a Roni was simmering. Just like being in the City!

I heard Meowmorial Day has good car lot discounts so I may be trotting my red tabby self to purrchase an Air Stream - this City Kitty might becoming a camp cat...

Happy Meowmorial Day to you!


Saying Happy 14th Birthday To Toulouse - my Mature Meowster pal

May 14th 2009 11:00 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my ! I'm a PURRoud Olde Furt who's shouting about my Pennsylvania pal celebrating his remeowvalous 14th birthday on May 15th 2009. So furs - let's do a 4 paws UP for Toulouse !



Paws trotting to the theatre today to honor the honorable wonderful endearing marvelous terrific Toulouse: going to see King of Siam! Oh my oh my oh my - that's fur sure, I am.


Jockeying Your Saturday May 2nd Schedule

May 1st 2009 7:57 pm
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Do you dream of Mint Julips?
Do you want to see Spring Tulips?

Do you have a favorite cool hat?
Do you bet or not bet and say 'that's that"?

It's time for the Kentucky Derby PAWTY ala Wilson J Scooter and GUIDO the Italian Kitty so come on over to Churchill Downs - in your suit or in your gowns. Just be there because you won't just want to ready about the fantasticat fun feline time you missed!!



Heading to the Dandy Derby in Kentucky

April 24th 2009 6:23 pm
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OH my oh my oh my - never in my almost 14 yrs have I ever been to Kentucky to see the Churchill Downs famous horse race. So you see, one is never ever too old to explore new things.

My special wonderful endearing glorious kind super dooper special furiend , WILSON J SCOOTER is the host with the most and we dapper and dapperette felines are heading to The Derby. I'm wearing the haute kitty couture hat that Wilson PURRchased for me on the Valentines trip to Paris FURance. It's a vintage Diorcat design - I luv it so much because it's from Wilson.

You'll find me at the Meowster Mint Julip Bar!


Catoflauge for The Bunny's Arrival

April 7th 2009 2:08 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my - my old red self is in catoflauge ear gear to out trick Mister Bunny when he comes hippity hopping into our house on Sunday morn. I'm going to catnap in front of the frig as I heard he's heading there to fill it with colorful eggs - dozens of eggs - I mean like a truck load of colorful designed out of this world eggs. So, what's the game plan?? I'm going to trip him, catch his basket as it flies up in the air and run down the hall with it!

Who says the old gal doesn't have a flair for fun??


Pot Roast Sunday Soiree at Hazel Lucy's Mansion

April 6th 2009 1:10 pm
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Oh My Oh My Oh My - I'm still not eating anything today because my best friend Wilson J Scooter and I jetted in to Hazel Lucy's Sunday Supper Supreme party and ate so much deeeelicious Pot Roast. Oh my oh my oh my, she makes Pot Roast the way it should be made - with those itsy bitsy taters and mini carrots, the little onions bobbing up and down and oh yes, the infusion of garlic! My son GUIDO the Italian kitty was ecstaticat over making it to dinner, all the way from Milano where he was on a foto shoot for a buffed Italians calendar. His sniffer can smell garlic from a whole state away - well it should since he's Italian.

It was a grand evening with lots of cat chat in between our cleaning our plates and licking all of our whiskers and I managed to save room for the famous chocolate pies that Buddie's mom made. Hazel Lucy insisted we all take doggy bags home with potroast and pie. She's just the most incredulous hostess with the mostest.

What's more fun than sitting around the fire place? Sitting in Buddie's backyard around the campfire! Well this is as close to camping as Wilson and I are going to get as we always say "When the room service is late, that's our idea of kitty camping"!

Now if Hazel Lucy will just give out her famous feline Pot Roast recipe!


Wilson's MY Cat of the Day, Everyday

February 18th 2009 9:15 am
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Oh my oh my oh my! My special furiend Wilson J Scooter in the WHINE Country has been awarded The Cat of the Day ... if you don't know Wilson, you need to meet Wilson has he's a generous fun loving Transpurrtation mogul with an estate in the CalEyeFurKneeYah WHINE Country too. Wilson & I love to host pawties - simply sensational pawties.

Thank you Catster for honoring my best furiend Wilson J Scooter. He's MY Cat of the Day 365 days of the year.

Purrs Galore and let's break out the FURench bubbly to celebrate!

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